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Job Seekers Conf Ppt

  1. 1. Job Seekers Conference Welcome from Corporate Resource Alliance
  2. 2. Today’s Goal Introduce you to new ideas and systems  Powerful and relevant information  Significant help in your job search  Leaving your comfort zone Different perspectives* from • Seeker • Private employer • Government recruiter * You will have to chose the one that works for you best.
  3. 3. Today’s Goal  Protecting your family with affordable (all relative right) health care options during search
  4. 4. Today’s Speakers  Ralph Stevens, Corporate Resource Alliance  Daniel Rodriguez, Oregon State Recruiter  Julie McCord, Xenium Resources  Jean Williams, The Benefits Group  Roger Courville, 1080 Group  Q & A for all of us
  5. 5. Getting from Job lead to the interview Leveraging Job Search Sites
  6. 6. Presentation Outline  Basics to prepare for getting the “Lead”  Getting the Job “Lead”  Marketing yourself to that “Lead”  Leveraging your Network toward that “Lead”  Sharpen the Saw to be ready for that “Lead” Basics -Job Sites – Networking - Saw
  7. 7. The Basics  Treat your search like a full time job • Get ready for work “EVERYDAY” • What ever it takes to have your mindset  Get dressed • Create a plan, Set goals and Attack.  Work space void of home distractions • Laundry • TV • Phone • Guest • Errands • Web surfing for fun
  8. 8. Online House in order  Do you have a or other social  If employer were to find it…. (and they will look!)  Another Question… • If an employer were to Google you…. What would they find. • If nothing…
  9. 9. Googling Ralph  Vancouver Business Journal  Leadership Clark County Nomination of Cirith Sebree  Chamber Board  United Way Board  SHWRMA Presentation  All of this was as a volunteer!!
  10. 10. Organize your approach  Goal – turn a lead into an interview  Best sources for leads • Job Sites • Network
  11. 11. Job Sites  National  Local  Industry
  12. 12. National Sites  CareerBuilder- Post your resume and search by location, job title, keyword, and salary. Good source for local positions. They are the largest site in the country with ties to MSN, AOL, etc.  Monster- Recruiters love Monster to find candidates to fill unpublished requisitions.  Craigslist-. Not the most comprehensive but can deliver some great leads. (Less expensive to post)  Yahoo! Hot Jobs- 
  13. 13. Indeed   
  14. 14. Indeed  Kellogg  Standard Insurance  Intel *  Kaiser  Wells Fargo * Just because they have layoffs does not mean they do not have jobs. Intel had fewe
  15. 15. Industry Sites -- examples  Dice- Technology, IT and internet.  TechCrunch- High tech, start-ups and engineering job board.  ConstructionJobs- The nation’s most popular construction job site.  Alpine Access- Customer service and call center jobs from home!  American Marketing Association-  6figurejobs- Executive search site.  Wine and Hospitality Jobs-
  16. 16. Local Job Sites  Oregon Live- Local job search site by the Oregonian.  Generator Group (.net) - Executive search and strategic staffing firm serving the world's best consumer products and technology companies.  Management Recruiters of Portland- Talent search folks. Good source for local executive and management based jobs.  Portland Jobs- Local guide to local employment agencies.  The Avery Group- Executive search firm focused on high technology and consumer products companies.
  17. 17. In the news  Fed x – bringing 1,000 jobs to Troutdale!  Fred Meyers – building four new stores  Vestas – wind company  Comcast  Adecco  Country Companies  Jobs created by stimulus • e.g., ODOT
  18. 18. Set up job site to email you Follow directions and sites will send you jobs that fit the categories and guidelines that you set. Examples -- All retail jobs, all engineering jobs, all health care jobs, etc.
  19. 19. Career Builder To your email Regional Director Western Region , Sales Global Compliance Services Happy Valley, OR 4/7/2009 Executive Administrative Assistant Apollo College Portland, OR 4/24/2009 Commercial Sales Representative GCR Tire Centers Portland, OR 4/28/2009
  20. 20. You found a lead – several…  Current strategy -- apply for as many as you can find  Yet… employers are looking for a quality candidates – you are disguised behind a template resume.  New strategy – prioritize the positions that you desire most. …. Then… the fun starts…
  21. 21. Research, Research, Research  Julie and Daniel are going to give you their perspective on this.  My thoughts……..
  22. 22. Customize  Customize Your Resume- generic resumes don’t cut it anymore.  Customize your qualifications to meet the needs of the employer • East coast descriptions  Short story about Michele R email on Craigslist.
  23. 23. Write Meaningful Cover Letters  Research the company • Find meaningful nuggets of information to include in cover letter.  Reference awards they received • press releases, industry information etc.  Match that information to your background, experience etc. Flattery will get you noticed!
  24. 24. Research, Research, Research Find out everything you can about  Company  Hiring manager  Executives  Current/former employees*  Discuss Ethics Point.  With information comes knowledge. Knowledge that can be used to separate you from the pack.
  25. 25. Tips and Tricks  Send it Snail Mail- the art of a hand written note or sending a hard copy of a resume and cover letter is almost a lost art. (mention the Julie rule – unless..)  A hand written note can get attention. Be sure to send it in large manila envelope, anything to grab the attention of the hiring manager.
  26. 26. Tips and Tricks  Hand Delivery- talk about marketing yourself. Hand delivery of your resume and cover letter can put you right to the top. (mention the Julie rule – unless..) • It shows confidence, creativity and demonstrates you are different from other candidates.
  27. 27. Tips and Tricks  Leverage your Network! Find out if anyone you know has an inside track into the company you are applying to.  A quick phone call or email by someone in your network to a hiring manager is golden! Even if it’s a second hand referral, that puts you way ahead of the competition.
  28. 28. Tips and Tricks  Set a schedule for both the virtual and physical world. Getting out and marketing yourself is as important as surfing job sites day after day. Julie will elaborate on this.  Keep it manageable- • Find the job sites that work best for you. • You can’t possibly manage more than a handful of job sites at any given time. • Figure out what sites provide the best leads and continue to use them until exhausted. Note: Remember, it takes time to set up profiles and configure them to your liking. You could literally spend days setting up accounts. Manage your time accordingly.
  29. 29. Tips and Tricks  Beware of fee based services. Offers abound for recruiting services, resume building services, career counseling and the like. • Example, Microsoft has countless Resume templates as a starting point.
  30. 30. Building Your Network  People  Virtual
  31. 31. Building your network In Person and Online  People • Exceptional organizations – attend their meet and greets, Ribbon Cuttings, etc.  Virtual • LinkedIn, Face Book, Twitter and the list goes on… and on.
  32. 32. Building your Network
  33. 33. Networking and Meeting People  Portland and Southwest Washington has over a dozen Chambers, etc • Vancouver, Camas, Ridgefield, Woodland, Tualatin, Clark County, Beaverton… • Portland Business Alliance  Vancouver Chamber has over 1,000 members and many great events.
  34. 34. Networking and Meeting People  Young Professionals of – • Portland -- over 200 • Vancouver – over 50 • Free!  Travel Portland - trade show - Free  SWHRMA – Monthly lunch with HR!  Portland - – May 29th Employers Breakfast! $10  Rotary, United Way, OAME, and other non profits* (look up the board of these organizations!)
  35. 35. Real Time  Upcoming Events  Orientation - Free  Leads & Needs - Beaches – $5  Speed Networking – Big Al’s  Business After Hours - $10 dinner, adult beverage and high level folks.
  36. 36. Real Time Events  OAME Annual Trade Show • May 7th at OCC  Green Drinks • Annual party at Who Songs on April 28th.  Asian Fest  … posted in Oregonian, Vancouver Business Journal… and ----
  37. 37. Real Time Event  From 1pm to 4pm today  Hilton  Job Fair by Clark College  Free
  38. 38. Event Attendance  Get a contact card made • Something to exchange! • Local or  Mingle • Goal – seeking new relationships  Ask others about their job  Do not hit them up for a job – they do not know you. That will come in time.  Not easy for many of us to go to an event where we no one, BUT_______
  39. 39. Event Attendance  Follow up • The most forgotten and intimidating step • You now have a set of new contacts to add to your network – your marketing team! • They may hear about new jobs in their company • Idea – permission to send them a weekly update about your search.
  40. 40. Examples in the Room  Sarah at Leads Group Meeting  Sharon at EVBA Meeting  Jamie on the Golf Course
  41. 41. Virtual Networking Utilizing Social Media!
  42. 42. Assignment to Build your network  Go to LinkedIn  Set up a profile • Simulated resume  Find and Join “Ralph Stevens” Corporate Resource Alliance
  43. 43. Virtual  Next step… import all your personal contacts, AOL, Yahoo, etc… • You will be surprised to see who is already on there.  WOW!! Notice who they are connected to  Notice who I am connected to. Do you see companies where you are applying or where you want to work?
  44. 44.  Join a virtual organizations – Ralph’s • Entrepreneurial Dream Team • Leadership Clark County • Southwest Washington HR Mgmt Association • Greater Vancouver Chamber Member's Group • Lots of “help” on this site.
  45. 45. Twitter  140 characters of help for you!  Understand it and use it….  For example….
  46. 46. Twitter  Following the stars!  Who is doing things that might be important to your search ---  Companies  Your Field  Job types  Regions
  47. 47. Jobs by Tweeter By Company  @attjobs – Jobs at AT&T  @mtvnetworksjobs - Jobs at MTV  @TRCareers - Thomson Recruiters By Field  @alldevjobs - Developer jobs  @ArtDirectorJobs – Art director jobs  @cwjobs - Copywriter jobs
  48. 48. Tweeting by Job Type and Region  By Job Type  @findinternships – Internships and entry level jobs for college students  @freelance_jobs – Freelance jobs  @heatherhuhman – Entry level jobs and internships  @Project4Hire – Freelance and temporary jobs  By Region  @chicagowebjobs – Web-related jobs in Chicago  @ChicagoTechJobs – Technology jobs in the reater Chicago area  @PDXJobs – Jobs in Portland, Oregon – I clicked here and….
  49. 49. Tweeting in Portland  Portland Job Tweets/Listings April 13-19: #pdxjobs 14 hours ago from web  NIKE Factory Store seeking Department Manager (2+ years' general retail experience) #pdxjobs6:03 PM Apr 19th from web  New Portland Job Tweets/Listings from @pdxcreativejobs @pdxtechjobs @pdxgreenobs @pdxmarketingjob #pdxjobs8:59 AM Apr 15th from web  Have a Portland job opening/know of a job opening? @, email, DM. Looking for a job? Follow me. #pdxjobs 9:08 AM Apr 14th from web
  50. 50. Tweeting in Portland  RT @pdxcreativejobs: Wieden+Kennedy (@ wiedenkennedy) looking for an Audio/Visual (A/V) Production Manager #pdxjobs5:06 PM Apr 13th from web  RT @pdxgreenjobs: April 21: Urban League of PDX Job Fair: quot;Bridges to Sustainable Jobsquot; (via @ brampitoyo) #pdxjobs 4:13 PM Apr 13th from web  RT @pdxtechjobs: Cloud Four is seeking a talented, experienced and motivated Web Project Manager #
  51. 51. Get Virtual!! Just to name a few  Plaxo
  52. 52. The Good, the Bad, the Ugly  Easy to say… and easy to know… stick with it every day  Motivate yourself everyday – and yes it is hard after what feels like rejection – Frustration gets old….  Monitor your stress…  Being down is not an option • Not an option! • Success in the only option!
  53. 53. The Saw  All work and no play…- You know the saying. Don’t forget to take care of yourself, family and friends.  Pot Luck Game night!  Take time to enjoy life!  Staying active, engaging with family and friends is great medicine for getting through tough times.
  54. 54. Branch Theory