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Ser Proactive Customer Care

  1. 1. Solutions: Proactive Customer Care TM Improve customer interactions 4 Increase customer loyalty and retention 4 Identify and resolve emerging issues 4 Optimize your agents’ time 4
  2. 2. With increasing global competition, customer loyalty and retention is more important than ever. After all, an existing customer is your best prospect, generating repeat business and valuable referrals. So many companies have instituted proactive customer care strategies to reinforce brand loyalty, increase retention, and resolve customer issues before they become problems. Your opportunities with existing customers are great—if you have the right technology in place to support your objectives. Your agents need immediate access to customer profiles to effectively up-sell, cross-sell, or deliver important messages. You need to personalize strategies to individual customers. And you want to anticipate problems before they arise. In short, you want to treat your customers like the valued clients they are. Designed to meet the demands of customer-focused organizations, CPS E2™ offers next-generation functionality to help you easily and efficiently develop your proactive customer care strategies to support your strategic business goals. Simply put, you won’t find a more adaptable, feature-rich, and customer-friendly solution than CPS E2. Strengthen your customer relationships. 4 Align your customer care strategies Now if you find that your proactive customer care strategy is better with real-time business conditions. suited for a particular customer segment, you can align with real-time business conditions by fine-tuning which customers to Proactive customer care requires timely strategies that enrich call, when to call them, and which agents are best able to handle the relationship between you and your customer. With CPS E2, the calls. In an instant, RTPM does all the work of compiling a new managing calling records, agent workflow, and customer care list and adjusting campaign strategies, helping you dramatically strategies is no longer a series of discrete processes that stall improve the outcome of every call and focus your resources on your the flow of productivity in your contact center. Our innovative most important customers. Real-Time Portfolio Management™ (RTPM) feature allows you to easily segment and treat all your customer attributes as a holistic 4 Set yourself up for greater success portfolio, easily configured without IT staff involvement and with every interaction. executed on the fly. Different customers require different approaches. CPS E2 Call Tactics™ is the first comprehensive and flexible call treatment feature allowing you to manage each record individually and customize your strategies for each customer based on variables that occur over the life of an account. With Call Tactics, you can lower your total cost of customer care, while maximizing your agents’ productivity by easily defining strategies based on portfolio criteria such as number of purchases made, length of time as a customer, likelihood for repeat purchases, and other segmentation and modeling data. Reach the right customers at the right time with features you can’t find anywhere else: RTPM aligns your customer care strategies with business conditions in real-time 4 Call Tactics lets you customize your approach for each individual customer 4 Integrated Recording helps you manage call quality and identify CSR coaching opportunities 4 Speech Analytics extends the value of your call recordings to provide insight into your customers’ needs and buying trends 4 Universal Campaign Management unifies your inbound and outbound campaigns for more effective interactions 4
  3. 3. Additionally, you can combine agent-free outbound calling with branch-scripted IVR and our sophisticated Text-to-Speech functionality to create customized experiences. For example, you could launch an agent-free campaign and incorporate name and customized message to announce new product enhancements, securing customer interest before transferring them to an available agent. With the ability to execute multiple concurrent strategies, you can optimize agent effectiveness and productivity. As agent success rises, so do agent satisfaction and retention rates. 4 Unify your outbound and inbound efforts. Now you can put an end to having separate records and strategies 4 Ensure quality and uncover insights for outbound and inbound calls. CPS E2 Universal Campaign hidden within your calls. Management tightly integrates the two and allows you to leverage In order for customer care to be truly proactive, you must full RTPM and Call Tactics capabilities—as well as our call anticipate customers’ needs. CPS E2 is the only customer disposition strategies and unified reporting—on all calls, whether care solution available with integrated recording and speech they are initiated by your agents or your customers. analytics, helping you ensure the quality of your calls and mine Better yet, you can maintain a single record for both inbound them for hidden insights. and outbound interactions, consolidating customer data into a Our integrated recording allows you to specify full, selective, comprehensive profile and giving agents the information they need random, or on-demand recording to address agent performance to make the most of every call. With this unified experience you and customer service issues. With speech analytics you can can immediately exclude a customer from further outbound calls further extend the value of recorded calls by eliminating manual based on an inbound call they made. Plus, by leveraging a single processes and performing automated searches for keywords script for both inbound and outbound inquiries, you can ensure and phrases to alert reviewers to the exact location in a call consistency throughout your proactive customer care campaign. that requires attention, determine overall call quality, or identify 4 Meet your proactive customer care areas where additional coaching is needed for Customer Service goals with CPS E2. Representatives (CSRs). In a dynamic and competitive marketplace, you need to deliver the Additionally, speech analytics gives you the ability to mine your best service possible to your customers. Relying on older technology recorded audio for valuable insights into your customers’ needs can have a negative impact on your relationships, stall agent and buying trends. Determine why customers are calling so you productivity, and cause you to miss precious opportunities to can proactively address their concerns. Or search recordings to maintain customer loyalty and retention. uncover the root causes of attrition. Integrated with your CRM applications, you’ll have the business intelligence you need to Every innovation in CPS E2 was designed to give you the flexibility keep your customers satisfied now and in the future. CPS E2 even to optimize your proactive customer care strategies in any given lets you ease into the speech analytics revolution, delivering moment, fueling your greater success. basic functionality now and with the option to upgrade you to full For more information call 800.274.5676 and ask for inside sales functionality when the time is right. or visit Count on benefits you’ve come trust from SER: Access customer records in seconds, minimizing agent downtime and call interruptions 4 Balance customer care and retention objectives with customized calling strategies 4 Deliver messages to the right customers at the right time with our patented dialing algorithm and call classification 4 Automate processes and run multiple strategies simultaneously for optimal resource utilization 4 Access the services and support you need to drive greater customer retention 4
  4. 4. United States United Kingdom SER Solutions, Inc. SER Solutions, Inc. 45925 Horseshoe Drive, Suite 150 Lakeside House Dulles, Virginia 20166 1 Furzeground Way Tel: 703.948.5500 Stockley Park East 800.274.5676 Uxbridge Fax: 703.430.7738 UB11 1BD Tel: +44 (0) 207 043 9584 Fax: +44 (0) 208 622 4099 Adapt. Change. Evolve. SER Solutions, Inc. was founded in 1980 as EIS International, Inc., one of the pioneers in predictive dialing. Our goal now is the same as it was then — to develop contact management solutions that help your business adapt, change, and evolve to meet emerging challenges. By focusing on that singular vision, we have consistently delivered best-of-breed solutions that drive technological advances, optimize the potential of your operations, and perform with unparalleled reliability. © 2007 SER Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.