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15000 blueprint

  1. 1. How to Generate $15,000 Per Month Online 1 How to Generate $15,000 Per Month Online Sean MizeThis is a NOT a free ebook! This book does NOT come with any resell rights whatsoever. If you received this ebook for free, from any source other than Secrets of Internet Success, or are aware of its illegal distribution, please send an email to: webmaster@secrets-of-internet-success.com. You may not alter this ebook in any way, shape, or form, and it must remain in this original PDF form with no changes to any of the links contained within.Copyright Notice: © Sean Mize. All rights reserved. Any unauthorized use, sharing,reproduction or distribution of these materials by any means, electronic, mechanical, orotherwise is strictly prohibited. No portion of these materials may be reproduced in anymanner whatsoever, without the express written consent of the publisher. Published underthe Copyright Laws of the Library of Congress Of The United States Of America, by:Sean MizeSecrets of Internet Success© Secrets of Internet Success and Sean Mize www.secrets-of-internet-success.com
  2. 2. How to Generate $15,000 Per Month Online 2 $15,000 Blueprint(This is a complete transcript of a very powerful interactive call that shows you step bystep how to generate $15,000 per month online):The idea with this call – there’s a couple reasons for it, but the biggest thing is I’mlooking at a brand new year. With my own business I’ve done a lot of thinking. I lookedat last year. In the last five months of the year I generated an average of over $15,000 amonth, my first full year in the business.I’ve been evaluating where do I want to go. I can continue to do exactly the same thingsthat I’ve been doing and continue earning that income. It’s not a bad income, but I thinkthere’s room for more.The direction I’m kind of taking is can I show you, each one of you individually, how todo what I did last year if you’re not already doing it, and if you’re already at $10,000 -$15,000 per month can I show you how to go to the next level.Looking at early in January, any of you on this phone call have the ability to generateanywhere from $5,000 - $15,000 or more per month by the end of the year. For some ofyou, if you’re more experienced, it can come faster. If you already have a little bit of alist, you’re going to move a lot faster than somebody who doesn’t have a website.I’m going to open it up. I want to take two questions, then I’m going to go into somebackground on making money online.Go ahead and announce your first name and your question.Can I assume there’s no questions right now? Ok, let me go ahead and jump right intosome background on making money online.I want to start with what I believe are some of the greatest myths online. The first myth is you can get rich quick online.We hear all the time and see sales pages all the time that claim that if you do this and youdo that, you’ll make $100,000 next month. You’ll make $10,000 tomorrow. You can do a$1 million launch in two weeks. We’ve all seen something along those lines, whether it’smore or less, but we’ve all seen something like that online.© Secrets of Internet Success and Sean Mize www.secrets-of-internet-success.com
  3. 3. How to Generate $15,000 Per Month Online 3I think that it makes it real easy for us to get frustrated when we set up a web page or weset up a squeeze page and we get 15 subscribers and we maybe make one sale. Then wego a few days and nothing happens.We get frustrated and sometimes we’re even following this plan that’s supposed to makeus rich tomorrow.The bottom line is that doesn’t happen. That’s hype. Perhaps you’ve been bitten by thathype before and that’s ok. This is a brand new year. Recognize that the hype doesn’t workand you have to build something solid.The online business is no different than offline. It’s no different than opening up asandwich shop. If you open up a brand new sandwich shop in your town, you’re notgoing to sell a million sandwiches your second week, no matter how much publicity youget, no matter how good the sandwiches are.Even if you were to do a huge number of sandwiches, you probably wouldn’t even beable to keep up with the business, so the natural way that you grow an offline business isyou start by advertising some. People would come to the shop and some of them wouldlike the sandwiches and they’d tell other people.You’d run some specials and month after month you’d do more and more business.Frankly, the first few months with your sandwich business you wouldn’t even break even.You wouldn’t sell enough sandwiches to pay all the bills.Hopefully by the end of the year you’re in profit. Then the next year you make a niceprofit .And that’s kind of how online business is.You’re not going to get rich quick. There may be a 1 in a million shot that you’re going tojust stumble on the perfect product with the perfect sales page at the perfect time andsomething big’s going to happen.Unfortunately, even for those people, the 1 in a million shot that something like thatpossibly might happen, they tend to be one-shot wonders because they never learn thefoundations of making something happen.They never learned how to drive traffic. They never learned how to create back-endproducts. They never learned how to build that business. So what happens is they havethis one shot, they make $20,000 - $40,000 maybe the first month, and they’re never everable to duplicate it.© Secrets of Internet Success and Sean Mize www.secrets-of-internet-success.com
  4. 4. How to Generate $15,000 Per Month Online 4I’m going to kind of go through my background in a few minutes and you’ll see that mylast five months were decent, and before that every month grew by a little bit every singlemonth. Your first few months can be really slow and you can’t let that frustrate you. The second myth is the free traffic myth.There’s this idea and you can buy plenty of ebooks on it. In fact, I think there was aseminar a couple months ago, several thousand dollars worth of a coaching program toteach you how to generate free traffic.The funny thing is, I just have to laugh when I see it because I look at each one of thosesources of ‘free traffic’ and none of them are really free. They all have a cost involved,whether there’s time, whether there’s money involved, every kind of free traffic.Article marketing – of course that’s my favorite source of traffic – and I hope I’ve nevercalled it free traffic. If I have, let me know where it is because I’ll change it, becausearticle marketing is not free traffic. It may not cost you dollars to write the article, but itcosts you time.If it takes you half an hour to write the article and you’re worth $20/hour or $30/hour atwhatever work you do, that article really cost you $10-15 to write. If you pay somebody$5-15 to write an article, if you pay somebody to submit it – whether you do it yourself orsomebody else does it, it’s not free.Sometimes you’ll hear that affiliate marketing is free traffic. Affiliate marketing is notfree traffic. You’ve got to pay out ½ or 2/3. Sometimes on higher ticket items maybeyou’re only going to pay out 1/3 of the product price. That’s not free traffic.I’ll tell you this, over the last five months I generated over $15,000 on average. Mostmonths were well over that. One was shy of it by a few hundred bucks. And I don’t haveany affiliates. I don’t have anybody selling.The thing is, I get asked sometimes, “Why don’t you have an affiliate program?” FranklyI’m selfish, because if I had an affiliate program and I was paying out 50-60% plus fees,I’d be giving away well over 2/3, probably closer to ¾ of my income to affiliates.It might be great for the affiliates, but in order for me to net the same thing I do rightnow, I’d have to do $60,000 per month. One day I’d like to do $60,000 a month, but rightnow $60,000 would be a lot. That’s $720,000. One in a million people online every get tothat point. So I don’t choose to do it with affiliates.Back to the idea that it’s not free traffic. You’ve got to pay for it. Blog traffic is not free.You have to take the time to get in there and work the blog.© Secrets of Internet Success and Sean Mize www.secrets-of-internet-success.com
  5. 5. How to Generate $15,000 Per Month Online 5Web 2.0 is not free. You have to take the time or you have to pay somebody to do it. Andtime really is worth something. If you’re not full-time online and you’re working thisthing part-time, maybe you’re spending 30 hours a week working it, there’s two ways youcan do it.You can work it for 30 hours a week and that’s your time you’re putting into it, or youcan go to work somewhere at $20/hour, 30 hours a week, make $600/week on the sideand then put that money into web traffic. It’s the same difference.Whether it’s time or money, it’s not free traffic. I’m not going to beat a dead horse here,but there’s no such thing as a free ride or free traffic online.Even myself, you might look at some of my traffic. You might say that some of mysearch engine traffic – and maybe 5% of all my traffic comes from just organic search –you might say that’s free traffic.Well, actually it’s not free traffic because I wouldn’t get it if I hadn’t spent time andmoney having links posted and creating inbound links and writing articles to create thatlink traffic, so once again, even organic search engine traffic is not free traffic. The next myth is that internet marketing is easy to learn.It’s not easy to learn. It’s a skill just like anything else. It’s a skill just like plumbing orelectrical work or physics. It’s a skill. It’s not something you’re going to learn in 30 days.Sure, I can teach you some specific skills in 30 days. I can teach you a number of specificskills in six months. There’s plenty of other people out there who can teach you how todo something specific.But realistically you need to spend probably several hundred hours on any one thingonline before you’re going to get good at it. If you’re working on this 30 hours a weekand let’s just say the average is 200 hours to learn to get good at one thing, that’s anaverage of seven weeks for each thing you need to get good at.Maybe your sticking point is your website. You need to learn how to publish a web page.For you to get to where you’re efficient, you’re going to need to spend some time.Same thing with traffic. To get efficient at one thing you’re going to need to spend sometime. It’s not going to happen overnight. Sure, you’re going to have some light bulbs thatcome on, but none of it’s going to happen over night.© Secrets of Internet Success and Sean Mize www.secrets-of-internet-success.com
  6. 6. How to Generate $15,000 Per Month Online 6I’d like to take a couple of questions now, then I’m going to go into my background. I’mgoing to show you exactly where I came from online, and then after that I’m going to gointo this blueprint and give you the exact steps that you need to take this year to get to$5,000 - $15,000 per month by the end of the year.Ok, just speak up with your question.Caller: This is Dennis from Ontario. I don’t know what organic search is. Can you explain it quickly?Sean: You don’t know what organic search is? Organic search is if you go into Google and there’s two sets of searches on Google. There’s the pay per click search. Normally it’s two or three links at the top and then some links on the right side of the page. Those are paid sponsored searches. The top ten links that are listed 1-10, that’s what we call organic search. It happens naturally in the search engine. You’re not paying to get that position. You have to do something to your site or to your linking strategy in order to get high rankings there. That’s what organic search is.Caller: Ok, thank you.Sean: Any other questions for me right now?Caller: This is Mary in Orange, CA. I noticed that you mentioned that you write 10-20 articles a day. Is that correct?Sean: I used to. I haven’t for the last 6-8 months, so wherever you read it, it’s in something that I wrote at that time. I used to, though, between 10-20 a day.Caller: I don’t know how that’s possible. I write articles, but I think 5 or 6, maybe even 8 is the most. I get so burned out or something I guess. I just wondered if you could elaborate on how you do that. How do you write good quality articles of 10-20 a day?Sean: First of all, I’ll tell you that I don’t know that they’re necessarily a good quality article. That will be my disclaimer. I don’t know that they’re good quality articles. They generate traffic for me and that’s the purpose of my articles. I don’t have any other purpose for writing articles. My purpose for writing articles© Secrets of Internet Success and Sean Mize www.secrets-of-internet-success.com
  7. 7. How to Generate $15,000 Per Month Online 7 is not to educate subscribers or members or anybody. My purpose when I write articles is to generate traffic. So if you go onto EzineArticles.com and you read through some of my articles – actually I’ve got two different names on there. I use Sean Mize for all the articles I personally wrote myself. You’ll also see the Sean R. Mize account and all of those I’ve outsourced, so somebody else has written them for me. If you actually go to my articles and read through them, you’ll find that generally they’re just a quick thought, one quick thought. I just tell people how to do something quick in the particular niche that the article is written about. What that does is it gives people one thing that they can apply to their own business. They can try me out free of charge. They don’t even have to subscribe. Sometimes they don’t even try it out. They read it and they go, “Oh, that makes sense. I wonder what else I can learn from this guy,” so then they’ll click through to my website. So that’s what I shoot for. I’m not looking for journalistic quality articles. The only thing I try to keep is my spelling and I try to keep grammar correct, but the articles are generally very quickly written. Now the way that I do that is before I sit down to write I determine how many articles I’m going to write. I got to the point where I could do about 7 per hour, so I would just aside whatever I needed. Usually I knew whether or not I could make it for two hours or three hours, just depending on my mood. Like you said, Mary, after about the fifth article – boy, it’s pulling teeth to keep doing it. So what I would do is I would sit down and let’s just say I was going to work for two hours. I would say I could usually do 15 articles. The first thing I would do is write out my topics, my 15 topics, and I’d type them right into Word so they’re there. That way I don’t have to stop being creative at any point. Then what I’ll do is I’ll start writing. One thing is, I write from my personal experience. I don’t do any research at all to write my articles. When I first started I did some research, but I don’t do any research any© Secrets of Internet Success and Sean Mize www.secrets-of-internet-success.com
  8. 8. How to Generate $15,000 Per Month Online 8 more. I write from personal experience, what already works for me, so I don’t spend any time researching. Then I write the article. I write 300-word articles on average. I will write about 100-word introduction. For me that’s about three sentences.  The first sentence tells the reader what I’m getting ready to talk about and maybe gives a definition of something.  The second sentence will normally pose a challenge. Whatever problem it is I’m trying to solve, I indicate what that problem is in that article.  The third sentence basically tells the reader that I’m going to teach them how to do it. Then I’ll do one of two things. I’ll either go with 6 or 7 bullet points. If I do 7 bullet points, each bullet point needs about 30 words, and 30 words for me is a sentence or two. So I’ll write two sentences about each one of those bullet points. A lot of times what I’ll do is I’ll have a step-by-step method for solving whatever your problem is. When I’ve hit the 7th one, I’m done. It’s 275-300 words. Sometimes if the article lends to it then I’ll write in paragraphs, but it’s the same principle. I’ll just go step-by-step through whatever it is. If I find that I need more than 300 words to write an article, then I’ll normally stretch it to 600 words and then split it in half and call it Part 1 and Part 2. That’s about it. I don’t spend much time thinking. I just write what comes to my mind. Does that answer your question, Mary?Caller: Yes, it does. My next question would be then do you do any keyword research or use keywords? I’d assume you’d have to use keywords in your articles.Sean: Yes and no. Probably the first 500 articles that I wrote, you’ll find that they’re written around keywords – not necessarily around them. I’ve never been real big on some kind of a keyword density.© Secrets of Internet Success and Sean Mize www.secrets-of-internet-success.com
  9. 9. How to Generate $15,000 Per Month Online 9 Many people online got online when keyword density was huge, so they continue to think about it, they continue to teach it, and they continue to work with it. I got online after keyword density wasn’t such a big deal. Google search engines are really looking for meaningful content. They’re not looking for content that’s loaded up with keywords. Even if you find my articles that are written and keyword optimized, I generally don’t use the keyword a lot, just once or twice in the article title, which I don’t recommend doing anymore. Only once in the article title, and then maybe once in each paragraph. That was probably my first 500 articles or so. After that I began to write based on people’s problems. To find out what people had problems with, I’d send emails to my list. I’ll look through forums online. I’ll look through blog posts online to find out what people are asking questions about. Then what I’ll do is just write the article answering somebody’s question. I figure if one person has that question, there’s 50 other people that do. I find that helps me generate a higher quality article, because the purpose of my articles again is to drive traffic, but I want to drive traffic to my site – in my niche it’s article marketing and list building and really conversion – building your business bigger. So I don’t want people that are just kind of surfing for words. I want people who have problems, so I can solve their problems. Just like in your business – we’re going to talk about this later – you don’t make money by having a pretty product. You make money because you solve somebody’s problem and then they pay you for it. That’s really how it works. So I’m looking for people who have problems, and then I can solve those problems, and in the long run they’ll pay me for it. If you look at the articles that I’ve had outsourced, those are keyword optimized simply because it’s easier for me to generate. I do about 800 outsourced articles a month right now, so it’s easier for me to just randomly generate, using a spreadsheet, keyword optimized titles than it is for me to write out 800 questions every single month.© Secrets of Internet Success and Sean Mize www.secrets-of-internet-success.com
  10. 10. How to Generate $15,000 Per Month Online10 Let’s take another question, then we’ll move into my background.Caller: This is Becki in California. I have a question on spinning your articles, if you could do it in a quality way. Have you ever found that to be worth the time?Sean: Boy, that’s a tough question. By the time that I was exposed to article spinning, I had almost completely moved away from writing articles for the purpose of building backlinks. I had built some page rank on my site and I’d kind of moved away from that. I actually tried to write articles that I could spin and submit all of them to EzineArticles. Obviously using a spinning service it just didn’t work. It was human moderated. It just wouldn’t work. Because of that I just dropped it for myself. Now I believe – and I haven’t done it personally – but I believe based on all the information out there, based on all the real-world stuff that I did with search engine optimization my first 6 months online, I believe that if you’re going to submit to a large number of directories – 100-150 directories – then it’s probably worth the time. I know it took me hours to write one good article that was spun content, but I think it’s worth whatever it takes – 3 hours, 4 hours, 5 hours – if you’re going to submit that to say 150 directories, because you’re definitely going to get more backlinks. The flip side is, Becki, if you write original articles and submit the same article to say 10-15 directories, and then write another one and submit to another 10-15 directories, some of that is going to be flagged as duplicate content, but because of how it appears on the page, depending on the article directory, a lot of that is going to make it past that duplicate content filter. So let’s just say you wrote an original article, submitted it to 15 directories, then you might get 10 links out of it. It’s six of one, half dozen of the other. If I were focusing right now on building tons of backlinks, which I’m not, but if I were I’d probably go the spinning route. Does that answer your question, Becki?© Secrets of Internet Success and Sean Mize www.secrets-of-internet-success.com
  11. 11. How to Generate $15,000 Per Month Online11Caller: Yes it does, and I guess the follow-up on that is is it always smart to put your original articles on your own site first so that Google sees that first, even before you put it to EzineArticles or some of the high-quality directories?Sean: Let me just kind of give you some insight into this. In theory, only one copy of your article is going to get ranked anywhere ever at any time. So if you put it on your own website and Google captures it first, assuming that they give you credit for it, assuming that you’ve got some page rank etc, assuming that their filters do a good job of giving you credit for it first, if you put it on EzineArticles, that page is probably not going to show up in normal search results anyway. It’s probably going to be shuttled over to supplemental results and not going to show up in top 10 results anyway. So if you’re going to put it on your site, why put it on EzineArticles? Now if you put it on EzineArticles first, unless your site has a higher page rank than 6 or 5, depending on what page you’re on in EzineArticles, there’s no sense in putting it on yours. My advice to people is write separate articles. If you need content for your site, write one article, and then when you submit articles, write separate articles. I don’t think there’s any good reason to put an article on your site and on EzineArticles if you’re looking for traffic and links and that type of thing from it. Now if you’ve got a lot of articles on EzineArticles and you want them all indexed there and you want people to be able to see them there, then maybe there’s a case to put some of those duplicates on your own site. But I think that long-run the wisest strategy is if you put something on your site, don’t submit it anywhere else. I think that pretty much answers that question.Caller: Ok thanks. That’s good advice.Sean: You’re welcome.I’m going to move on now to kind of my background. I’m going to go through this fast. Iknow that looking through these names and hearing the voices, a lot of you were on thiscall last night.© Secrets of Internet Success and Sean Mize www.secrets-of-internet-success.com
  12. 12. How to Generate $15,000 Per Month Online12I started kind of playing around early in 2006 buying some traffic and sending it toaffiliate pages and that kind of thing, $100 here and $100 there.In August of 2006 I decided that I was going to make or break it. I was going to dowhatever it took to make money online.The very first thing that I did – and I think if I hadn’t done this I wouldn’t be here today –is I made the decision that anybody that comes to my website has to give me their nameand email first. You can’t get into my website, except by accident – maybe that’s ½ of 1%of the population ever does that – you just don’t get very far without giving me yourname and email address first.The idea behind this is I’m in this to make money, and probably 90% of you on the phonetonight are in this to make money, maybe more. I’m in this to make money. Now in orderto make money online, the only way that I can make money online is if somebody uses acredit card or they use a check through a merchant account. That’s the only way I canmake money online.It’s not like a sandwich shop where I can hang a sign that says ‘Cash only.’ I have to getcredit card numbers and checks from people.Now online there’s a certain percentage of people who are untrusting. They just don’ttrust anything. They’re scared to be online. They won’t use their credit card online. Theywon’t give their email out because they’re afraid their identity is going to be stolen.I don’t want to work with those people. I don’t want to talk to them, because all I can dois give them free advice all day long and they’ll never take me up on actually doinganything because they’re scared of the internet.So my feeling is that if somebody does not trust me enough to give me their name andemail address, they don’t trust me enough to give me their credit card information. Iscreen everybody. In order to get more information from me, you’ve got to give me yourname and email address, and it actually has to be a good one because I do all of mymarketing through my list.I convert about 30% of the people that come to my website into subscribers. You mayask, “What about the 70% who you lost?” Well, I didn’t really lose them. I just lost themsooner.I lost them, but I would have lost them anyway, because if they had opted in they wouldhave gone to my pages, they would have been scared to order anything because theydon’t trust me, and they never would have bought anything from me.© Secrets of Internet Success and Sean Mize www.secrets-of-internet-success.com
  13. 13. How to Generate $15,000 Per Month Online13So those 70% that don’t opt in are the same 70% that would never buy from me.Now there’s a small percentage of those people who maybe over time would developmore trust. I’m in a unique position because I have something like 7,500 or 8,000 articlesonline – I’ve got 7,300+ articles online with my name on them.If somebody doesn’t trust me enough to give me their name and email address now, theycan spend the next month reading my articles on EzineArticles.com and developing trustin me. Then they’ll come to my website again and give me their name and email address.I just decided at the very beginning I was going to force everybody to give me their nameand email address. Luckily that paid off. I think it’s a lot more than luck, but it’s paid off.The other thing is I stumbled on article marketing. I started out with a number of differentsources of traffic. I tested each one of them to determine which sources turned intosubscribers faster. Articles did, and as soon as I realized that I started writing articlesfeverishly.Some of you who have been around for a while, you know how feverishly that is. You’veseen the days where I’d have 30-40 articles show up on EzineArticles in one day thatwere personally written. For those of you who are joining me later, you can go intoEzineArticles and see that.Let me just give you some numbers: August 2006 - $125 September 2006 - $250 October 2006 - $900The reason I’m giving you these numbers is I want you to see that this did not happen forme overnight. I didn’t have some revelation. Even when we talk about this squeeze pageidea and this article marketing, it still built slowly. November 2006 - $1,600 December 2006 - $3,840 January 2007 - $5,540Then each month since then until August I added about $800/month. So it’s been slowand steady. The only month you could really look at and say that it exploded was maybeDecember, because I did 2-1/2 times what I did in November.So trust me. September, October, even November were rough for me because there wasthis thing in the back of my head that said, “I’ll never make it. I’ll just never make it,”© Secrets of Internet Success and Sean Mize www.secrets-of-internet-success.com
  14. 14. How to Generate $15,000 Per Month Online14and yet every week I said, “I’m going to write more articles. I believe articles are goingto do it.”I wrote more articles and generated more traffic, and obviously things are a lot differentnow. I spend $4,000 a month on traffic right now. I couldn’t have done that when I wasmaking $125 or $250 a month. You probably can’t do that.In fact, even if you budgeted yourself $10,000 a month to make your business start – let’ssay you do have a nest egg and you’ve already budgeted in your head $10,000 – I saydon’t spend it on traffic right away. Start slow. Figure out what works. Spend a fewhundred here, a few hundred there on traffic. Figure out what works for you.Frankly, if I had 800 articles a month going in back in August, I may not have made evenmore than that $125 I made anyway because I didn’t know how to convert them backthen.Over the course of the last year, as I’ve gone from $5,540 in January to over $15,000 inAugust – and I think August was actually over about $16,000 – but in the last five monthsover $15,000 on average every month – I think last month was actually over $17,000, butI haven’t done some final numbers –The whole idea is that as I’ve done that I’ve grown and I’ve learned exactly what works.I’ve created what I call a blueprint.I believe with everything inside of myself that if you follow this exact same blueprint itdoesn’t matter what niche you’re in, as long as the niche has people that want to learnabout whatever it is you’re teaching and have some disposable income and can’t get theinformation for free somewhere else.I think in most niches there’s something that you can make available where people willchoose to spend money with you. I think most niches are there. This blueprint works,time in and time out.Let’s take another question or two. Just jump right in, give me your name and ask yourquestion.Caller: This is Steven from New Zealand. I emailed you a couple times last year and I appreciated the personal response you gave. It was great. I’ve got a question. When you say to write articles which are fairly thin on content that are really only designed to drive traffic, and then someone arrives at your site and maybe buys something or whatever they do there,© Secrets of Internet Success and Sean Mize www.secrets-of-internet-success.com
  15. 15. How to Generate $15,000 Per Month Online15 what if you’re in a market like teaching parents how to help their kid do math? You could have an article that says, “Here’s how you add two numbers, or here’s how you do calculus” or something. At the end of the day, how often do you have to create substantial content in order to win the trust of the person? It’s kind of like where’s the free line question.Sean: I look at my own site and I don’t have much content on my site, I really don’t. I rely on other people’s sites to drive traffic to me through the articles. At this point with 7,300+ articles out there, I could probably just stop writing articles and I’d have traffic for the next 10 years, so I don’t know that it’s a matter of constantly updating. Obviously that traffic would continue to go down because Google likes relevant content, and part of their ranking is how recently it was created. In terms of your own site, I don’t know that you need to update it a lot. A few times a month. It really depends on what you’re looking for. Obviously if you’re looking for organic search results, then that’s a totally different ballgame. If you’re looking for organic search results you’re going to have to update more often, you’re going to have to get more links, etc. But if you’re looking at driving traffic the way I do with articles, you really don’t need to update your site that much at all, in my opinion and based on what I do and how I drive traffic. Does that answer your question, Steve?Caller: It kind of does in part. I guess the next thought is the content of the articles, is that related to what someone might subsequently buy or is it just something to attract their attention to get them to your website where you sell them something else?Sean: That’s a tough question, but most of the time the content on the articles – let me qualify this. I’ve got a lot of content out there that doesn’t produce at all. Of course through my testing I know that to be the case. Obviously I’m not going to take the content down just because it doesn’t produce. It’s already there. There’s no sense in spending money to take content down.© Secrets of Internet Success and Sean Mize www.secrets-of-internet-success.com
  16. 16. How to Generate $15,000 Per Month Online16 But out of the categories and keywords that do convert for me, that’s where I put the bulk of my energy and money now. Out of the ones that do convert, normally the topics on those articles are very similar to the products that people end up buying from me. For example, if someone comes into my system through an article about article marketing – and probably 80% of people that come to me do, because that’s what I do and that’s what I teach – if they come to me through that article, normally they purchase my Article Marketing Manifesto or my Article Marketing on Steroids or they get into my coaching program that’s founded on article marketing, or they’ll take it one step further. Most people that are involved in article marketing already have a website. The reason they’re interested in article marketing is because they need to make more money online. They need conversion, so then I can lead them in that direction. Steve, does that answer your question?Caller: It sure does. Does that mean that you kind of have to have a big picture in mind about the focus and the direction of your articles towards the product before you even start any of them?Sean: Yes and no. No, you do not need to know exactly what your direction is going to be when you first get started. What will happen is when you write your first say 100 articles or 25 articles, when you first get started you’re going to write some number of articles or drive some amount of traffic through some method. The people that join your list as a result of that traffic, you’ll be able to ask them what they want to learn about, where they want you to go, and that will kind of dictate your long-term direction. I’m a big believer that in order to find out what you’re going to sell long- term, you need to find out what people are interested in. I don’t believe you need to know what that product is when you first get started. After you’ve written 100 articles, you’ve got traffic, you’ve got people on your list, then I think that there comes a time, once you find out what people want, then you start specifically creating and promoting products that are in those categories.© Secrets of Internet Success and Sean Mize www.secrets-of-internet-success.com
  17. 17. How to Generate $15,000 Per Month Online17 You do need to know what your big picture is. You need to know what your long-term product is going to be, your big-ticket product, your $500 product, your $1,000 product, your $5,000 product. As soon as you can, be thinking about what that product is going to be, then use every other product to lead towards that. Does that make sense?Caller: Yes, that’s great. Thank you very much.Sean: You’re welcome. Let’s take one more question.Caller: This is Dennis. You figured out a blueprint and do you think it would teach a person from scratch or do you need a little bit of background on computers?Sean: I don’t know that you need background. You’ve got to be able to get a website online. That’s the one thing I don’t help with because it’s technical. I don’t work with that. Most of the time I work with people who already have a website, or you can get somebody to build one for you. I recommend learning how to do it yourself, I really do, even if you’re not going to do it long-term and you’re going to outsource it. I believe you should learn how to do some of that programming yourself so that you at least know what something should look like. Other than that, my blueprint will take you from the very beginning, but you’ve got to take that first step and get a web hosting account and learn how to publish a simple web page, nothing advanced.Let’s move on. I’m going to go ahead and give you my blueprint now. I’m going to giveyou the five steps that you need to take, and you need to start immediately if you’re goingto hit $10,000 - $15,000 per month by the end of the year. You need to start immediately. The very first thing you need to do is to choose a market.I hear online a lot – and I may even be guilty of writing something along these lines ayear ago – that you’ve got to do something online that you’re in love with. Just do whatyou love and the money will follow.That’s not really the case. Sometimes it may be, but many times it’s not. Now the flip sideof this is you don’t want to get into something you hate, because you won’t be able towrite about it. You need to get into something online that you can enjoy, but it doesn’t© Secrets of Internet Success and Sean Mize www.secrets-of-internet-success.com
  18. 18. How to Generate $15,000 Per Month Online18necessarily have to be the love of your life.You need to choose a market where the people within the market have needs and have awillingness to pay.I’m going to give you three ideas. These are randomly selected, but three ideas of marketsthat might be good markets as examples. I’m not saying that they’re just great markets,go out and get in them, but as examples, a market that fits that criteria. People have needsand they’ll pay money to find out the answers.The first one is dog training. People buy a dog, they’re excited about buying a dog, theyspend $500 for this dog, and they get it home and it marks all over the house.They’ve begun to fall in love with the dog .The kids fall in love with the dog. They paid$500 for the thing and they’re frustrated because it’s marking all over the house. So whatare they going to do? They’re going to find somebody to teach them how to train thisdog.There are a few different ways you can do that. You can go find somebody local, takeclasses, $500 for a 6-week class, or you can do it at your leisure online and subscribe to aprogram, something you might create, maybe even a video program so the person canliterally watch you as you’re training a dog. Of course, we’re assuming that dog trainingis your particular specialty and you know something about it.Those are people who have needs and they’re willing to pay to solve those needs.Let’s look at another one: weight loss. Weight loss is a need that people have and theyregularly spend a lot of money to solve their problem. People spend millions of dollarsacross the country, but personally hundreds of dollars to learn how to lose weight. Peopleenroll in local programs, pay $100-200/month to have a support group to help them loseweight.You can duplicate the very same thing online. These people have needs and they’rewilling to pay money to meet the needs.Let’s look at one more – how about people in poor health. Let’s take a disease likediabetes that in many cases can maybe be controlled with diet. So rather than spendhundreds of dollars per month on medicine, maybe somebody would simply learn to eatbetter if they caught it in earlier stages.So that’s a market that you can go into. These people have needs and they have awillingness to pay to meet those needs.© Secrets of Internet Success and Sean Mize www.secrets-of-internet-success.com
  19. 19. How to Generate $15,000 Per Month Online19Contrary to what you hear online – I hear a lot of times that internet marketing is burnedout, too competitive, etc etc – well, I’m in internet marketing and it took me 13 months tohit a nice income, so I don’t believe it’s too competitive.That gives you four markets right there. These aren’t examples for you necessarily, butuse the thought process of do these people have needs that are in this niche and will theypay money to relieve their needs.If you’ve got any questions about that, shoot me an email when the call is done and I cangive you some ideas about whether or not the market you’re thinking about might convertinto dollars or not. I won’t do your brainstorming for you, but if you have a market or twothat you’re interested in, I can probably help you understand whether or not and why itwill or will not convert into dollars. The second thing you have to do is build a squeeze page.You’ve got to build a squeeze page. I talked about this earlier. The reason I’m successfultoday – if I had to point to one thing online, besides my faith and my mindset, butsomething tangible online – it’s the squeeze page.I force everybody to get onto my list to get anything from me. I mean think about it,every one of you that’s on this phone call today would not be on this call if you weren’ton my list. You wouldn’t have stumbled on my website today. You probably weren’tlooking for information today about what we’re talking about.Six months ago, three months ago, two days ago, a year ago, some time you came to mywebsite and you encountered that classic dilemma. How do I get more information fromSean Mize? And the only way was to give me your name and email address.So every day I send you an email. Sometimes you delete them. sometimes you read them.Sometimes you buy, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you get on a free call. Sometimesyou learn something. Sometimes it’s something you’ve already learned. Sometimes youdon’t learn anything. But you’re on my list and I’m constantly driving traffic with you.You are representative people on my list, and you have to do the very same thing in yourbusiness. You’re not going to make money driving traffic to a sales page. You’re going tomake money driving traffic to a squeeze page so you can develop a relationship withpeople.Then once you have that relationship with people you can start finding out what theywant. The third step is you’ve got to drive traffic to that squeeze page.© Secrets of Internet Success and Sean Mize www.secrets-of-internet-success.com
  20. 20. How to Generate $15,000 Per Month Online20It doesn’t matter where the traffic comes from, as long as you test and track it to see thatit’s working. You can use Google Adwords, you can use press releases, you can use emailjoint ventures, you can use article marketing.Obviously I use article marketing. 95% of my traffic comes from articles I write.I do believe that when you first get started you need to become an expert at one thing. Iwould not be good at article marketing if I had spent time writing a few articles and doinga few press releases and dabbling in Adwords. I’d never get good at anything.I’ve taken the time to learn to do one thing really well, and that is article marketing. I’mnot good at the other sources of traffic. Maybe in the course of the next year I’ll add asource of traffic and I’ll spend time getting good there.Obviously if you’re not already good at a source of traffic you have to make a decision.Where do you want that traffic to be? If you have a nice advertising budget, GoogleAdwords might be the way to go. I recommend you take some courses on how to do it.Don’t do it blind.But if you don’t have a huge budget then maybe press releases. Well, really press releasesrequire some investment.If you’re working without a huge traffic budget, article marketing is a great place to gobecause you can use your time instead of money. It still costs your time. Obviously if youchoose article marketing I can teach you just about everything you need to know aboutarticle marketing.The bottom line is, you’ve got to drive traffic to that squeeze page. The fourth thing is you’ve got to build a relationship with your list.One thing I want to touch on here – and you guys who’ve been on my list for awhile youknow that I send out the email “I need your help” a lot. The reason that I send that out isbecause when I send that email out I get lots of people to respond and answer myquestion.My question might ask you, “What’s your biggest challenge with _____?”I may get 50-100 responses. And what do I know about the 50-100 people? I look at someof you on here who have sent me questions in the past. My goodness, probably half ofyou on this call – Becki, Dennis, Mary, Paul, Richard, Susan – you guys have sent mequestions in the past.© Secrets of Internet Success and Sean Mize www.secrets-of-internet-success.com
  21. 21. How to Generate $15,000 Per Month Online21I’m going to open this call up because I want to ask an interactive question here. Out ofthose of you who have sent me questions, if you had sent me the question and I had neverresponded back to you, would you be on this call today? Would you have ever boughtanything you bought from me in the past?Callers: No, probably not, no, no.I hear a lot that people appreciate the fact that I return emails, that I’m not just anautoresponder.Now I do send out over 10,000 emails every single day by autoresponder, but the emailsthat count are the ones when I write back, and it’s the same way on your list.If somebody writes you an email and asks you a question, if you don’t answer thatquestion they’ll probably never ever buy from you.I want to look at some statistics real quick. My list of about 10,000 contains somewherein the neighborhood of 800 buyers, so somewhere in the neighborhood of 8% of thepeople on my list have bought from me.However, if I look at the percentage of people who have ever asked me a question online,it’s something like 50%. So what that means is that my conversion rate, once I’vedeveloped enough of a relationship to talk with somebody via email, my conversion rateis now 50%.Keep in mind that that 50% is skewing the 8%. Without that 50%, that 8% might be5-6%, so it’s critical that when somebody asks you a question online from your list, youhave to answer the email if you’re going to be in business for a long period of time.You’ve got to answer the email.In my case I take it a step further because I know that once somebody asks me a questionthere’s a 50% chance if I answer it that they’re going to buy from me.So how do I motivate people to write to me? I ask them questions. Some of you that havebeen on my list for a long time have seen that email 50 times because I send it out a lot. Iwant that response.You’ve got to do the same thing on your list. You’ve got to build that relationship. One ofthe nice things about asking a question is when they answer you you find out what theywant and then you can build products that meet those needs.© Secrets of Internet Success and Sean Mize www.secrets-of-internet-success.com
  22. 22. How to Generate $15,000 Per Month Online22 The fifth thing you need to do is build yourself a product funnel that meets people’s needs.Here’s what I’d like to do. I’ll open the call up for a couple of questions.Let me go ahead and take a couple questions, and then I want to talk about your funneland what do different funnels look like. So let’s hear some questions.Caller: I’ve heard that if you have a link and they end up at a squeeze page, Google has been penalizing you and you can lose your ranking. Are you familiar with that?Sean: I’ve heard that before a lot; however, that’s how I run my sites. 95% of all my pages are squeeze pages. I get plenty of traffic from Google. I’ve got a Page Rank of 4 in Google. I’ve got probably 20 different squeeze pages that are in the top 10 search results in Google. So I can’t tell you that that’s not true, but what I can tell you is that on my own website that it doesn’t hurt me. That’s the only way I can answer that question and really be fair.Caller: Do you change the content of your squeeze page to provide freshness?Sean: No. I mean each squeeze page has a little bit different content on it, but no, I don’t change my first page. But remember, I’m not in the business of courting the search engines. I don’t focus on search engine optimization. I focus on driving direct traffic with articles, so that’s the difference. If you’re focusing on search engine optimization and organic search and that’s how you want to drive traffic, then maybe using a squeeze page isn’t the right thing to do. Plenty of people, though, have nice search rankings but don’t make any money. The difference is I’ve got a squeeze page and I don’t have the greatest search rankings, although I’ve got some good 20 pages I’m sure in the top 10 results, but I’m making money. The key for me is conversion, and I drive around 18,000 visitors a month. If I didn’t have a squeeze page there, if I had something else, would I get more traffic? Yeah, maybe I would have more traffic from Google, but something tells me I wouldn’t have the income that I do right now, and to me that’s more important.© Secrets of Internet Success and Sean Mize www.secrets-of-internet-success.com
  23. 23. How to Generate $15,000 Per Month Online23 Does that answer your question?Caller: Yes it does, thank you.Sean: I’ll tell you what I’m going to do, guys. I’m going to shoot out an email with the link that I’ve given you, just in case you’re having trouble accessing it. If you’re on the call, you’ll get that within a few seconds. While I’m sending this out, let’s hear the next question. Any other questions for me?Caller: This is Dan. You were talking about squeeze pages and I’m kind of wondering – I’m really familiar with building out a site that’s parent/child linked like that, but I’m new to the squeeze page concept. How many of these squeeze pages do you need and are they hosted on the same domain that your website is?Sean: I’ll answer the first question first. You only need one. That’s all you need. I use multiple squeeze pages because I’ve chosen to track my buyers via the page that they came in from, so I use a different page for every traffic source. There’s other ways of doing that. You can use Google Analytics or you can use Stat Counter or some other stat program to do some tracking for you. I choose, though, to set up a different squeeze page for every traffic source. That way I can track individual buyers from the point that they came into my system. However, you don’t have to do that. You can work with one squeeze page. If you do choose to do multiples, what I do is I’ve got 200 or more squeeze pages and they’re all just pages on my site, just another page. Another way to do it is to create a separate domain name for several different squeeze pages. If you have several different subjects, then you might have a relevant-named domain name for each one of those squeeze pages and just have different domains. I find that just having it all on one site is easier. I drive a lot of traffic. I have a lot of inbound links that go to a number of different squeeze pages in my site. If I had to guess, I’d say that that probably helps my organic search engine work because I do have those deep links. I can’t prove that that’s the case, but that’s how I’ve built my site out.© Secrets of Internet Success and Sean Mize www.secrets-of-internet-success.com
  24. 24. How to Generate $15,000 Per Month Online24 Does that answer your question, Dan?Caller: Yeah, it does. I can see your offers are a little different on each squeeze page so I can understand why that’s beneficial. It’s interesting just to know that you have 200 squeeze pages.Sean: I’ll tell you, that definitely happened slowly over time. I come up with a new traffic source and literally it only takes me 5 minutes to set up a new web form in AWeber and copy and paste the code into a new page that I’ve also copied and pasted. I use FrontPage so it’s real easy. You can use Dream Weaver or FrontPage or some of the others. It’s really easy. It literally takes me five minutes to set up a new page. It’s happened over time and you probably wouldn’t do it all in the first day.I’m going to do a quick discussion of a product funnel. The idea with a product funnel isthat you’re going to have several different products that are able to meet people’s needs.The traditional concept of a product funnel is the idea that you want to get as manypeople into your website as possible, starting with the free download.That’s where I’ve been talking about my squeeze page converts at like 30%, so around30% of the people that come to my website download my free gift. They ‘purchase’ thatfree gift with their name and email address. It’s a trade. They give me their name andemail address and I give them the free e-book.The next thing that this traditional model says is that in order to get the highestpercentage of the initial people buying from you and standing up and raising their handand saying, “Hey, I have a credit card. I’m willing to spend it with you online” is to havean inexpensive product, say $10-50.Then the traditional product funnel theory says if you have a $10-50 product, whateverthat early product is – everybody that buys that now becomes a candidate to buy a $100product.Please keep in mind that when I mention dollar amounts, I’m always assuming that ahigher-dollar priced item has higher value. • A $10 product might be a 25-page ebook. • A $50 product might be an 80-page ebook. • A $100 product might be a $150-page ebook or a small set of CD’s. • A $500 product might be a complete CD series or something like that.© Secrets of Internet Success and Sean Mize www.secrets-of-internet-success.com
  25. 25. How to Generate $15,000 Per Month Online25I’m always assuming there’s more content and more value as we move up this chain.This product theory is you just continue to move. If someone’s willing to spend $100,some percentage of those are willing to spend $1000 with you, and on up.There’s one sort of a flaw in that product funnel theory and that is that the individual whowill spend $10 with you is oftentimes not the same individual that will ever spend $1,000and vice versa.The individual who would spend $1,000 with you today – there are probably people onyour list today, if you have a list of more than 500 – who would spend $1,000 with you tolearn how to do what you teach.If they see from you these $50 little offers and they’re thinking, “Well, if this guy sells allhis secrets for $50, he must not have a whole lot of secrets.” You almost have to make adecision. Are you going to hit the lower end of the market or are you going to hit thehigher end of the market?Over time I’ve increased my prices. I don’t give away as much at low prices as I used to.As I’ve increased my ability, as I’ve increased what I’ve done, as I’ve increased thedollars, as I’ve increased what I can actually teach you I’ve increased my prices, and Iencourage you to do that.The flip side to all of this is that when you first get started you probably can’t create a$1,000 product right off the top of your head. You’re almost forced to start with thesmaller ticket items, but just remember in the long run you really want to build value andstart working on selling to people who are willing to pay for more value from you.All of this is to say don’t sell yourself short by literally giving away what you have.Think about this. If you want to make $15,000 a month, let’s just say that your number –and it can be anything, your number can be $5,000 or your number can be $100,000 – I’lldo the math right now for $15,000.If you were to do $15,000 per month at $10 apiece, my goodness, you’d have to do 1500sales every single month. But if your average sale was $100 you only have to do 150sales. And if your average sale is $1,000 you only have to do 15 sales.My question to you is at which price point, long run, are you going to be more easily ableto hit your target goals. Somebody give me an answer.© Secrets of Internet Success and Sean Mize www.secrets-of-internet-success.com
  26. 26. How to Generate $15,000 Per Month Online26It’s the $100 level or $1,000 level. Obviously many of you aren’t ready to create a $1,000product. Most of you could probably create a $100 product or a $500 product, especiallyif you had a tad bit of help.I think that’s about it for now. I’ll go ahead and take a few more questions. I did go aheadand send you an email. I’m offering the opportunity to register for a half hour strategysession with me, so if you want that just go back to your email. There’s a link in the emailand sign up for that – the sooner the better. I can only do so many of those.Let’s take a couple of questions and then we’ll call it a wrap.Caller: This is Heidi. I think I know the answer that you do not have a blog, but I wondered if you could explain what you think blogs are worth or if it’s not even worth our time, just don’t even bother with the blog, just write articles and don’t even mess with it. What’s your opinion on that?Sean: Boy, that’s a tough question. You know they say actions speak louder than words and I don’t have a blog. They also say do what I do and not what I say, and of course I don’t have a blog, so that’s my disclaimer. However, I am actually talking with someone right now – in fact, I’ve got somebody who’s working on kind of a private blog for a membership product. If things go well with that she’ll probably be creating a regular blog for me. We’re talking about actions and probably in the short-term future I will have a blog. However, answering the second part of your question, how much value is it – I think a blog doesn’t have much more value than a website if it just sits there. If you update content to it every day, which is nice and easy to do on a blog just because of the way it’s set up – you can literally add a paragraph every day and have some dynamic content pretty easily, then it makes it easy. The blog is nice and easy because you don’t really need to have any special skills to be able to make a blog happen. You can collect opt-in subscribers from a blog. You can direct people to buy from a blog. In some way you could almost use a blog to replace a website, although I don’t recommend it at all, but for somebody that’s technically challenged.© Secrets of Internet Success and Sean Mize www.secrets-of-internet-success.com
  27. 27. How to Generate $15,000 Per Month Online27 In terms of creating traffic with blogs, I think that you have to get in there and work it and learn it. I think you’ve got to learn how to develop relationships with other people that are blogging and do some linking strategies, similar to what you do with a website, and that involves some work. I think that you can get a lot out of working the blog, but just recognize that that’s one traffic source. Maybe you decide to spend half your time on article marketing and half your time on blogging. Make sure that you’re tracking how many of your subscribers are coming from your blog versus how many are coming from your articles, and how much time or money you’re spending on each one so you know what works. I know that’s not a direct answer to your question, Heidi, but that’s the best I can give you.Caller: Great. If you have a sign-up page or sign-up area on your blog, you would send them to a certain page so you’d know that’s where they were coming from. You’d send them to a certain extension of your page so you’d know they came from the blog, is that what you mean?Sean: Yeah, that’s the way I would do it. Now you can also buy tracking programs. You can use Google Analytics which will do it for you. The way I do it, I would probably use Google Analytics today if I started from scratch. Right now I’m just too lazy to go in and put that code on hundreds and hundreds of pages that I’ve got. Really without putting code on all the pages it doesn’t do me a whole lot of good to have partial information. If I were to do it all over again from scratch today I’d probably use Google Analytics. Because I haven’t done much with it I can’t give you a definitive answer on that. The way I do it, though, is I do it through having multiple pages and then I know where somebody came from based on the page they came in on.Caller: Right. I’m just thinking with a blog you end up giving away so much and it might have been smarter to not even have it and just say you’ve got to give me your email address. Then I can just send them what I would have put on a blog every day or twice a week or whatever instead, and might get more sales that way.© Secrets of Internet Success and Sean Mize www.secrets-of-internet-success.com
  28. 28. How to Generate $15,000 Per Month Online28Sean: Yeah, I think so. That’s my model. Because I do a lot of things wrong. If you think about it, obviously I’ve figured something out. There’s a code I’ve kind of broken in terms of income, in terms of making some things happen, but boy there’s a lot of things that I don’t do well. I’m not big on organic search. My pages don’t convert as well as they probably could. But what I have mastered is this kind of step-by-step system and kind of the crux of the system is the squeeze page. I force people to build a relationship with me, and don’t get me wrong. I get people every single day that tell me I email too much, that unsubscribe from my list – I get all kinds of crazy emails. But those people don’t count. They don’t matter to me. The people that matter are you and the other 20+ people on this phone call who genuinely want to learn. I get somewhere between 500-1,000 emails every single day. I’m probably on 500 different opt-in lists where people send me information. I just simply don’t open them if I don’t think I can get any value out of that. This is my model. I preach all the say of start with the squeeze page, build a list, and then monetize the list. Let’s take one more question and then we’ll call it a wrap.Caller: This is Jim. I work in weight loss because I discovered that I get at least 10-15 times as many visitors and clicks on a weight loss article than I do on one on internet marketing, but weight loss doesn’t really lend itself to much more than books. As soon as you get into the higher end products, it’s got to be an affiliate product. What do you think about that?Sean: Ok, let me brainstorm here. You know your market better than I do. I haven’t done anything in weight loss and I don’t have any clients in weight loss so I don’t have any experience, so I’m just going to brainstorm. Let’s start with where you’re at. What is your average product price and what is it?Caller: $30-40.© Secrets of Internet Success and Sean Mize www.secrets-of-internet-success.com
  29. 29. How to Generate $15,000 Per Month Online29Sean: I assume that’s an ebook, right?Caller: Yes. Going up above that you have all those wonderful weekly and monthly sign-up programs, but I’m not quite ready to make that next step.Sean: How many ebooks are you selling a month right now, Jim?Caller: Just a couple. I only got started on this four months ago. I have about 500 on my list and I’m not doing everything right.Sean: That’s fair. Like I said, I’m not doing everything right either. I do one thing right and that’s build relationships and convert. Here’s what I would say. Obviously you’re a long way from this, but if you were at the point where you were selling 100 units a month – and really it could be 100 units over six months – you can always gather data over time, but I’m going to use the number 100 units because it’s a nice number to work with.Caller: Did I say two a month? I’m selling one or two off each email I send out.Sean: Ok, so you’re selling 20-30 a month?Caller: I’m selling 5-8 a month. I’m sending one email a week.Sean: So you’re selling maybe 10 units a month.Caller: Not that many.Sean: Ok, let’s say six. Let’s look at the number 100 because 6 is going to be a hard number to break into pieces. If we have 100, if you were to send all of those buyers – buyers only, not everybody but just the buyers – if you were to send them an email after they’ve already ready the book, three days later….Caller: How do I find out the buyers if they’re buying affiliate products?Sean: Oh, that’s tough. I tell you what I’ll tell you. I’m just going to shoot straight with you here. I would say you need to create your own product. If it takes you a year….© Secrets of Internet Success and Sean Mize www.secrets-of-internet-success.com
  30. 30. How to Generate $15,000 Per Month Online30Caller: That’s a whole other game of packaging and stocking and creating products and such.Sean: I think you could create your own ebook. I know without a shadow of a doubt that you could write your own ebook. Obviously there may be a skill thing there, but you could probably even work around that. So let’s say you could do it. You could write the book. If you could get to where you’re selling your own book, then you know who your buyers are. The next step would be to send the buyers an email and ask them what their greatest challenge is. We’re not sending everybody this email, just our buyers. “What’s your greatest challenge?”Caller: Before we get there, can I just keep sending the same email about the same book week in and week out?Sean: If your conversion rate doesn’t go down, why not. If your conversion rate goes down, then you need to switch to something else. If your conversion rate stays satisfactory, then keep sending it out. So you send this email and ask them what their greatest challenge is. Let’s just say that 30 of your buyers respond. This tells me right away that 30 of your 100 buyers did not have their needs met by the first book, but they’re still communicating with you so they appreciated the book. They liked the book. They learned something from it. These are future buyers. Here’s what I would do if I were in your shoes. It’s basically the same thing I do with my market. I would take those responses and I would create another ebook that would be a $77 ebook. That’s what I would do and I would create it based on the answers that your buyers gave you. Now if you do that, you’ll get some percentage of people who buy that $30 book who will buy this $77 book. The next thing I would do, Jim, is I would create an audio program. You can either write a book and record it, or you can teach off the top of your head, you can teach from notes – there’s a variety of ways that you can create an audio program.© Secrets of Internet Success and Sean Mize www.secrets-of-internet-success.com
  31. 31. How to Generate $15,000 Per Month Online31 If you’ve never done one before, it’s easier than it sounds. You can create an audio program, say 4 CD’s. You can sell 4 CD’s, if they’ve got good content on them, easily for $150 to people in weight loss, easily if you’re building a relationship with the people on your list. Now past that you may need to go to a monthly program, but I think this is enough to stretch you a good ways, Jim. You can build yourself to where you’ve got three products: $37, $77, and $100-150. Really, until you’re doing 100 units at $37 every month, you’re probably going to have a hard time getting enough buyer data to really create those higher ticket products, so you’ve got a little bit of work to do there, and you probably need some more traffic. Traffic is kind of the fuel that makes everything happen. You probably need some more traffic, more articles, that kind of thing. Does that kind of answer your question, Jim?Caller: It does. Thank you.Alright guys, let’s call it a wrap. We’ve been on the phone now for about an hour and 26minutes. If you’ve still got questions for me, shoot me an email.Have a good evening.Note from Sean:Where are you at in your internet marketing journey?Are YOU ready to take things to the next level, to get to $15K + per month in onlineincome?How are you going to do it? Are you going to sell low ticket products, medium ticketproducts like home study courses, or do you want to create a coaching program?It really is your choice.And now is the time to make that choice.© Secrets of Internet Success and Sean Mize www.secrets-of-internet-success.com
  32. 32. How to Generate $15,000 Per Month Online32You see, each day that you hold off building your sales funnel and start selling to yourlist, you are leaving money on the table.And...worse than that - people who NEED what you have are continuing to suffer withoutyour help. Think about that - you can really help people, right? So if they need your help- and you have the ability to help them - and are not - you are holding THEM back fromgetting the help they need.You see - now that you have the information that others need - it now becomes yourresponsibility to share it with them.So how much longer are you going to wait to get your business up and running andhelping people?I hope for your sake - and for the sake of those you can help - that it is soon!Keep in mind, my strategies and methods are not for everyone – not everyone has thecharacter and resolve that is needed to grow to $15,000 + per month.To your internet success!Sean Mize© Secrets of Internet Success and Sean Mize www.secrets-of-internet-success.com