Taking Your Business Online


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Taking Your Business Online

  2. 2. THE WORLD HAS ALREADY CHANGEDwww.traffika.com.au
  3. 3. ABOUT ME Matt Forman (@mattforman) • Founder & Managing Director @traffika • Oversee digital strategies & campaigns from clients including retail, property, banking, publishing, retail and education. • Previously CEO at one of Australia’s fastest growing niche social networks • 13 years digital marketing experience including senior online leadership • Google Certified Adwords & Analyticswww.traffika.com.au
  4. 4. BRAND EXPERIENCEwww.traffika.com.au
  5. 5. WHO IS TRAFFIKA• Fast growing online marketing agency• Offices in Brisbane & Sunshine Coast – team of 15• Exist to help our clients become more successful by integrating online moreeffectively into marketing mix• 4 brand pillars: results, service, quality, passionate people• Search Engines, Social Media, Online Media Planning & Buying, Analytics &Optimisation• Clients include education, retail, property, banking, mining, publishing &professional serviceswww.traffika.com.au
  6. 6. PHASE 1Phase 1: Connecting computers www.traffika.com.au
  7. 7. PHASE 2Phase 1: Connecting Phase 2: Connecting computers content www.traffika.com.au
  8. 8. PHASE 3Phase 1: Connecting Phase 2: Connecting Phase 3: Connecting computers content people www.traffika.com.au
  9. 9. PHASE 4 Phase 1: Phase 2: Phase 3: Phase 4:Connecting Connecting Connecting people Connecting datacomputers content www.traffika.com.au
  10. 10. YOU SHOULD BE ONLINE BECAUSE:• That’s where your customers are• It’s cost effective• It’s measurable & highly accountable• It’s real time• Your competitors will bewww.traffika.com.au
  11. 11. ONLINE STRATEGY IS BUSINESS STRATEGY• What is your business strategy?• How does your strategy translate to business objectives?• How can online deliver these objectives?• Website design comes last• Do you even need a website?www.traffika.com.au
  12. 12. AREAS WE’LL COVER TODAY Search Social Media Engines Measurement Conversionswww.traffika.com.au
  13. 13. SEARCH ENGINES Organic Search Local Paid Search Searchwww.traffika.com.au
  14. 14. ORGANIC SEARCH SERP: SearchEngine Results PageOrganic Search results Onsite: Relevant, fresh , unique & 72% of qualitysearchers use contentorganic results Offsite: links from other websites (back links) count as votes www.traffika.com.au
  15. 15. ORGANIC SEARCH RESULT Title tag: -Keyword rich - Grab attention - 64 characters - Write like ad headline Meta Description: -Keyword rich - Sell the click - 157 characters - Write like ad bodywww.traffika.com.au
  16. 16. WAR WAGED KEYWORD BY KEYWORD• SEO starts and ends with the RIGHT keywords• Do your research: – Volume – Intent – Competition• Tools to help: – Google Keyword Tool https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal – Market Samurai www.marketsamurai.com – Wordtracker www.wordtracker.comwww.traffika.com.au
  17. 17. 5 TIPS FOR SEO COPYWRITING1. Write for people not Search Engines2. Use the keyword in the H1 tag3. Use the keyword in your body copy4. Link between pages on your site using keywords as the anchor text5. Where it makes sense keep to 1 keyword theme per pagewww.traffika.com.au
  18. 18. PAID SEARCH Instant traffic: pay-per-click auction Combination of price & quality determines where your ad Just 95 ranks characters to tell your story 28% of searches click on paid adswww.traffika.com.au
  19. 19. PAID SEARCH AD Headline: - 25 characters - Create awareness & interest - Relevant to search intentBody Copy:- 2 lines x 35 characters each- Create desire to click- Strong call to action- Relevant to search intent Display URL: - 35 characters - Same as the domain its going to - Relevant to search intent www.traffika.com.au
  20. 20. PAID SEARCH BEST PRACTICE• Know your objectives first: – What are you measuring? – Brand v’s direct response• Keep your keyword themes tight: – Segment then segment your segments – Group keywords by intent – Write ads that are highly relevant to keyword – Landing page must match keyword intent• Always be testing: – Test, measure, optimise, repeatwww.traffika.com.au
  21. 21. 5 TIPS FOR WRITING PAID SEARCH ADS1. Highlight key differentiating points2. Use capitalisation to your advantage3. Pre-qualify the click4. Use the keyword in the body copy5. End with a strong call to actionwww.traffika.com.au
  22. 22. LOCAL SEARCHTop results on page 1 20% of all search has local intentwww.traffika.com.au
  23. 23. GOOGLE PLACES LISTING Profile Map Contact details Content matters. Use the rightPhotos & Video keywords Reviews www.traffika.com.au
  24. 24. OWN THE 3 SEARCH ENGINES Paid Local Organicwww.traffika.com.au
  25. 25. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY• Having a Facebook page or a Twitter profile IS NOT a social media strategy• Social IS a powerful communication platform, treat it like you do your business phonewww.traffika.com.au
  26. 26. SOCIAL LANDSCAPEwww.traffika.com.au
  27. 27. SOCIAL MEDIA IN AUSTRALIA Facebook 75% YouTube 70% Wikepedia 65% Yahoo Answers 48% Friends Reunited 37% Twitter 35% Flikr 34% Whirlpool Forums 33% Yahoo Groups 33% Photobucket 28% Blogger / Blogspot 24% Bebo 23% LinkedIn 22% Windows Live Spaces 18% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% *Source: Neilson Online Social Media Report March 2010www.traffika.com.au
  28. 28. 10 ESSENTIAL SOCAL MEDIAELEMENTS1. Goals2. Objectives3. People4. Measurement5. Content6. Listening7. Conversation & Engagement8. Community9. Tools10. Policieswww.traffika.com.au
  29. 29. FACEBOOK EXAMPLEwww.traffika.com.au
  30. 30. FACEBOOK EXAMPLEwww.traffika.com.au
  31. 31. TWITTER EXAMPLEwww.traffika.com.au
  32. 32. YOUTUBE EXAMPLEwww.traffika.com.au
  33. 33. LINKEDIN EXAMPLEwww.traffika.com.au
  34. 34. SLIDESHARE EXAMPLEwww.traffika.com.au
  35. 35. 5 SOCIAL MEDIA TIPS1. Start by listening2. Be authentic – give value to get value3. Only do what you can effectively manage – who will answer your social media phone?4. Use the right tools to connect everything5. Keep your branding consistentwww.traffika.com.au
  36. 36. THE MOST POWERFUL ONLINE MARKETINGSECRET• Optimising your web page for conversions is the smartest marketing investment you can make• Dramatically increase your sales without spending a single cent more on advertisingwww.traffika.com.au
  37. 37. ONLY 2 THINGS MATTER WIIFM HDIGI • What’s In It For Me? • How Do I Get It?www.traffika.com.au
  38. 38. PART ART, PART SCIENCE • Page layout • Design • Copy • Calls to action • Forms • Navigation • Tools to measure - A/B Split & Multivariate experimentswww.traffika.com.au
  39. 39. DOES SIZE MATTER?• Our experience has found: – Short form works better for: • Competition entries • Downloads (whitepapers / info packs) • Email database generation – Long form works better for: • Considered purchases • Information products (where trust needs to be built) – Multi-step funnels work better for: • eCommerce • Detailed information productswww.traffika.com.au
  40. 40. BEFORE OPTIMISATION Control pagewww.traffika.com.au
  41. 41. 1st OPTIMISATION Simple & clear benefit statement 3rd partyendorsementto build trust & credibility Product shot to create emotion Very clearwhat happens next Testimonial for Moved navigation credibility to bottom www.traffika.com.au Strong & obvious call to action
  42. 42. FOLLOW-UP OPTIMISATION Moved testimonial (picture / copy rotates) Exclusive offer for email member ‘never before publishedEmphasised recipe FREE Removed navigation – Moved call to www.traffika.com.au no exit action to strategy bottom right
  43. 43. GOOGLE ANALYTICS• Free tool for measuring online performancewww.traffika.com.au
  44. 44. TOP 7 TAKE AWAYS1. Consumer behaviour has changed forever – how are you adapting?2. Ensure your websites are SEO and Social Media friendly out of the box3. Own the keywords that define your business on all 3 search engines4. Write online copy for people but include your keywords5. Who will answer your social media phone – only do what you can manage6. Continually test and optimise your web pages for conversion – it’s the smartest investment you can make7. Use Google Analytics to measure and monitor your performance over timewww.traffika.com.au
  45. 45. CONNECT facebook.com/traffika twitter.com/traffika slideshare.net/traffika traffika.com.au/blogwww.traffika.com.au