Webinar: The Tradeshift & Intuit Partnership


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  • SWIFT Operations Forum, 2012 notesMore data
  • Webinar: The Tradeshift & Intuit Partnership

    1. 1. Tradeshift & IntuitTradeshift Webinar SeriesPartnership WebinarPresented byJason LatimerEnterprise Sales – West Coast
    2. 2. AgendaGlobal State of E-InvoicingEnabling E-Invoicing with TradeshiftQ&A
    3. 3. State of E-InvoicingWhere are we today?
    4. 4. The Survey• Paystream Advisors/Purchasing Insights• Survey conducted in Q3 2012• Global• 200 medium to large enterprises• Cross-industry• Cross-functional
    5. 5. Motivations for E-Invoicing4%8%20%28%56%14%24%38%43%Strengthen supplier relationshipsObtaining incremental discountsImprove visibility into spendBetter cash managementReduce overall processing costBetter invoice audit capabilitiesReduce lost invoicesSpeed up invoice approval cycle timesRemove paper from A/P departmentSource: PayStream Advisors, 2013Financial-related
    6. 6. Barriers to E-Invoicing AdoptionSource: PayStream Advisors, 201344%10%16%10%26%36%56%25%Internal organization barriersIdentify supplier contactsTax complianceInternational / cross border tradingCommunicating benefits with suppliersOffering supplier easy to use toolsIntegration with suppliersCost for suppliersOrganization-related
    7. 7. SummarySource: PayStream Advisors, 2013, Aberdeen 2011• U.S. lags rest of world in adoption• Significant supplier-related barriers exist• 55% of companies have invested in asolution . . . And yet . . .• 77% of invoices received are still paper• 35% of AP time spent fielding inquiries
    8. 8. Conclusions?Source: PayStream Advisors, 2013• The industry is broken• Taxing something will result in less of it• There is a supply-chain connectivityproblem – especially with “long-tail”• There is a lack of innovation
    9. 9. What is Tradeshift?A platform for all your business interactions.E-invoicing – Payments – Apps – And more.196Countries5mil.+Businesses15mil.Invoices$200bnSpend
    10. 10. Tradeshift & Intuit Partnership• Most popular accounting software in the world• 5 million QuickBooks users now have built-inaccess to Tradeshift• Effortless on-boarding of long-tail for enterprises(hint: they’re already onboarded)• Significant improvement in e-invoicing ROI
    11. 11. # ofinvoicesSize of Suppliers# OfsuppliersLarge Medium SmallSolving ConnectivitySupplierIntegrationSupplier Integration Supplier IntegrationSupplier ValidatedCloudScanSupplier Validated CloudScan60-70%(invoicevolume)40-50%(suppliers)Web ApplicationPlug & PlayconnectorsPlug & PlayconnectorsPlug & Play connectorsCloudScan EnterpriseCloudScanEnterpriseCloudScanEnt.100%(invoicevolume)100%(suppliers)
    12. 12. OCR as Onboarding EngineFrom paper to 100%electronic invoicing• Cloud-based OCR and invoice data capture solution• Converts paper and PDF invoices true into e-invoices.• Connects suppliers to the platform; then converts themto native e-invoicing channels like QuickBooksEmail AttachmentPaperERP
    13. 13. CloudScan is onboardingElectronic Email PaperTimeVolume
    14. 14. Why do suppliers useTradeshift?• Designed specifically for suppliers• Submit invoices via channel of their choosing• Connect using existing accounting and ERPsoftware• Connect once – reach all customers• No Supplier Fees – ever.• It’s completely FREE!
    15. 15. The Results?
    16. 16. Kuenhe+Nagel Project• Over 165,000 suppliers• Rolling out to 100+ countriesThe world’s largest logistics and freight provider
    17. 17. Onboarding results after one monthData based on suppliers participating in first wave in UK, US, Netherlands, Austria and Singapore
    18. 18. UK National Health Service• One of the largest e-invoicing projects inthe world• 140,000 suppliers• 5m invoices a year• 100% paper before TradeshiftAs the world’s 5th largest buyer, UK’s NationalHealth Service (NHS) runs all UK health programs
    19. 19. Onboarding results after three monthsData based on suppliers invited May 2011
    20. 20. BUYERSUPPLIERSUPPLIERSUPPLIERSUPPLIERSUPPLIERWorkflow & MatchingVendorManagementPaymentsPurchaseOrdersBusiness-specificAppE-Invoice DocumentCaptureConnect all suppliersDeliver all invoices electronicallyAutomate AP processesFuture proof new business needs
    21. 21. To learn more about Tradeshiftand how we can help with yourautomation projects…Jason Latimerjla@tradeshift.com
    22. 22. Next webinar:E-Invoice Compliance in Latin America(26 June 2013, 10am EST)Tradeshift and Invoiceware International haveteamed up to deliver a fully compliant e-invoicingsolution in Latin America. In this webinar we willcover in great detail on the current and upcomingregulations in Mexico, Brazil, and Latin America asa whole.If your company operates in this region you won’twant to miss this webinar.
    23. 23. Q & A
    24. 24. The Tradeshift B2Bplatform connectsbuyers and sellerselectronically on ashared cloud platformWhat is the Tradeshift Platform?25Tradeshift Business CloudIt supports many differentintegration channels, and nomatter the source format wecan always help ourcustomers to get to 100%digital businessInvoicingPaymentsDynamicDiscountingMasterDataComplianceCloudScanAPCollaboration&WorkflowLogisticsYourownappsOn top of the platformyou can run anyprocess you want as an“app”Apps covereverything frominvoicing to logisticsand it’s easy toextend the platformwith your own apps
    25. 25. Tradeshift BackgroundLaunched in 2010 by creators of Denmark’sEasyTrade and PEPPOL for the EU.EasyTrade(NemHandel)PEPPOL Tradeshift
    26. 26. Tradeshift Integration OptionsComplete list of integration options at http://tradeshift.com/integrate/Web ApplicationAccounting packagesERP SystemsCustom IntegrationTradeshift API& File Transfer
    27. 27. Tradeshift Momentum
    28. 28. Compliance with TradeshiftCompliance review prepared on-demand byPwC or KPMG per customer requirements.Documents secured through digital signature and archiving.Tradeshift uses Universal Business Language (UBL), an e-invoicing standard used in more than 100 countries.VAT-compliant in more than 30 countries
    29. 29. Tradeshift – a platform forall your businessinteractionsMaximize strategic value andfuture-proof your business