11 Free Traffic Geyser Online Video Marketing Tips


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11 Free Traffic Geyser Online Video Marketing Tips

  1. 1. 11 Free Traffic Geyser Online Video Marketing Tips
  2. 2. Online Video Marketing is a more engaging way of marketing yourself on the web, and reach out to millions of prospects.
  3. 3. Benefits of Online Video Marketing
  4. 4. Cuts through Clutter • A video marketing campaign that focuses on defining a problem, discussing solutions, and helping out people - woven together with a focus on your brand cuts through the hard-core sales clutter that people see on the web every day.
  5. 5. 365-24-7 Unlike most marketing campaigns, an online video marketing campaign lasts forever. You pay the cost just once, but it stays online forever, and garners more and more hits as time passes.
  6. 6. Cost Effective If executed properly, an online video marketing campaign will bring greater ROI than any other medium.
  7. 7. How to get started?
  8. 8. Create a Video The first step is to create a video that has information that your prospective customers are looking for. For example, a video about - How to Bake a Chocolate Cake? - is a very good start for companies like Hershey's, which can use such a video to promote sales of its bakery ingredients.
  9. 9. Create a YouTube Channel If you are just starting out - YouTube is a great place. Create your own channel, and upload your videos there. Have a few friends comment and get a conversation going. People are interested in seeing what others have to say about something, and that helps them form positive opinions about you.
  10. 10. Have your brand displayed prominently Let the video itself be focused on content, and being useful to the reader. For branding purposes, have your company logo displayed prominently somewhere on the screen.
  11. 11. Link back to your site End each video by enticing users to visit your website for more information.
  12. 12. Use your own Website Start with YouTube, as it is easy and popular - but don't end there. Have videos on your own website too, this will increase the amount of time; people spend on your website.
  13. 13. Offer Multiple Resolutions and Formats Allow people to download videos from your website, so that they can view it multiple times. Also, allow multiple formats, as different people have different viewers. While high resolution movies are great, they become bulky, and difficult to download - for people with slower connections. Include a low resolution - smaller format for such people.
  14. 14. Common Pitfalls of Online Video Marketing
  15. 15. Keep these two things in mind, as they are the number one reasons online marketing videos fail:
  16. 16. Create Useful Content Your content should not be a sales pitch. In order to sell something, you need to first provide useful content, if you don't have useful content - then you won't get very far.
  17. 17. Create a Campaign, Not a Video You need to create a series of videos and promotional content - published regularly, in order to get noticed. A stand alone video - no matter how good it is - will just not do the trick.
  18. 18. To learn more about Traffic Geyser and dominating keyword search engine rankings overnight with online video, visit the Traffic Geyser website.