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Sap hana online_training_overview

  1. 1. SAP-HANA is the latest technology from SAPcorporation which has a wide range ofapplications in corporate arena. It is acombination of innovations in hardware andsoftware which integrates a lot of existing sapcomponents like SAP-HANA database, SAPHANA Direct Extractor Connection (DXC), SAPLT (Landscape Transformation) RéplicationServer and Sybase Replication technology.
  2. 2. SAP HANA is a in-memory database technology. Itallows transactional and OLAP reporting in singlesystem, which makes it simpler, and lesscomplicated than other existing RDBMS systems.SAP HANA can be compared to an analytics toolthat consists of authorized hardware, an In MemoryDatabase (IMDB) an Analytics Engine and someinbuilt technology for getting data in and out ofHANA. We can build the logic and structures by ourself, and use a tool for example, SAP BO, tovisualize or evaluate data.
  3. 3. The best thing about HANA is the ability tocombine large data volumes in near real-time -and to update the data in near real-time. SAPhas built a set of Analytics Presentations on topof HANA which increased its popularity.The really great SAP HANA applications thathave been created mix three big performanceadvances. First, the performance of in-memoryanalytics, second, an inefficient design andthird, a change in progression that allowsfurther enhancements.
  4. 4. SAP HANA is an innovative technology or set oftools brought to you by SAP Corporation.Fundamentally it uses an inventive in-memorysystem to store the data that is mainly suitable forhandling enormous quantities of tabular, orrelational, data with exceptional performance.Common databases store tabular data row-wise, e.g. all data labeling an address are stored adjacentto each other in memory. As long as yourrequirements are to avail a single address yourapplication will run quickly as all the required datais stored alongside
  5. 5. • A high performance in-memory computing engine and a powerful data calculation engine.• Data Integration services to avail and index information from any data source.• Highly-tuned integration with SAP Business Objects BI solutions for insight and analytics.• A unified information modeling and design environment.• A Data Repository to persist views of business information
  6. 6. • Accelerate business performance while reducing TCO via less hardware,maintainence and testing.• SQL and MDX interfaces for third party application access• Real-time replication service to access and replicate data from SAP-ERP
  7. 7. • You will be provided with the latest training materials related to SAP HANA Online Classes covering practical aspects of the technology.• The Trainers for SAP HANA Online Classes are having an ample amount of experience in real-time training.• Assistance in Interview Preparation and Mock Interviews• All the Online training sessions will be conducted in a systematic manner which will help the learners to grasp the subject matter in a smart way.
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