10 Sucessful Email Promotions


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10 Sucessful Email Promotions

  1. 1. •• o Compan y o History Name: o Wh o ar e ou r Clients ? o Client T est imon ia ls E-mail: o Execut iv e Team o Web Self H elp Phone:  FAQ s  Live Ch at Comments: Contact me• Newsletter signup o Pr oduc ts and Serv ic es o Featur e Da ta ba ses o Cust om Bu ilt Da ta ba ses o Email A ppen ding o Da ta ba se C leans in g an d Ana ly sis•• 10) Delivery Timing: Be conscientious of the times, dates, days of the weeks, and frequency with which the emails are delivered. There are a large number of theories regarding the best email delivery times, but in general you can be sure that Tuesday through Thursday is your best delivery window for B2B emails and in general you want to get the emails into the recipients inbox during their working hours. Emails sent in the middle of the night are more likely to be spam and more likely to be viewed as such. If you can tweak your delivery settings to allow for a slight delay between each email, that has also been shown to improve results. Also, if you send out 1,000 emails a day spread out over 10 days, you will generally get better results than 10,00 emails all sent in one day. 9) Diversify and Customize: Use a variety of email content and subject lines when possible. This will make your emails look less like spam as they hit corporate servers and you will avoid the "all eggs in one basket" scenario. By diversifying you can also target the message more specifically to particular industries, title types, geographies, etc. A more specifically targeted email with customized content for a specific sub-group make a message even more relevant to the recipient and will yield better results. 8) Follow up Immediately: follow up with results from your email campaign immediately, not a few days later, or a week later. A real person would follow up with a response that they received from an email that they sent out