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AC 3 guide


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AC 3 guide

  1. 1. ==============================================================================================================================================================____________________________________________________________________________________________________________Assassins Creed III_____________________________________________________________FAQ/WALKTHROUGH______________________________________________________________________________________________________By Sokkus_==============================================================================================================================================================Note that the most recent version of the guide will always be found stats:------------Time taken to write : 90+ hoursWord Count to date : 51,000+Donations recieved : 1-------------------------------------------------------------------------------===============================================================================-------------------------------------------------------------------------------Note: At present I consider the guide pretty much complete. It contains a full walkthrough for all of the Desmond missions and the 12 Animus sequences, completing all optional tasks for full 100% sync on each mission. It also features completed side-mission guides for the complete liberation of New York and Boston as well as walkthroughs for the four club factions in the game: The Frontiersmen, The Hunters Society, Boston Brawlers and the Thiefs Club along with the set challeneges for each and tips on how to complete them all. It also contains a complete guide to the 37 Homestead missions, naval missions, privateer missions, Peg Leg missions and for the miscellaneous assassination, courier and delivery side-quests. Additionally, the guide now features a complete animal locations guide, Peg Leg trinket locations guide, a chest locations guide, an alamanac locations guide, a feather locations guide, fort liberation guide, underground puzzles guide and a trophy/achievement guide.===============================================================================Want to know what I thought of Assassins Creed III? Check out my review here: to my guide for Assassins Creed III! I hope this guide will be able toassist all of you gamers out there! If you see any errors, have a tip or analternate strategy for a section of the guide please head to the contactsection and flick me an email to let me know!If you like what you see here, be sure to check out more of my guides, reviewsand podcasts at and consider donating to my Paypal ifyou are feeling a little generous!If you enjoyed using this guide, or it has helped you along and you are onGameFAQs, Please hit the recommend button at the top of the page.Finally, I have also started a facebook group for readers to keep track of thelatest updates to my guides, you can find it here:
  2. 2. for reading!Enjoy!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Want to view an enhanced version of this walkthrough with high definitionvideos, in-game screenshots and a complete item checklist for all of AssassinsCreed IIIs many collectibles?For a small charge you can purchase this guide for at any of the followinglocations: > Website: > iBookstore: Coming Soon! > Amazon: show your support of this awesome game and the work put into this guideby making a quick & easy purchase :)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~===============================================================================Donations===============================================================================After a few generous emails and suggestions from readers and because donationsseems to be a growing trend among other contemporary guide writers, I havedecided to put in the option to allow you to donate some money to me forhelping you out if you wish to do so.Although I make these guides for free in my spare time, I probably don’tneed to point out to gamers that purchasing games is an extremely expensivehobby (games in Australia cost on average $90 - $120) and writing guides forthem can be a very long, incredibly difficult and thankless task at the bestof times, but one that is very challenging and occasionally rewarding.Considering you could be paying upwards of $20+ for guides in a game shop,thesefree and easily available guides make a cost-effective substitute. Whilst mostare happy to use and move on without a word I would move that a simple donationis a great, easy way to say thanks if you feel that my guide has saved you sometime, money and frustration in some small way.By no means feel obligated to donate just for viewing my guide, but if you arefeeling a little generous I certainly won’t object! Any amount is appreciatedwhether it be 10 cents or $10.Thankyou far all that read this far, if you are interested in donating, myPaypal address is listed below, if not, skip down to the table of contentsbelow and get stuck into the masterpiece that is Assassins Creed III!Paypal ID;sokkus[at]hotmail[dot]com
  3. 3. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------===============================================================================------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ******************* ************************** TABLE OF CONTENTS *** *********************** ******************* _______________________________ / 1. Campaign Walkthrough _____________________[WLKTHR] ___________________ | [1.00 Prologue_________________________________[ACT000] |_______________ | [1.01 Sequence 1_______________________________[ACT001] | A. Refresher Course [ACT01A] | B. A Deadly Preformance [ACT01B] | C. Journey to the New World [ACT01C] |_______________ | [1.02 Sequence 2_______________________________[ACT002] | A. Welcome to Boston [ACT02A] | B. Johnsons Errand [ACT02B] | C. The Surgeon [ACT02C] | D. The Soldier [ACT02D] | E. Infiltrating Southgate [ACT02E] |_______________ | [1.03 Sequence 3_______________________________[ACT003] | A. Unconvinced [ACT03A] | B. Execution is Everything [ACT03B] | C. The Braddock Expedition [ACT03C] |_______________ | [1.04 Sequence 4_______________________________[ACT004] | A. Hide and Seek [ACT04A] | B. Feathers and Trees [ACT04B] | C. Hunting Lessons [ACT04C] | D. Something to Remember [ACT04D] |_______________ | [1.05 Sequence 5_______________________________[ACT005] | A. A Boorish Man [ACT05A] | B. A Trip to Boston [ACT05B] | C. Bostons Most Wanted [ACT05C] | D. River Rescue [ACT05D] | E. The Hard Way [ACT05E] |___________________________________________ | [1.05a Present - Power Source 1 - New York ___[ACT05F] |_______________ | [1.06 Sequence 6_______________________________[ACT006] | A. On Johnsons Trail [ACT06A] | B. The Angry Chef [ACT06B] | C. The Tea Party [ACT06C] | D. Hostile Negotiations [ACT06D] |_______________ | [1.07 Sequence 7_______________________________[ACT007] | A. The Midnight Ride [ACT07A] | B. Lexington and Concord [ACT07B] | C. Conflict Looms [ACT07C] | D. Battle of Bunker Hill [ACT07D] |_______________ |
  4. 4. [1.08 Sequence 8_______________________________[ACT008] | A. Something on the Side [ACT08A] | B. Bridewell Prison [ACT08B] | C. Public Execution [ACT08C] |________________________________________ | [1.08a Present - Power Source 2 - Brazil______[ACT08D] |_______________ | [1.09 Sequence 9_______________________________[ACT009] | A. Missing Supplies [ACT09A] | B. Father and Son [ACT09B] | C. The Foam and the Flames [ACT09C] | D. A Bitter End [ACT09D] |________________ | [1.10 Sequence 10______________________________[ACT010] | A. Alternate Methods [ACT10A] | B. Broken Trust [ACT10B] | C. Battle of Monmouth [ACT10C] |________________________________________ | [1.10a Present - Power Source 3 - Italy ______[ACT10D] |________________ | [1.11 Sequence 11______________________________[ACT011] | A. Battle of the Chesapeake [ACT11A] | B. Lees Last Stand [ACT11B] |________________ | [1.12 Sequence 12______________________________[ACT012] | A. Laid to Rest [ACT12A] | B. Chasing Lee [ACT12B] |________________________ | [1.12a Present - The End______________________[ACT12C] |________________ | [1.13 Epilogue ______________________________[ACT013] [______________________________________________________] _______________________________________/ 2. Optional Side-Quests Guide _____________[SDQSTS]_____ | |__________________________________ | [2.01 Peg Legs Hidden Treasure _____________[PLQSTS] | A. Fort Wolcott [PLQST1] | B. Dead Chest Island [PLQST2] | C. Ghost Ship [PLQST3] | D. The Mad Doctors Castle [PLQST4] | E. Oak Island [PLQST5] |________________________________ | [2.02 Naval Missions ______________[NVQSTS] | A. The Chase [NVQST1] | B. The Rescue [NVQST2] | C. French Involvement [NVQST3] | D. Biddles Hideout [NVQST4] |________________________________ | [2.03 Privateer Contracts ______________[PRVSTS] | A. Henderson in Distress [PRVS01] | B. Paving the Way [PRVS02] | C. Dread of Night [PRVS03] | D. Troubled Waters [PRVS04] | E. Raiding the Prospector [PRVS05] | F. One of a Kind [PRVS06] | G. Blistering Dawn [PRVS07] | H. A Call for Help [PRVS08] | I. Search for the Somerset [PRVS09] | J. The Sea Wolves [PRVS10] | K. A Midnight Engagement [PRVS11] | L. The Giant and the Storm [PRVS12] |________________________________ | [2.04 Club Side-Missions ______________[CLBQST]
  5. 5. | A. Boston Brawlers [CLBQBB] | ...Side-Missions [CLBBBM] | ...Challenges [CLBBBC] | | | B. The Frontiersmen [CLBQFT] | ...Side-Missions [CLBFTM] | ...Challenges [CLBFTC] | | | C. The Hunting Society [CLBQHS] | ...Side-Missions [CLBHSM] | ...Challenges [CLBHSC] | ...Animal Locations Guide [CLBHSL] | | | D. The Thiefs Club [CLBQTG] | ...Challenges [CLBTGC] |_______________________________ | [2.05 Homestead Missions _______________[HMQSTS] |_______________________________ | [2.06 Liberation Side-Quests _______________[LBQSTS] | A. Boston Liberation [LBQSBO] | B. New York Liberation [LBQSNY] |_______________________________ | [2.07 Fort Liberation Missions _______________[FTQSTS] |_______________________________ | [2.08 Miscellaneous Side-Quests _______________[MSQSTS] | A. Assassination Contracts [MSQSAS] | B. Courier Missions [MSQSCO] | c. Delivery Requests [MSQSDR] |_______________________________ | [2.09 Unlocking the Underground _______________[UGQSTS] | A. Boston Fast-travel [UGQSBO] | B. New York Fast-travel [UGQSNY] [______________________________________________________] ____________________________________/ 3. Collectible Locations Guides ________________[CLTBLS]_____ A. Almanac Pages [CLTBAL] | B. Feathers [CLTBFE] | C. Peg Leg Trinkets [CLTBPL] | D. Chests [CLTBGH] [______________________________________________________] ____________________________________/ 4. 100% Synchronisation Checklist ________________[SYCHGD]____________________________________________________________] ____________________________________/ 5. Unlockables ________________[UNLKBL]____________________________________________________________] ____________________________________/ 6. Pivots & Animus Hacks (Cheats) ________________[PVTANH]____________________________________________________________] _____________________________________/ 7. Assassins Creed III Easter Eggs _______________[PVTANH]____________________________________________________________] _____________________________________/ 8. Achievements/Trophies Guide _______________[ACHMTR]____________________________________________________________] _____________________________________/ 9. Contact _______________[CONTCT]____________________________________________________________] _____________________________________/10. About Me _______________[INTRDT]_____ 10.01 Me | | 10.02 Donations | | 10.03 Console Domination | [______________________________________________________]
  6. 6. _____________________________________ /11. Special Thanks _______________[STHNKS] ____________________________________________________________] _____________________________________ /12. Version History _______________[VERHIS] ____________________________________________________________]-------------------------------------------------------------------------------===============================================================================------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ******************* ************************** WALKTHROUGH *** [WLKTHR] *********************** *******************Welcome to my walkthrough for Ubisofts latest epic action adventure titleAssassins Creed III. This guide will help you play through this game fromstart to finish, completing all of the missions whilst fulfilling all ofthose pesky mission parameters and optional objectives required for 100%synchronisation.To fast travel to a chapter, go to the table of contents and copy the code nextto the section of interest. Press CTRL +F and paste the code in there to jumpdown to where you want to go in a flash.A complete list of each side-mission, every type of collectible and theirlocations as well as a complete side-quest and achievement/trophy guide canalso be located in the relevant spots below the walkthrough in the guide below.Enjoy!===============================================================================Prologue [ACT000]===============================================================================We begin the game as Desmond and we are leading the rest of our crew into acave of sorts. Follow the linear path until a scene shows and a door opens infront. Slide down the ramp here and continue to the cavern in the distance.Watch the story scene.===============================================================================Sequence 1 [ACT001]==============================================================================================================================================================Sequence 1 - Part 1: Refresher Course [ACT01A]===============================================================================Optional objective/s: ] ]> Perform an air assassination. ]_______________________________________________]We’ll wake up in the animus in a training course of sorts. During this mission,we’ll be familiarising ourselves with the controls (which have changed since
  7. 7. the last few Assassin’s Creed games). Continue through to learn the ins andouts of map indicators, free running, climbing and killing. When you reachenemies during the sequence, the game prompts you to perform an airassassination, use free aim to put your reticule onto the target and then usethe attack button to do it. This will complete the optional task for the level.Make your way through the rest of the course until you reach a doorway at theend to complete the training.------------------------------------------------------------------------------->> Note: At this point you’ll earn the achievement/trophy ‘Rude Awakening’-------------------------------------------------------------------------------===============================================================================Sequence 1 - Part 2: Deadly Performance [ACT01B]===============================================================================Optional objective/s: ] ]> none! ]_______________________________________________]Continue walking forward until you reach a door marked with an exclamationpoint. Enter this to begin the mission.Climb the stairs in front and follow the set path until you reach your seat inthe theatre. After the short story sequence, shimmy out of the rows of seatingto the left and go to where the ladder shown in the scene was. Climb this anduse the skirting at the top to shimmy around the corner to the right. Using thepillars, ledges and skirtings here, climb your way up to the highest levelbalcony overlooking the stage.Pick the lock here. Once above the stage, use the various props and platformshere to work your way to the opposite side of the room from the entry. Climbup and approach the door for another story scene. Press the attack button whenthe on-screen prompt appears.After the scene, an alarm will be sounded and things look a little more franticin the theatre now! There’s no real trick to the next part, just follow theobjective markers until you reach the exit. Head on through to finish thesection of the memory.===============================================================================Sequence 1 - Part 3: Journey to the New World [ACT01C]===============================================================================Optional objective/s: ] ]> Limit Health Loss to less than 10%. ]> Rescue James under 40 seconds. ] ]> Complete all objectives in one playthrough. ]_______________________________________________]When you regain control, exit the cabin and work your way to the right and tothe far side of the ship. Climb the stairs here to exit to the deck.After a short scene, you’ll find yourself in a fist fight. The game will giveyou a couple of pointers about how to parry, attack, counter attack and disarm
  8. 8. during a series of four one on one fights. Note that the optional objective –lose less than 10% of your health is also active at this point, so make sureto parry and counter as much as possible!Once the fourth fight has concluded, a story scene will play. Afterwards walkwith the captain until you reach his cabin. After you are finished talking withthe captain return below deck and back to your cabin.Following the next scene, exit the cabin, turn right and work your way over tothe objective marker. Speak with the guy on the barrel. After the chat, turnright at the next door and speak to the chef in the far left corner of theroom. The chef will tell you to go and speak with James, so follow yourobjective marker and talk with him. Follow him up to the deck for aconversation.When James is done, walk over to the stern of the ship. After the cut-scene,return down the stairs to the lower deck and turn left, cruise forward here andwhen prompted enter eagle vision mode. Check out the clue here. Afterwards,return to your cabin.When next we regain control, we will have picked up a sword and will have tofight off an assailant in one on one combat. Here the game will give youpointers on swordplay. Once you have killed him, another scene will play.You’ll now be in the midst of a storm. Follow the captain’s instructions andsecure the various bits of rigging marked with objective markers. Climb themast and release the sail when instructed. This will initiate a short sceneand activate a second optional objective – save James within 40 seconds. Freerun up the mast in front and across the various platforms until you can jumpover to grab him. A short story sequence will run.We’re back in our cabin. Climb the stairs to the deck to talk to the Captain.Then as indicated by the objective marker, climb the mast for a scene tocomplete the first memory sequence.===============================================================================Sequence 2 [ACT002]==============================================================================================================================================================Sequence 2 - Part 1: Welcome to Boston [ACT02A]===============================================================================Optional objective/s: ] ]> None! ]_______________________________________________]After disembarking the boat, youll be met by a new friend - Charles. Followhim for a short while and when the game prompts you to; check out the worldmap feature. Set the marker as requested and then exit the map. Work your wayover to the general store and approach it.As you do, you’ll see a short cut-scene and be given an optional task tocollect Almanac pages for Benjamin Franklin. These can be collected out of themain mission and their locations will be marked on the map. Additionallyyou’ll be able to find the locations in the collectibles section of the guide.Either way, you will want to enter the general store and purchase a sword and apistol.Return outside and you’ll find Charles nearby with a horse for you. Mount upand follow him. When you finally reach the Green Dragon Tavern, dismount from
  9. 9. the horse to complete the mission.===============================================================================Sequence 2 - Part 2: Johnsons Errand [ACT02B]===============================================================================Optional objective/s: ] ]> Kill 10 mercenaries using firearms. ]> Do not let Johnson or Hickey lose more than ] 50% of their health. ] ]> Complete all objectives in one playthrough. ]_______________________________________________]Enter the green Dragon Tavern and once the initial scene has run its course,follow Charles up the stairs and around the corner until you meet a newcharacter - Johnson. After a chat, you’ll have a new objective, so returndownstairs and exit.Run over and speak to the man leaning against the fence to start the missionproper.---------------------Part 1 - Infiltration---------------------When you regain control of Haytham, press the shoot button to take out theguard on the wall in front. Climb the wall in front and cruise over to theweapon rack indicated by the objective marker. Grab a musket. Move forward ashort distance along the wooden platform and then look down to the left to seeour two allies standing outside the gate with four guards blocking theirentrance. Take aim and shoot one and your friends will help you eliminate therest.There are four enemies in front of you, another group in the courtyard belowto your left and another larger group further over into the courtyard below.You can either continue along the top of the wall or slide down to re-join yourcompanions below. Either way you go, you will get spotted and all the guardswill attack. After around 6-7 of them are dead a scene will play.Shoot the barrels near the door to blow it open and then continue through thenew opening. Interact with the chest on the small wooden platform to the rightfor another story sequence. Kill the five enemies here for another shortscene.You will be prompted to loot the dead bodies here. Doing this not only earnsyou a little bit of money, but will also replenish your ammo if you start toget low. Return out the gate and kill the four mercenaries that run in toattack you.---------------Part 2 - Escort---------------Now look at the mini-map, you’ll be escorting these two guys back to the GreenDragon Tavern. They will walk and you will need to remain close to them.Wander too far away from them and you will de-synchronised and have to re-startfrom the previous checkpoint.As you walk between the corn fields, a group of enemies will attack from eitherside. A pair of musket men will appear on the farmhouse in front as well, so
  10. 10. once you’ve dealt with the melee threat, take cover behind the wagon and returnfire until they are dead (this and the next section are a good point to rackup those kills for the 10 firearms kills optional task). Note that looting amusket from an enemy will kill them in one shot, but your pistol will take twoshots to take them down.Continue along the path and you will be ambushed once again. This time, musketmen will take up positions on two rooftops either side of the street. Takecover behind the wagon and eliminate all four of them to continue and completethe mission.===============================================================================Sequence 2 - Part 3: The Surgeon [ACT02C]===============================================================================Optional objective/s: ] ]> Remain undetected. ]> Do not fail a single eavesdrop. ]> Eavesdrop on a moving group of guards. ] ]> Complete all objectives in one playthrough. ]_______________________________________________]Enter the Green Dragon tavern and talk to Johnson. Afterwards return outsideand talk to Charles to begin the next memory.------------------------------Part 1 - Information Gathering------------------------------Following the scene, continue down the road and eavesdrop on the conversationbetween our marked friends. Here the game will instruct you in how to blendinto the crowd and how to eavesdrop – see the circle surrounding the pair? Youhave to stay inside that for the period of the conversation.After the first conversation, your objective marker will point you in thedirection of a viewpoint, climb to the top of the building indicated and youcan press the synchronise button to view additional areas on your map.Synchronising will reveal a green circle indicating the mission area andanother bunch of chats highlighted with objective markers that you might wantto listen in on.Each successful eavesdrop (2 did it for me) will reduce the green circle,pointing you towards your final conversation – a conversation in a square. Forthe optional objective, I’d recommend eavesdropping on the pair of guardspatrolling the area. For this eavesdrop, you’ll need to alternate betweenhiding in cover and blending in with citizens as you follow them around thearea.If you have not failed an eavesdrop and eavesdropped on the moving group ofguards, those two optional objectives will be complete. You should also havebeen able to ascertain the location of the Surgeon.---------------------Part 2 - Infiltration---------------------Work your way over to the new green zone on the map. As you enter therestricted area, climb onto the rooves and work your way over to the objectivemarker to get there undetected for the optional objective. Drop down and thengo and when it’s safe from the eyes of patrolling guards go and pickpocket the
  11. 11. key from one of the targets. Return to the door for a scene.Inside we’ll find three enemies with their backs to you. Sneak up andassassinate one, Charles will do the same to the other. Afterwards, assassinatethe fellow interrogating our target to complete the mission.===============================================================================Sequence 2 - Part 4: The Soldier [ACT02D]===============================================================================Optional objective/s: ] ]> Limit detection time to 15 seconds or less ]> perform 3x sequential combo kills. ]> Prevent snitches (drummers) from calling for ] re-enforcements. ] ]> Complete all objectives in one playthrough. ]_______________________________________________]After a chat in the Green Dragon Tavern, we’ll be teleported outside close toour next recruit. Speak to Charles who is leaning against the wall here tobegin the mission.----------------Part 1 - Tailing----------------Once the scene is over, follow Charles through the fort until anotherconversation plays out.You’ll find yourself back out of the fort. We need to trail the indicatedredcoat patrol through the streets. Note that one of the optional objectivesis to be spotted for less than 15 seconds throughout, so be sure to keep yourdistance (but still maintain line of sight) and stay in cover when they stopto have a look around.After a minute or so, Charles will run out and distract them and then run off.They will give chase. Follow them until a scene plays.---------------Part 2 - Ambush---------------You will now have to fight off a few redcoats, however one of the optionalobjectives is to prevent snitches (the drummers) from calling re-enforcements.As soon as the scene finishes, one of them will high tail it down a nearbyalley so either assassinate him before he can or chase him down or shoot himbefore engaging the rest of the enemies. Note also that you can do the threekill combo objective here as well. By countering and performing an instantkill on an enemy, press in the direction of the next enemy and hit the attackbutton, you should pull off a second instant kill. Repeat once more for theobjective!Once all of the guards are dead, speak to Braddock to complete the mission.===============================================================================Sequence 2 - Part 5: Infiltrating Southgate [ACT02E]===============================================================================Optional objective/s: ]
  12. 12. ]> Find and kill the General. ]> Perform 3x stealth assassinations from a ] corner postion. ]> Avoid firing line damage. ] ]> Complete all objectives in one playthrough. ]_______________________________________________]Head to the Green Dragon tavern and speak to Charles upstairs to begin themission.---------------Part 1 - Ambush---------------Once the mission begins, you will find yourself on a rooftop. We are going toambush the convoy as it passes below. Move forward and grab the musket. Oncethe convoy comes to a stop, open fire on the guards below, this will signalyour allies to attack. You can continue to pop enemies with the musket or dropdown to join in the melee. Once all the guards are dead a scene will play.---------------Part 2 - Escort---------------We are now on rails, with the game controlling the path of the convoy leadinginto the fort. As we are working our way up the road, our allies will beflanking the road ahead. We can give the signal to attack at any time and willneed to do so to take out redcoat soldiers before they can detect us.Here arethe encounters to look out for on your way to the fort: 1. Near the start, there will be two guards near the corn field on the left. 2. Next you will reach a pair of buildings across from each other, there is a group of guards on the right and a couple on the left here you will have to kill. 3. Just after the two groups in number 2, a dog will alert a single guard who will come around the building from the left, so down him as well. 4. Next a group will enter your line of sight from the cornfield to the right. 5. Finally you will see a large group of guards spread across the entire street ahead, take them all down with a surprise attack too.When you reach the gate a short story sequence will play. We’ll also be grantedaccess to the fort.---------------------Part 3 - Infiltration---------------------Before we get going, let’s have a quick look around. There are three objectivemarkers on the left hand side of the area. These indicate three groups ofprisoners we can release from captivity, just ahead and to the right there is asmall camp with a good number of guards about. There is also a generalpatrolling around this area that we can kill to fulfil one of the optionalobjectives.Let’s begin. Move down the hill along the road, have one of your assassinsattack the enemy that threatens to detect you as he approaches. We are going toget the general first. Crawl into the bushes to the right of the haystack nextto the road. Continue to the right behind the tent and into the next set ofbushes. From here, you should be able to make out a pair of guards nearby and
  13. 13. behind them the general who is marked with a red dot above his head. Notethat only the general is looking in your direction. Get out of the bushes sohe sees you and comes to investigate. Climb back into the bush and assassinatehim when he gets close. Return back to the road. Now let’s go rescue thoseprisoners!Hug the large stone wall at the back of the area and make your way to the leftbetween the wall and the tents. Ahead you will see a square wooden structurewith a guard leaning against it. Take cover and assassinate him from thecorner (we need three corner assassinations for the optional objective this is1/3). Stay here and you’ll see the first set of prisoners to the right. Waitfor the guard patrolling in front of the prisoners to walk away from you andassassinate him. Interact with the prisoners to free them.Work your way across the camp to the second set of captives at the edge of thewater. Use the brush here to hide from the patrolling guard, you can wait forhim to go by the crates to the left of the prisoners, enter cover behind thesame crates and corner assassinate him when he returns (2/3 for the optionalobjectives). Free the captives.Continue along the water’s edge towards the boats. When you reach the woodenboardwalk, wait for the guard that patrols along it to head back towards theboat. When he does, move up to the edge of the dock and hide behind the largewooden boxes here, wait for the patrolling guard to return and cornerassassinate him (3/3 for the optional objective).Climb up onto the boat at the end. Use the central cargo boxes to stealthassassinate the guard patrolling the centre without alerting the others andthen walk over to the prisoners and assassinate the guard looking after them.Release the third set of prisoners. This will trigger a scene.----------------------Part 4 - Assassination----------------------As soon as you regain control, you’ll be in combat. The game will also giveyou a quick tutorial on avoiding firing squad damage (this tutorial will alsocomplete the optional task to do the same thing!).Kill any enemies attacking you directly and then leg it over to the fort inthe distance. Climb up the rampart here to find Silas with a few mates, killhim to complete the memory sequence.===============================================================================Sequence 3 [ACT003]==============================================================================================================================================================Sequence 3 - Part 1: Unconvinced [ACT03A]=============================================================================== ]Optional objective/s: ] ]> Use 2x breakable objects during a fight. ]> Limit health loss to less than 50%. ] ]> Complete all objectives in one playthrough. ]_______________________________________________]--------------Part 1 - Chase
  14. 14. --------------After a chat with Charles, hop on the horse nearby and follow him until youreach a campfire and a story sequence ensues.Once you can control Haytham again, follow the extremely obvious tracks in thesnow ahead. When you reach the end, you’ll be treated to another short storysequence.Afterwards our target will start running away in the trees ahead, follow hereas best you can along the ground (the logs are good!). When you reach the nextcampsite you will be attacked by a group of three wolves. To take them down,you will have to wait for them to charge at you and press the two buttonprompts that appear on screen in order. Note that if you do get hit, the wolfwill maul you and you will probably fail the optional objective (lose lessthan 50% health) so don’t be afraid to reload the last checkpoint until youget the hang of it.Now we need to find the woman. From the campfire, look to the Northwest, youwill see a platform in the trees here. Make your way up the hill towards theplatform. As you approach, she will take off again. So simply follow her untilshe stops for a scene.Afterwards, walk up and talk to her one more time for another scene.--------------Part 2 - Brawl--------------Once that is over with, dive down to the hay below and run over to the townhall ahead. Enter the door.Inside you are going to want to listen to both of the conversations that theguards are having in the common area here. So eavesdrop whilst blending in.When you have the information, make for the exit.After a quick cut-scene you will be in open conflict. Now we can try for theother optional objective – use 2 breakable objects during a fight. To do thiswe need to counter an attack whilst standing next to a table or some otherbreakable object. Again you should be mindful not to let your health dropbelow 50% (for the optional objective). Once the fight finishes, the chapterwill be complete.===============================================================================Sequence 3 - Part 2: Execution is Everything [ACT03B]===============================================================================Optional objective/s: ] ]> Sabotage 2x cannon. ]> Do not kill anyone. ] ]> Complete all objectives in one playthrough ]_______________________________________________]Track down Ziio in the frontier and she’ll allow you to start the mission.---------------------Part 1 - Infiltration---------------------We need to infiltrate the fort in the distance. Continue towards the objectivemarker. As you work your way up the road, you will see a horse drawn wagonheading for the fort too. Sneak up and jump into the back of this to ride it
  15. 15. through the gate.------------------------------Part 2 - Information Gathering------------------------------Note that there is an optional objective not to kill anybody, fortunately ifyou unequip your weapons and use the assassinate button, you will perform anon-lethal takedown.Anyway once you hop out of the wagon, climb into the bushes here. We need toeavesdrop on those guards in the distance. Continue past the well and intothe bushes on the other side of the fence to enter the eavesdrop circle. Waitfor the guards to patrol past to the left and when it is clear, run across tothe opposite side of the road and climb up on top of the building here. Theguards will cut a lap around this building so as long as we are on the roof;we’ll be able to hear their conversation (just stay out of sight!). When theyare done, drop down next to the tents on the upper platform to the left of theroof. We need to steal a map now.Directly opposite where we dropped down, you will see a bush we can climb intoto hide. You will also notice a guard patrolling nearby. Stand out in theopen so that the guard can see you, when he comes to investigate, quickly duckinto the bushes and work your way over to the tent containing the map, duckinside and grab it quickly. Exit the tent, turn left and duck into the bushesjust next to the tent against the wall. From here, observe the guard on theplatform up the stairs in front, the first cannon is below him to the right(we need to sabotage two of these for an optional objective). When he is notlooking, run down and to the right to tamper with the cannon (1/2).Quickly turn around and climb down the stairs to the left. If the guardspotted you and has come to investigate, jump into the hay here until he losesinterest. When it’s clear, wait for the guard patrolling up and down thestairs leading to a lower area nearby to start down the stairs and then hopout and follow him down the stairs. Enter the bush lining the wall to the lefthere and follow it to the end.You will see the second cannon a little further in front. Wait for the guardto patrol away again, before running over to disable the cannon (2/2) and thenjumping over the low wall into the water below (you can work your way backthrough the guards too, but the dive is less risky). Swim back to shore andreturn to Ziio to finish the mission.===============================================================================Sequence 3 - Part 3: The Braddock Expedition [ACT03C]===============================================================================Optional objective/s: ] ]> Kill 2x militia without triggering conflict ]> Destroy 3x powder carts. ] ]> Complete all objectives in one playthrough. ]_______________________________________________]---------------------Part 1 - Infiltration---------------------Head over to the Wright Tavern in Concord. After the short story segment,you’ll receive a note from Ziio. It’s time to go! Mount up with your crew andmake your way over to where she has made camp. When you arrive you’ll see acut-scene.
  16. 16. Afterwards you’ll be on foot and close to an enemy camp. We need to kill oneof these guys to steal their uniform. However one of our optional objectivesis to eliminate two enemies without triggering open conflict. To do this,wait at the southern end of the camp for one of the patrollers to standbetween a pair of trees with his back to you. Assassinate him (1/2) and thenimmediately get into some of the nearby bushes to hide. You will have beendetected and as such our native friends will mosey in to attack. Wait for themto engage and then sneak up on one of the bad guys and assassinate him (2/2)whilst he’s occupied. Clear the rest of the camp of baddies for a scene.You now have a redcoat costume on, so Jump on the nearby horse and ridethrough the enemy convoy all the way up to the objective marker.--------------Part 2 - Chase--------------After a short scene, you will be in a horseback chase. Follow Braddock throughthe conflict being sure to avoid obstacles and to keep an eye out for thethree powder carts along the way (shooting all three is an optional objective).Once you reach the end, a scene will play out.You’ll now be chasing your target on foot. Simply catch up to him and hit himwith your hidden blade for another story scene.Following the scene, you will be back in Boston. Make your way to the GreenDragon Tavern and head upstairs to chat with your posse to complete sequence 3.------------------------------------------------------------------------------->> Note: At this point you’ll earn the achievement/trophy ‘How D’ya Like Them Apples?’.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------===============================================================================Sequence 4 [ACT004]==============================================================================================================================================================Sequence 4 - Part 1: Hide and Seek [ACT04A]===============================================================================Optional objective/s: ] ]> Find all children without mistake. ]> Find all children in under 4 minutes. ] ]> Complete all objectives in one playthrough. ]_______________________________________________]--------------------------Part 1 - Investigate Clues--------------------------Hey look we’re finally Connor! It’s about time. Once you gain control, exityour home and follow the other children out of the gate to the village andinto the forest.We’ll be treated to another cut-scene and when it is finished, we’ll have tofind the other children. If you look at the map, you will see that there is agreen circle indicating the area in which the others are hidden. Additionallyon the ground scattered about the place you will find clues we can interact
  17. 17. with to reduce the search area.You will be able to complete the two optional objectives quite easily, justkeep looking for clues and narrowing that search area until you find them!After you have found all four, it will be somebody else’s turn.Pick a hiding spot and after a short period of time, a story scene will occur.---------------Part 2 - Return---------------When you wake up again, Connor will be a little groggy. Stumble your way backto the village. Once you are inside, head into the farther of the two largecentral buildings and run through to the other side. Upon exiting, check outthe door to the building on the left to find it is locked. Look to the rightfor a large rock, head around the back of this to get into the building fromthe other side.Button mash the requisite button when prompted for a scene to finish thechapter.===============================================================================Sequence 4 - Part 2: Feathers and Trees [ACT04B]===============================================================================Optional objective/s: ] ]> Find 3 more feathers than required. ]> Do not touch the ground or water. ] ]> Complete all objectives in one playthrough. ]_______________________________________________]After talking with your buddy, the mission will begin.We are now learning how to climb trees. Run up the stump in front and into thetree. Climb up to the top, following the games instructions for a scene.You will now have to escort your friend through the trees over to the objectivemarker. Continue straight ahead with the free run button on and you shouldhave no real issues, just be sure not to get too far ahead or you willdesynchronise and will have to re-start. Once you reach the log over the water,hold up for a second and help your mate when he falls in the water. Continueacross and up into the trees again until you reach another scene.Work your way up the trees to the cliff ahead and scale this to the top. Grabthe feather here.At this point, explore the area for another three feathers (for the optionalobjective) - check your map for locations - before going over to talk with yourbuddy to finish the memory.===============================================================================Sequence 4 - Part 3: Hunting Lessons [ACT04C]===============================================================================Optional objective/s: ] ]> Find 3 more feathers than required. ]> Do not touch the ground or water. ]
  18. 18. ]> Complete all objectives in one playthrough. ]_______________________________________________]This mission acts kind of like a tutorial on how to hunt, catch, lure and skinanimals. Once the mission begins, the map will have a green circle thatindicates where to find what you need to complete the section.Heres the rundown of what we need to do: 1. Find, shoot and skin a rabbit. 2. Investigate the clue and place a snare on the point of interest. Wait for your buddy to plant one as well. 3. Find a deer and use bushes to sneak up on it and take it down. Skin it. 4. Return to the snares and skin the rabbits you have caught.You now have to hunt and kill 5 animals for their meat. At this point you aregiven free reign over what you want to do. Note that all three optionalobjectives are tied into this specific point in the sequence. So whilst youare killing stuff, kill more than one type of animal (there are 4-5 around),air assassinate two animals, (Climb trees and air assassinate in the usualmanner) and combine bait with a snare to catch an animal.Once you have all 5 pieces of animal meat, track down your friend for a shortscene.When you regain control, you will be up against a bear. Use the on screenbutton prompts when required to dodge and then sprint away. You will need toget out of the red circle on the map to lose the bear.Once you are in the clear, return to the village.===============================================================================Sequence 4 - Part 4: Something to Remember [ACT04D]===============================================================================Optional objective/s: ] ]> Avoid mid-air collisions, have no more than 2] overall. ]_______________________________________________]Speak to the Elder in the village to begin this memory.Once inside the building walk to the fire for another cut-scene.When the scene ends, you will have assumed the form of an eagle. Simply followthe flaming eagle in front of you and dodge all of the obstacles in the way.After a couple of minutes and a few scenery changes the chapter will becomplete.------------------------------------------------------------------------------->> Note: At this point, you will earn the Achievement/Trophy ‘Heroes are Born’.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------===============================================================================
  19. 19. Sequence 5 [ACT005]==============================================================================================================================================================Sequence 5 - Part 1: A Boorish Man [ACT05A]===============================================================================Optional objective/s: ] ]> Limit health loss to less than 50%. ]_______________________________________________]We’ll regain control of Connor in the centre of the frontier. Work your way tothe exclamation point on the map to enter the Davenport Homestead. Once in thenew zone, head to the large mansion in the north of the area.Knock on the door. After the scene, head over to the stables. When the nextday arrives, head back to the house and knock on the door again, then headaround to the back door. After another scene, climb up to the balcony on thenorth side of the house and interact with the door here. Return to the stable.You will be woken in the middle of the night, after a short scene fight offthe bad guys that appear (note that there is an optional objective to finishthe segment with less than 50% health loss) and when they are all dead or dyinga scene will play. Afterwards make your way over to the front door.After a short scene, follow Achilles down the stairs to complete the chapter.===============================================================================Sequence 5 - Part 2: A Trip to Boston [ACT05B]===============================================================================Optional objective/s: ] ]> Escape within 1:20. ]_______________________________________________]Exit the house and walk over to Achilles on the horse wagon nearby to beginthe mission.Once you get to Boston, follow Achilles until a scene plays. Head over to thenearby general store and give the vendor Achilles’ note. Return to Achilles.Follow him until you see a cut-scene.Afterwards, you need to tail the target, stay in cover and keep your distanceto keep him to prevent him from detecting you. Once he climbs up onto theroof, follow him to the edge of the roof and assassinate him when told to doso.After another scene, you will now be wanted, simply escape from the area andback to anonymous. Upon doing so you will have completed the mission.===============================================================================Sequence 5 - Part 3: Bostons Most Wanted [ACT05C]===============================================================================Optional objective/s: ] ]> Do not raise your notoriety to level 3 ]_______________________________________________]
  20. 20. ----------------Part 1 - Posters----------------After completing the previous mission, a messenger will approach and tell youto meet a new contact, Sam Adams. So head on over to the explanation mark andtalk to Sam to start the mission.This mission is going to give you a crash course in notoriety and how to getrid of it.First up we need to take down two wanted posters, these are scattered all overthe place so shouldn’t be too hard to find. You will be on high notorietyuntil you manage to pull two of them down, so when you approach them eithertry to avoid the guards around or prepare for a fight. Once the two postershave been removed, return to Sam.A scene will play showing how you can bribe town criers to also reduce yournotoriety.---------------Part 2 - Escort---------------Afterwards, you will now have to escort Sam to the Underground tunnels. As youmake your way through the streets be sure to avoid the guard checkpoints asthey always seemed to become hostile, no matter the notoriety level. Also, asper usual for escort quests ensure that you don’t venture too far from Sam.When you reach the tavern, you will notice that all the alleyway entrances tothe area are all blocked by guards, so climb over the roof and drop down intothe courtyard. Quickly enter the hatch on the ground to enter the undergroundto complete the sequence.------------------Part 3 - Lying Low------------------Escort Sam through the underground tunnels until you reach the objectivemarker.-------------------------Part 4 - Stop the Presses-------------------------After leaving the underground area, head over to the golden objective markerto meet with Sam. In this scene we’ll learn how to use printers to reducenotoriety as well. When you are done, follow Sam to the docks and speak tothe harbourmaster to travel to the Homestead or fast travel to the frontier.===============================================================================Sequence 5 - Part 4: River Rescue [ACT05D]===============================================================================Optional objective/s: ] ]> Do not touch the water when rescuing Terry ]_______________________________________________]--------------Part 1 - Chase--------------After returning to the Homestead from Boston, a man will appear in the window
  21. 21. and ask for help. Exit the building and chat with him to start the mission.Follow Godfrey down the hill until you reach the river. As you arrive, youwill see his friend floating down the river. You will have to run after himusing the rocks and tree trunks use free run to go all the way down the riveruntil you can rescue the man – you will have to dive in the water at the veryend.Note that saving the man without touching the water will complete an optionalobjective for the mission (although diving at the very end of the course doesnot seem to count as touching water).After a brief scene, you will be back at the homestead. You will also receivenotification that you’ll now be able to recruit additional members to yourhomestead.------------------------Part 2 - Training Begins------------------------Meet Achilles in the shack down by the dock to start this mission.After a chat with the harbourmaster, return to the Homestead to talk withAchilles again.He’ll give you a spiel about the ledger in the homestead and the game willgive you a short tutorial on how to use it. To complete the mission.===============================================================================Sequence 5 - Part 5: The Hard Way [ACT05E]===============================================================================Optional objective/s: ] ]> Do not take any damage during the first ] section of the mission. ]> successfully brace when attacked three times ]> Use swivel guns to destroy two ships ] ]> Complete all objectives in one playthrough ]_______________________________________________]----------------------Part 1 - Naval Mission----------------------After completing the previous quest, return to the harbourmaster and chat withhim, he will open the navigation map for you. Choose the ‘The Hard way’ optionto begin the mission.This mission, like the others in this sequence acts as a tutorial on how touse the game’s ships. It will cover putting up sails to full/half mast,selecting weapons and instructing your crew to take cover when under attack.Take the wheel and work your way between the rocks until you reach theobjective marker. Continue to follow the marker, avoiding the rocks as you gountil you reach the open water. At this point, the game will point out cottagesto the left. So make your way over there and follow the instructions to dockthe ship.----------------------Part 2 - Naval Weapons----------------------
  22. 22. After the scene on land, our ship will now have a crew and some cannons. Thatcan mean only one thing, it’s time to test those out! Head to the stern of theboat and jump back on the wheel again to take control of the vessel once more.As the view changes to ship mode, you will see a pair of rocks in front withan objective marker between them. Sail over to this point and then completethe tutorial on how to use the cannons during a broadside attack and the swivelguns.---------------------Part 3 - Naval Attack---------------------Once training is complete, set sail for the next objective marker out to sea.You will be attacked by your first group of hostile ships. At this point, wecan earn two optional objectives – successfully brace three times when attackedand use the swivel guns to destroy two ships.In general, when you are engaged in nautical combat, the aim is to manoeuvreyour ship so that its side is facing your target. When you fire cannons, holdthe button to charge them and when they are ready, you will see a white lightappear on the water which indicates where the cannons will fire. Enemy shipslikewise have a similar system, although their light on the water will be red.If you see your ship in the range of the red water, tell your men to braceimmediately to avoid taking too much damage (try to do this three times for theoptional objective). Use the swivel guns to destroy exposed barrels on two ofthe ships to complete the objective.These first three ships can be easily destroyed with the swivel guns, so besure to use them to destroy at least two of the ships to knock over thatoptional objective first.After taking down the first three ships, a frigate will appear to attack.Theseships can take a little more damage, but still should not cause you any realissues. At this point, you should have no issue with bracing to avoid enemyattacks to complete the optional objective.Following the story scene, Sequence 5 will be complete.------------------------------------------------------------------------------->> Note: At this point you will have earned the achievement/trophy ‘The Day the Templars Cried’.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------===============================================================================Power Source 1 - New York [ACT05F]===============================================================================This is the first of three Desmond missions that has us visiting differentplaces around the world to find power sources to help activate the ruins atour base of operations.As mentioned above, this short interlude has Desmond as the character of choicefor players. There is not a whole lot to this level, it is fairly linear leveland all you really need to do is use the various objects to free run throughor climb up various sections of the skyscraper.When you duck under the door to exit outside, climb the crane to the right. Atthe top, use the hanging girders to go around the corner (what the hell arethey doing out at night? I’m sure there’s a safety issue there!) and use the
  23. 23. wiring to climb up to the next level. Turn right, duck under the blockage hereand work your way up the various boxes and girders until you reach the top ofthe building.Climb the crane on the top of the building. When you reach the top, there willbe a short scene.Jump off the crane, hit the button prompt when it appears on the screen andpilot the parachute down to the helipad below. Watch the scene to end the roadtrip!------------------------------------------------------------------------------->> Note: For completing this level, you will earn the achievement/trophy ‘Criss Cross’.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------When you return back to the underground cave, you will be given the option toinsert the power source now, or to return to the animus. Let’s do the powersource later (if you want to do it now, check out the walkthrough for thelevel Present - The End [ACT12C] and see power source 1).Enter the animus when you are ready to continue Connors story.===============================================================================Sequence 6 [ACT006]==============================================================================================================================================================Sequence 6 - Part 1: On Johnsons Trail [ACT06A]===============================================================================Optional objective/s: ] ]> Limit firearm use to 6 shots ]> Use powder kegs to destroy the three crates ] ]> Complete all objectives in one playthrough ]_______________________________________________]--------------Part 1 - Brawl--------------After the introductory cinematic, make your way to Boston and track down SamAdams, chat with him to start the next memory.Walk with him until the next scene plays. Now help the Frenchman, Stephanedefeat the redcoats.Note that the previous fight may have increased your notoriety to level 1.There is an optional objective to keep notoriety below level 2. So eithertrack down a wanted poster or during the rest of the mission be careful not todo anything suspicious that will alert the guards or cause your notoriety toincrease any further.As such, carefully work your way across Boston to the meeting area and enterthe target door to meet a few new faces.-------------------Part 2 - Liberation-------------------
  24. 24. Afterwards, run over to the docks. You will find a large circular restrictedarea here. This is where the crates we need to destroy are located. What weneed to do is to sneak into the area, grab one of the explosive barrels fromnearby, place it at the base of the target boxes and shoot it. Alternativelyyou can just go up to them and plant a small explosive device on them, butthere is an optional objective for destroying them using the barrels so we mayas well do it.Now, there are guards walking around and due to it being a restrictive areawill not hesitate to attack you. You can use the water to easily approach thetargets and if you do get into a fight with guards, ensure that you do not usethe pistol (there is an optional objective to not use firearms more than 6times).Once all three of the crates have been destroyed, we still have the additionalobjective of freeing the district from Templar influence. Follow the objectivemarkers around the zone and there are a couple of different tasks toundertake – we are going to have to eliminate groups of tax collectors andkill a smuggler or two, just follow the objective marker – and remember tokeep an eye on your notoriety and don’t use your pistol!Once you have done everything, the mission complete screen will pop up.===============================================================================Sequence 6 - Part 2: The Angry Chef [ACT06B]===============================================================================Optional objective/s: ] ]> Limit time in open conflict to less than 15 ] seconds. ]> Dont let Stephanes health drop below 50% ]> Perform 5 low profile assassinations ] ]> Complete all objectives in one playthrough ]_______________________________________________]Return to the tavern and talk to Stephane to start this mission.Stephane is going to go all crazy and stuff and lucky for you, you are goingto escort him through the streets as he picks fight with soldiers in his path.Note that you can run up to and quickly assassinate these soldiers before theyattack to kill them quickly. This will reduce your time in open conflict andallow you to earn the associated optional objective.However to get the optional objective to kill 5 guards using low profileassassinations, you are going to have to kill them without them detecting you.Your best bet is to allow Stephane to attack them and then sneak up and knifethem in the back.Here are the locations you will find the guards Stephane will attack: 1. There are 2 to the right after going around the first corner. 2. There are 3 at the end of the next street wrestling with protesters. You do not need to kill them as they will run away. 3. A short distance further there are 2 leaning against the wall of a building opposite a graveyard. 4. There are 4 of them around the next corner from the last 2 guards. 5. 2 walking down the next street. 6. Finally, 2 against a wall in a nearby alleyway.Continue following Stephane until a cut-scene begins. Afterwards we’ll be able
  25. 25. to send Stephane into the market to assassinate the target using theassassinate button. Do so for a story scene to end the mission.===============================================================================Sequence 6 - Part 3: The Tea Party [ACT06C]===============================================================================Optional objective/s: ] ]> Dump 10 crates of tea into the water during ] the defense sequence. ]> Throw three redcoats into the water. ]> Perform an air musket assassination. ] ]> Complete all objectives in one playthrough. ]_______________________________________________]When you are back in control of Connor, you are going to have to go andeliminate the two groups of guards highlighted with objective markers.Eliminate the group of five guards directly in front of your starting position.Once they are dead, continue across the boats to the left and kill the othergroup of guards here. Once they have all died a short story scene will playout.In this next section, look at the mini-map for the blue zone. We have a mateon each ship who we need to protect and to do so we will need to defend thisagainst enemies. Whilst there is a little down time between enemies, be sureto pick up 10 crates from the deck of the boats and toss them into the waterfor an optional objective.Simply keep your eye on your map and kill the enemies as they approach. Besure during this time to throw three enemies into the water. You can do thisby countering and hitting the grab button to push them. Also during this time,you can loot a musket and when a guard is otherwise occupied on the dock belowhop up on the railing of one of the ships and air assassinate him with amusket.Continue to kill the guards as they approach and once enough of the tea hasbeen thrown into the river the mission will be completed.===============================================================================Sequence 6 - Part 4: Hostile Negotiations [ACT06D]===============================================================================Optional objective/s: ] ]> Reach Johnson without being detected. ]> Do not let any of the Native Americans be ] killed. ]> Perform a swan dive to escape. ] ]> Complete all objectives in one playthrough ]_______________________________________________]Once you begin the mission, have a look at your map. We need to infiltrate thered circle.Jump down and when you reach the river. Look to the right and you’ll see a
  26. 26. floating platform with a pair of guards on it. To the left of this is a groupof reeds emerging from the water the entire way across the river. Swim acrossthe river to the left of the reeds and when you reach the shore you will seetwo large rock formations.Climb up the rocks to the left and use the branches of the trees here to hopacross to the other rock structure. From here we will be just above thefloating platform in the river. Use the trees on the far side to work yourway up to a higher area. Head over to the stone cliff opposite and climb tothe top but do not climb over the edge; instead hang for a second until thecoast is clear. Look to the left, see that stone ramp leading up to the left?We want to hop up on this and follow it to the end.Nearby you will find a tree stump. Make your way through the trees until youreach the cliff. Wait for the guards to move away then jump across to it andclimb up. Approach the house to see a short scene.Note that after the scene, the game can place you in a couple of differentareas automatically. Either way we want to climb up to the main building’sroof and go to the opposite side of the roof overlooking the meeting below.Identify Johnson and then air assassinate him before he has a chance to killany of the natives. You will be treated to a quick story sequence inassassination mode.As soon as you return to normal mode, sprint directly away from the house anddrop down to the lower rock path. From here find a rocky outcrop with a logsitting atop of it overlooking the river. Perform a swan dive from the end ofthe log. Simply swim forward and out of the red circle to complete themission.===============================================================================Sequence 7 [ACT007]==============================================================================================================================================================Sequence 7 - Part 1: The Midnight Ride [ACT07A]===============================================================================Optional objective/s: ] ]> Do not trigger open conflict ]> Reach Prescotts house within 2 minutes ] ]> Complete all objectives in one playthrough ]_______________________________________________]At the start of the chapter, you will be at the Homestead and receive a letterrequesting your aide in Boston. So let’s head on back and make your way to PaulRevere to begin the mission.-------------------Part 1 - Horse Ride-------------------Once you regain control of Connor, you will be on a horse, with Revere behindus in the saddle. To work our way through this mission, we need to enter thegreen mission area on the map and follow his instructions to reach ourdestination. Try to stick to the roads as our three objectives are right aroundthem and if you see a patrol of redcoats, note that they have itchy triggerfingers and will attack and because one of our optional objectives is to nottrigger open conflict, it is best to stop when you see them and let them passbefore proceeding.
  27. 27. In the first target area, once you are told to go the rest of the way on foot,you will notice four buildings in your immediate area. There is also a redcoatpatrol here. The door we want to knock on is the northernmost one in the area.Do so to trigger a scene.Afterwards we’ll be back on our horse. Head for the next objective marker andfollow revere’s instructions until you reach the next group of buildings. Hereyou’ll want to knock on the door to the south (there will be a guy using ahacksaw just in front of it).Again, following the scene we’ll be back on the horse. Follow the river nearbyto the northwest and cross the bridge when you come to it (watch out for theredcoat patrol around here). Once you are over the bridge go and knock on thedoor to the first house on the left.---------------Part 2 - Escape---------------It’s a trap! After the scene, you will be back on your trusty horse withRevere. You will notice that there is a new objective marker as well. We arenow going to be hunted by redcoats and have an optional objective to reachPrescott within 2 minutes. Simply ride your way over to the objective markerand knock on the door in the dead centre of the green zone within the timeframeto complete the objective.After one more short scene, we need to ride over to Lexington, just follow theobjective markers until you reach the target house and go inside to completethe mission.===============================================================================Sequence 7 - Part 2: Lexington and Concord [ACT07B]===============================================================================Optional objective/s: ] ]> Kill an entire group of soldiers with a ] single order seven times ]> Rescue the civilian hostage ] ]> Complete all objectives in one playthrough ]_______________________________________________]-------------------Part 1 - Timed Ride-------------------Head over to the exclamation mark in Lexington in the frontier to start themission.When you are back in control of Connor, hop on the nearby horse and startmaking your way towards the objective marker in the distance. We need to reachConcord within three minutes, once you reach the next small township on theway, you’ll receive an optional objective to rescue a civilian hostage.Keep an eye out to the left as you continue through the village to find theredcoats with the hostage (they will be marked with red dots above theirheads). Quickly cross the bridge here to kill them and then hop back on thehorse and continue to the objective marker.---------------
  28. 28. Part 2 - Defend---------------After a story scene and a few tips from Barrett, you will now be on horsebackand need to defend the bridge from the advancing British forces. There arethree groups of soldiers here. One directly at the bridge itself and anothergroup either side of it.As you approach each group you will see a circle appear on the ground aroundthem. When you are inside the circle, you can give them the order to fire. Now,to complete the mission, we need to keep our eyes on the opposite side of theriver and you will see the redcoats moving up to the river from the left, theright and the centre. They will form a firing line when they reach theposition, so firing at them just before they are in order will inflict themaximum number of casualties.Note there is an optional objective to kill 7 entire groups with a singleorder, you should get this pretty easily as it will come with defending thebridge.We need to ride back and forth between the three positions and giving theorder to fire. Try to get them to shoot before the lines or formed or if theyare formed, between opposition shots.Once you have killed 130 British soldiers (should take 3-4 minutes) a scenewill play to signal your success. Make your way to the objective marker tochat with Barrett to end the mission.===============================================================================Sequence 7 - Part 3: Conflict Looms [ACT07C]===============================================================================Optional objective/s: ] ]> Cross Charlestown without taking damage. ]> Air assassinate a grenadier ]> Remain undetected whilst on ships ] ]> Complete all objectives in one playthrough ]_______________________________________________]---------------Part 1 - Sprint---------------After the previous mission, you will find yourself automatically inPhiladelphia where you will watch a scene. Afterwards continue down thehallway and exit the door at the far end.When we are back in familiar territory you will notice that we are in thefrontier. Work your way over to the exclamation mark and speak with the manhere to start the mission.Follow the man on horseback until you reach the encampment. Head over to Israelfor a short story sequence.Once you can control Connor again, note the optional objective to crossCharlestown without taking damage. Unfortunately the boats in the harbour areshelling the village and there are a few guards around that will attack orshoot at us as we go through, so we need to avoid both.We are going to slide down the cliff nearby and enter town. Hop the fence atthe bottom and run down the street towards the objective marker. When thebuilding collapses in front, turn left and use the upper path next to the
  29. 29. building to get around behind it. Continue along the street until the nextcorner and head to the left. Follow this to the end to reach the water. Swimout to the objective marker.-----------------------------Part 2 - Infiltrate & Destroy-----------------------------We are now able to complete the other two optional objectives: Air assassinatea grenadier and remain undetected on the ships.Swim to the northernmost of the two ships. Swim to the far side of the shipand climb up towards the stern (back) of the ship. Scope the area and look forthe guard with the large back pack, fuzzy hat and the kilt on. This is theonly grenadier on the two ships, so we will have to air assassinate him if wewant to complete the optional objective. Note the various guards patrolpatterns. We want to clear the back of the ship. Use the side of the ship topull any patrolling guards you can into the ocean and then pop up and take anymore patrollers down silently using corner takedowns. When only the grenadieris left, climb the rigging and air assassinate him. Go to the mast in thecentre of the ship and interact with it to plant an explosive. You’ll thenhave 10 seconds to jump off the boat. Dive overboard and swim to the nextship.The southern ship is a little easier. Climb up from the side furthest fromland again and note the guards on board. All of them are stationary bar two.One of them will patrol the central deck, whilst the other will patrol aroundthe front of the ship. Pull the central patroller into the water and then whenthe patrolling guy at the front of the ship is not looking climb up andinteract with the barrel. Quickly run and jump into the water.Once both ships have been destroyed, climb to the top of the mast indicatedand interact with it to put up your flag. Dive into the water and startswimming back to shore to complete the mission.===============================================================================Sequence 7 - Part 4: Battle of Bunker Hill [ACT07D]===============================================================================Optional objective/s: ] ]> Air assassinate Pitcairn without being ] detected ]> Cross the battlefield without taking damage ]> Kill fewer than four soldiers ] ]> Complete all objectives in one playthrough ]_______________________________________________]---------------Part 1 - Sprint---------------When you are back on dry land following the previous mission, mount the horsenearby and follow the patriot back to Putnam’s camp. Walk forward and hop offyour horse to watch a scene.Afterwards we need to run down the hill to the objective marker and take coverhere. See the objective marker in the distance to the left of the hill? That’swhere we need to go. Unfortunately, the soldiers on the hill will constantlybe firing. Luckily the majority of them will all fire at the same time. Waituntil you see the hill light up and when the shots re done, run to the nextpiece of cover. Continue to move between cover when it is safe to do so until
  30. 30. you reach the marker. If you can cross the battlefield without taking coveryou will complete the optional objective for doing so.Once you are at the objective marker, find the raised stone to your right anduse it to access the trees above. Work your way through the trees until youreach a cliff you can climb to the area at the top.----------------------Part 2 - Assassination----------------------We’ll now get the optional objectives to limit kills on soldiers to 4 or lessand to air assassinate Pitcairn without being detected. Tricky, but notimpossible!Crawl through the low bushes nearby and follow the fallen tree to the left. Atthe end of the bushes here, wait for the patrolling guard to pass and thenwalk straight ahead and down to the next set of bushes to the north. Followthese to the end again. Once more, wait for the guard to patrol past and thenrun over and jump into the hay cart to the south. From the cart look to theleft and you will see a series of tents with a single guard patrolling betweenthem. Wait for him to start back to the south (and the guard patrolling inthe immediate area is not looking) and then run over to the tents and hide inthe bushes on the far side of them. Work your way to the next group of bushesto the south. From here we will be able to see a tree stump and a tree. Waitfor the guard to start patrolling back to the north and then use the treestump to climb the tree. Jump to the next tree to the left and from here tothe flagpole below. From the top of the flagpole Target Pitcairn and airassassinate him.With that sequence 7 is complete.------------------------------------------------------------------------------->> Note: for completing sequence 7 you will earn the achievement/trophy ‘The Whites of Their Eyes’.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------===============================================================================Sequence 8 [ACT008]==============================================================================================================================================================Sequence 8 - Part 1: Something on the Side [ACT08A]===============================================================================Optional objective/s: ] ]> Do not tackle or shove anyone during the ] chase sequence. ]> Perform a successful static eavesdrop. ]> Perform a successful mobile eavesdrop. ] ]> Complete all objectives in one playthrough ]_______________________________________________]After the short intro to the chapter, we are going to have to travel to NewYork. Head over to the frontier to find that it has now been added to the map.Cruise over to the exclamation mark (or fast travel if you prefer) and enterNew York.
  31. 31. ----------------Part 1 - Tailing----------------As you enter, hop on the horse and walk over to the guy with the exclamationmark above his head nearby. Follow him into town until a cut-scene plays.Upon completion of the scene, you will have to tail the counterfeiter. Youcan climb the stairs to this right and follow him from above thanks to plentyof platforms and other objects we can climb on. After he rounds the firstcorner he will stop. He will cross the main street, so drop down and followhim. Climb the stairs to his right again as he enters the next side-street.He will get into a brief scuffle and then return to the main street.Drop back down and follow him into the next alley to the right. Walk throughthe grassy area and when he stops again, hide behind some cover to avoiddetection. He’ll then enter a courtyard and meet with a couple of friends.You will need to eavesdrop on them.Afterwards follow him again across the next street and he will stop take coverbehind the wall of the building to the left. Follow him down the alley to theleft and take cover behind the fence. When he pops out of the well continue tofollow him until he meets another mate. Unfortunately you are going to have toeavesdrop on these guys too, but this time they will be moving.Follow them and stay within range of their conversation. Use the people onstreet to blend in with and walls to take cover behind as you go. Make sure toequip coins as about halfway through street children will come up to you andunless you throw money on the ground, the noise they make will alert the guysyou are tailing to your presence. When they stop, hide behind the woodenstructure to the right. Follow them into the next alley for a scene.--------------Part 2 - Chase--------------Afterwards you will have to chase Hickey down. The optional objective here isto not tackle or shove anybody in the process. This is difficult however asHickey will drop coins frequently to attract crowds to block your path. Toavoid them, try to run to either side of the group as you pass. Once you havetackled Hickey a scene will play to signify the end of the mission.===============================================================================Sequence 8 - Part 2: Bridewell Prison [ACT08B]===============================================================================Optional objective/s: ] ]> Kill fewer than two prison guards. ]> Reach Hickey within 2 minutes. ] ]> Complete all objectives in one playthrough. ]_______________________________________________]-------------------Part 1 - Pickpocket-------------------Once you regain control of Connor, you’ll be in a prison cell. Stand up andtake cover on the wall nearby to eavesdrop on the inhabitants of the adjacentcell. Afterwards interact with the bed.After a short scene, follow the guard out of the cell and down to the lowerlevel of the prison. Activate eagle vision and then head over and talk to Weems
  32. 32. (he’s the one sitting in a chair at the table with the board game). Head overand talk with him. Play the game with him until the end of the conversation.Find the prisoner with the golden objective marker above his head andpickpocket the key from him and then return to your cell.When you are able, return down to the lower level prison and speak to Weems.Now you will have to pick a fight with the other prisoners to get thrown intosolitary confinement. Once you have knocked out enough of the other prisoners,the guards will intervene and after a short cut-scene you’ll find yourself inyour new cell.---------------Part 2 - Escape---------------In this area the prison warden is wandering about. Wait for him to standoutside of your cell door and pick his pocket for the key. Connor will openthe door.As you exit the cell, the warden will be to your left. Follow him around thecorner and when he turns to the right, climb up the stairs at the end of thepassage. In the next room you will find Weems. Talk with him and he’ll allowyou to access the VIP prisoners’ cells.-------------------Part 3 - Infiltrate-------------------We now have a new optional objective – reach Hickey in less than 2 minutes. Itshould be noted that being detected by guards in this section will result indesynchronisation and will force you back to the start of the area.As you enter the main room, wait for the guard in front of you to climb thestairs. Enter the cell just to your right and hide in here so you can see theguard we just followed. Wait for him to walk over to the opposite side of theroom. Step out of the cell and wait at the foot of the next set of stairs. Waitfor the guard to move past the top of the stairs and stop just to the left.Climb the stairs and turn right, quickly run over and interact with the markeddoor before you are detected. Easy and you should have been able to do it wellwithin the 2 minute time limit for the optional objective.===============================================================================Sequence 8 - Part 3: Public Execution [ACT08C]===============================================================================Optional objective/s: ] ]> Dont let any of washingtons body guards be ] killed. ]> Kill the two enemy soldiers. ] ]> Complete all objectives in one playthrough. ]_______________________________________________]As the level begins your hands will be bound. Simply walk through the crowd upto the platform with the nooses. A scene will play, when the button promptcomes onto the screen to signal the assassins hit the required button.When you regain control, Hickey will start sprinting away from you towards thefar end of the square. Run through the crowd, killing the two soldiers as yougo and then focus on killing Hickey to be rewarded with a short assassination