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Move your message with audio: A podcasting workshop for writers


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Slides presented at a workshop for the Professional Writers of Canada, Toronto chapter, March 24, 2012.

Move your message with audio: A podcasting workshop for writers

  1. 1. Move YourMessage withAudioMarch 2012Donna Papacosta
  2. 2. Sounds of writers making money with audioMove Your Message with Audio
  3. 3. Why would you, awriter, use audio?Move Your Message with Audio
  4. 4. Writers using audio•  Promote your book•  Share your knowledge; run training programs•  Share interviews you’ve done for articles•  Create a more interesting web presence•  Offer audio/podcasting services to clients
  5. 5. Some terminology firstMove Your Message with Audio
  6. 6. Simple definition ofpodcasting: Internetradio showMove Your Message with Audio
  7. 7. A little more techie:Difference betweenaudio and podcastMove Your Message with Audio
  8. 8. Characteristics of a podcast•  Audio or video file•  Not just downloadable; need RSS feed•  Serial nature•  No iPod required, despite the name
  9. 9. Why audio?•  Warmth of the human voice•  Popularity of multimedia•  Today s tools are accessible, easy to use•  Gear is much less expensive now
  10. 10. The informationfirehose
  11. 11. Human touch of audio•  Intimate in your ears•  Portable and time-shifted•  Can build relationships•  Appeals to auditory learners
  12. 12. The basics of podcasting•  Plan ahead•  Record in uncompressed format•  Edit; save or export file as MP3•  Upload MP3 file to a hosting service (Libsyn)•  Publish podcast in an RSS feed through your blog
  13. 13. Planning your podcast•  What s your goal?•  Who are you trying to reach?•  Know how to produce?•  Can you promote it?
  14. 14. To script or not?•  Light scripting better than tight•  If you script, mark up script and rehearse•  Learn to sound natural when reading•  My advice: Don t script, unless you have a talent for voice acting (exception: reading your fiction or essay)
  15. 15. Remember this isaudio!Move Your Message with Audio
  16. 16. Listener has no visual cues•  Communicate for the ear, not the eye•  Use simple language; start with a hook•  Give auditory guideposts (Let s talk about three things… First… )•  Avoid lots of numbers•  Do a recap at the end
  17. 17. Recording your podcast•  Avoid built-in microphones•  Learn to use the mic and other gear•  Consider a digital recorder•  Always record in uncompressed format
  18. 18. Podcasting in yourofficeMove Your Message with Audio
  19. 19. Basic gear•  Computer•  Microphone•  Recording software (Audacity is free)
  20. 20. Remote interviews•  Skype•  Recording software (Pamela, Call Recorder or others)•  Microphone and headphones•  Good Internet connection
  21. 21. Recording steps•  Silence ambient noise where possible•  Check your gear•  Get a waveform that is full but not clipped•  Use 44100 Hz sample rate, 64kbp bit rate, mono
  22. 22. Podcasting on the goMove Your Message with Audio
  23. 23. Let s record nowMove Your Message with Audio
  24. 24. Get great interviews•  Pick an expert who speaks well•  Do pre-interview•  Plan questions but don t share exact ones•  Always be conversational•  Don t insert agreement utterances
  25. 25. Editing your podcast•  Start with a good recording!•  Remove some (not all) ums•  Use simple software (Audacity, Garage Band)•  Save and back up your work
  26. 26. Let s edit nowMove Your Message with Audio
  27. 27. Show notes•  Improve your SEO•  Helpful to listeners
  28. 28. Shortcuts to usingaudioMove Your Message with Audio
  29. 29. Let s publish withSoundCloudMove Your Message with Audio
  30. 30. SoundCloud how-to•  Record on iPhone or computer•  Upload to SoundCloud•  Share your audio via social media•  Note: SoundCloud now offering full podcast capabilities with RSS feed, etc.
  31. 31. Blogging makes podcasting easierMove Your Message with Audio
  32. 32. Promoting your podcast•  Pick a great name (not like mine)•  Get attractive cover art•  Get listed in iTunes and other directories•  Make podcast easy to find•  Promote through social and other media
  33. 33. Measuring your success•  How many downloads?•  How many subscribers to RSS feed?•  Is anyone talking about your podcast?•  What were you trying to achieve?
  34. 34. Get the Podcaster s ChecklistMove Your Message with Audio
  35. 35. Find your passion, share yourstory, build your businessDonna trafcom.com905.844.7645 @donnapapacosta