Coming soon to a job description near you: Content curation


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Content curation is now a required skill for business communicators. Presentation at the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) world conference in Chicago, June 2012 by Donna Papacosta.

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Coming soon to a job description near you: Content curation

  1. 1. Your job ischangingCONTENT CURATION
  2. 2. Finding, selecting,organizing, sharingthe best of relevantcontent.CONTENT CURATION
  3. 3. The informationfirehose
  4. 4. “It’s not informationoverload. It’s filterfailure.” – Clay ShirkyCONTENT CURATION
  5. 5. Why should YOU care aboutcuration?•  Helps you keep up with rapid flow of information•  Positions you as a learner and thought leader•  Helps differentiate your organization•  Can boost content marketing efforts
  6. 6. Curation can helpyou do your jobCONTENT CURATION
  7. 7. Individuals as curators•  Get known as a thought leader•  Expand your reach by adding curated content to your original content•  Be a trusted guide within your organization and with clients
  8. 8. Brands as curators•  Keeps brand top of mind, especially in long B2B buying cycle•  Positions organization as trusted guide
  9. 9. Curation steps1.  Find content•  Automate content discovery•  Use Google email/RSS alerts•  Save Twitter, G+ searches•  Follow industry thought leaders on various platforms
  10. 10. Curation steps2. Pick your tools
  11. 11. Curation steps3. Own your niche
  12. 12. Curation steps4. Follow the 70/30 rule (With thanks to ToddDefren of SHIFT) Branded   Curated  
  13. 13. Curation steps5. Share your content consistently; make iteasy for others to share
  14. 14. Curation steps6. Always link to the original source!
  15. 15. Aggregation vs. curation
  16. 16. Curation adds thehuman factorCONTENT CURATION
  17. 17. “If I like it, it’s curation.If I don’t like it, it’s aggregation.”
  18. 18. Tools and examples
  19. 19. Delicious
  20. 20. STORIFY
  21. 21. Storify demo
  22. 22. PAPER.LI
  23. 23. Add scribit screen here
  24. 24. Defining your curationstrategy•  How are you trying to position yourself or your organization?•  What role does content play in your overall marketing or communications strategy?•  How can you keep your efforts going?•  How will you measure success?
  25. 25. Remember tobe discerning!BEST PRACTICES FOR CONTENT CURATION
  26. 26. Curating for your intranet•  Company news•  News about competitors•  What’s happening in the industry•  Other factors that affect the market
  27. 27. Ideas for curated content•  Industry news•  Expert tips and advice/how-to•  Presentations•  Case studies•  Reviews of events or books•  Photos•  Infographics•  Videos, podcasts
  28. 28. Format?•  E-newsletter•  Blog•  Microsite•  Curation tool
  29. 29. Quick list of tools•  Delicious •  Curata•  Clipboard •  Curation Station•  Pearltrees •  Scribit•  Diigo•  Storify•••  Google+ Sparks•  Bundlr••  Pinterest
  30. 30. Best practices1. Know what your audience cares about
  31. 31. Best practices2. Identify thought leaders, influencers
  32. 32. Best practices3. Set up automated feeds for discovery;use alerts; save Twitter andG+ searches
  33. 33. Best practices4. Remember the 70/30 rule Branded   Curated  
  34. 34. Best practices5. Be shareable
  35. 35. Best practices6. Always attribute to original source
  36. 36. Are you ready tostart curating?CONTENT CURATION
  37. 37. Email me andI will send curation tipsDonna trafcom.com905.844.7645 @donnapapacosta888.877.4954