The Security Risks of High-Rise Building Glass Curtain Wall are Concerned


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The Security Risks of High-Rise Building Glass Curtain Wall are Concerned

  1. 1. The Security Risks of High-Rise Building Glass Curtain Wallare ConcernedAdvantages and disadvantages of glass curtain wallFrom the 80s of the last century, the glass curtain wall began to be promoted for use in thecountry. From the engineering point of view, the glass curtain wall is relatively light weight,the level of industrialization is relatively high, which can generally be quickly installed onsiteafter it is finished in the factory. Due to its easy to use and short duration, a lot of high-risebuildings are widely to use it. In addition, because the appearance of the glass curtain wallinggives a permeability and modern feeling, making it widespread used among many urbanconstruction. But the glass curtain wall has some flaws, the first is to bring light pollution;Secondly, the lack of insulation and warmth, this series means glass curtain wall doesntbring people so nice modern feel as it looks.Glass curtain wall safety hazards should be promptly eliminatedThe high-rise buildings that applied the glass curtain wall have become one of the hallmarksof the modern metropolis. However, in recent years some of the glass curtain wall of high-rise buildings in the city blow and cause a glass fragment rain, strong winds or accessoriesfall destruction, property and the personal safety endanger event frequently occur due to theaging glass. Currently, the material use, supporting construction and maintenance and otherprovisions about glass unitized curtain wall in China are not clear, and the security risks havebeen showing up with time. In this regard, the experts call that the glass curtain wall of high-rise buildings should promptly eliminate safety hazards.Detailed rules for the regulation of glass curtain wall is neededWe see that in accordance with state regulations, the glass curtain wall is available for sub-tempered and laminated glass two kinds, but in fact no matter what kind of safety glass youuse, once it breaks at high altitude, coupled with the acceleration of gravity, it will bring greatharm even if it is a very small fragment. So we need to have more detailed rules for theregulation of this industry. According to incomplete statistics, the glass blew rate generally isabout three thousandths, often there will be a stability issue after it uses two or three years,but in any case, the market still needs for better regulation.
  2. 2. Measures to resolve high-level architectural glass curtain wall problemsThe high-rise buildings are mostly located in the center of the downtown, the flow of people isintensive, and the security risks of the glasswill undoubtedly become a "time bomb" over peoples heads. So the experts suggest that thelegislation should be strengthened, develop high-rise buildings glass curtain wall constructionsafety standards, strict specify materials, design, construction requirements, such as themandatory use of the mezzanine or foil glass, high-rise buildings have cornice around thepodium or greenbelt to prevent glass falling to make people wounded. Define regulatoryauthorities to strengthen security approval, make thoroughly census for the existing high-level architectural glass curtain wall, and implement the safe use and maintenanceresponsibility units, to ensure the security check once a year, and a security testing onceevery 5 years. In addition, establish high-rise building glass curtain wall special maintenancefund to ensure that the day-to-day maintenance and damage repair funds, which can be usedto purchase the property damage and casualty insurance.