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Tradeshift corporate presentation July 2012. Learn about what makes Tradeshift different, the Tradeshift Business Cloud, and more.

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  • WelcomeThanks for comingSpeaker presentation
  • Founded on the back of easy tradeThen Invited to EU to do Pepol
  • Background on research: In January we commissioned some research from Vision Critical. We surveyed almost 1000 financial decision makers across 6 countries across Europe and the US to get their thoughts on e-invoicing and more.
  • You’ve heard the research, now here’s our solution. A manifesto to turn e-invoicing on its head and make it the innovative technological solution that has been long-promised.
  • Hand over to Alan
  • Our business model is simple. We don’t sell transactions we sell a service and we never charge to send invoices. You pay a flat rate for access to our cloud platform, depending on which features you need. We never charge suppliers and we never, take a cut of transactions, no matter how much we save you. We believe this is the easiest and most transparent way to deliver value to you.Our end goal is to build a network for global trade, where all companies can participate, that is also why we see your suppliers as valuable members and just as we do for buyers we will be offering a range of value added tools for suppliers on top of the free offering. Our mission is deliver
  • Tradeshift do things differently. We never charge your suppliers, because we know that in the end, this cost will always come back to you and in the process it will limit your business case as suppliers resist high prices and simply don’t connect with you. Our goal is always to connect all of your suppliers, not twenty percent. Not only because of the cost-savings of getting more in digitally, but to enable full supply chain relations digitally, everything from comments, document statuses and master data flow through the Tradeshift network. You can even build your own apps to extend your business processes or enable new collaboration areas with your suppliers.
  • Demo Script:Account A sends Account B a POAccount B asks a question to Account A about the POAccount A answers the question to Account B via the document level messaging toolAccount B Approves document and flips PO into an InvoiceAccount A approves InvoiceAccount B views invoice status in the portalNeed to have 2 browsers open in full screen or presentation mode. Switch the mode before you start the presentation. Use Command+Tab to get back to the presentation after you are done with demo.
  • Security: Before Tradeshift, most EDI networks simply kept data secure by having a firewall around the network deciding who had access and who did not, storing all transactions in one database or a set of fileservers. We do it differently, Tradeshift is a multi-tenant architecture, meaning that we use the same techniques as Salesforce and Google to keep data separated and encrypted for each user, that means that nobody, except you can access those data, unless they have your permission. Furthermore we keep signed transactions logs of all transactions going on in the network, making sure there is full accountability across the network.
  • Tradeshift is already today the largest global network with users in more than 190 countries. We use a combination of multiple data centers and dynamic scaling of servers to always offer fast and reliable access to the platform. Dynamic scaling allows us to grow transactions volumes following your business patterns no matter if it’s peak based or linear growth.
  • The founders behind Tradeshift are pioneers of open standards in the ebusiness field. We strongly believe that open standards are the only way forward. This is the reason that we currently support the development of the Universal Business Language standard, used in more than 20+ countries, which is an open XML format for business transactions. Furthermore Mikkel Hippe Brun is the chair of the international standardisation group for open interfaces between networks and finally Jon Bosak the inventor of XML is currently Tradeshifts Director of Standards. But we go beyond words and support. At we provide completely open API access to anyone who wants to connect with our networks or build applications that are interoperable.
  • When you run a business, legal compliance is one of your top priorities. We know that and our compliance team go to great lengths to ensure that the platform is compliant in the countries you operate as an enterprise customer. To date Tradeshift has been certified VAT compliant in more than 30 countries and we are continiously adding to the list. Furthermore our founder team have a background from global standardization in the field of e-business and understand the many legal complexities as well as natural trade-offs between what Tradeshift does and which processes you already have in place internally, so we continually can strike the right balance the business side and the legal requirements, without inventing problems or new costs.
  • Tradeshift Corporate Presentation

    1. 1. Tradeshift
    2. 2. About Tradeshift At Tradeshift we have the ambition to change the waybusiness is done by allowing organizations to exchange invoices for free. We connect businesses to all their suppliers andcustomers regardless of company size, not only saving time but also ensuring they get paid faster at both ends of the supply chain.
    3. 3. Innovation in the industry - Business empowered network - State of the art Technology - Free for suppliers 2012 - Industry best onboarding rates - Easy connectivity / integration An integrated approach - Support interoperability (PEPPOL) - App-Framework to extend processes - Supply Chain Finance Solutions - Focus on both P2P and O2C - Ready for the future First pure electronic invoicing networks appear 2000 First internet trade portals appear with limited success 1998 Scanning and OCR become a solution outside EDI, but still very error prone 1995 Electronic data interchange takes off 1990 among very large companiesInvoice printing gets automated 1950
    4. 4. It is proven• In 2 years Tradeshift has spread to 190 countries• Gained more than +120,000 companies• Today Tradeshift is the fastest growing business network with more than 2000 companies joining each week• Customers include:
    5. 5. E-Invoicing Manifesto
    6. 6. Pressure & Supplier Relations Pressure The majority (65%) of financial decision makers said they are now under greater pressure than ever to manage costs. Supplier Relations 78% said they are very important to their business and 72% said they are even more important because of the economic outlook.
    7. 7. Finance inefficiencies421,000 invoicesAre processed by large businesseson average every single year.48%Of these invoices still have to bescanned or input manually.Total of 202,080 invoicesEqual to 48 employee hours per week.
    8. 8. E-invoicing has failed to keep customers happy Only 12% Said their current solution was very satisfactory. Efficiency and cost Are the biggest barriers to becoming a universal solution. 57% agree that adoption would be widespread if it was free to suppliers. 47% think its pointless E-invoicing is pointless without widespread supplier adoption and addressing. These barriers are going to be key in reaching that stage.
    9. 9. Finance is ready for transformation 60% Social media Think social media could be used in their department to improve relationships with customers and suppliers. 48% P2P processes Think that P2P processes will move to the cloud in the next year.
    10. 10. Tradeshift Business Model
    11. 11. Facts about existing networks• Very rarely is supply chain adoption High supplier over 5-10% due to high costs to costs suppliers• The “soft” part of the business Vendor Low adoption process like phone calls and email is lock-in Where do the typically more than 25% of the total costs go? business cost which are not covered by the existing networks Supply chain• These networks typically get 70%+ pressure Poor business case of their revenue from their suppliers, this creates a massive barrier for adoption• How much cost do you want to push down the supply chain?
    12. 12. Our business model Free transactions increase participationWhich reduce cost Which increases theand increase value network effect for both suppliers and customer Creating better supply And increase the chain relations customer business case
    13. 13. Why Tradeshift is different• There are no barriers to join, all companies can sign up and start using Tradeshift for free.• You connect with companies just like you connect with colleagues on LinkedIn• Buyers and sellers can interact and collaborate real-time• They can extend all business processes by installing or building their own apps• Companies are inviting other companies to join the network as everybody gets value from participating
    14. 14. Tradeshift is Viral
    15. 15. The TradeshiftBusiness Cloud
    16. 16. The Tradeshift Business Cloud Custom Enterprise Apps Invoicing Financial Products Network EngagementMaster Data CloudScan Archiving Purchase Orders Business Firewall Branch Management
    17. 17. InvoicingOpen invoicing foreveryone • Connect using one of our many integration options • Send invoices as XML or as PDF for free • Receive invoices using either our certified plug and play connectors for SAP and Oracle • Or create a direct integration to our REST API
    18. 18. Dispute ResolutionResolve disputes directly on theinvoice without lifting the phone• Resolve disputes directly on the business documents in question• Leave comments regarding content• Reject invoices with a message about why• Switch states real-time between accepted, pending and accepted• Mark invoices as spam
    19. 19. Branch ManagementManage multiple brancheswithout the complexity• Create as many branches as you need• Enable them to receive electronic invoices• Setup individual recipients for comments and emails• Use the Business Firewall to create individual validation rules for each branch
    20. 20. Business FirewallProtect your businessprocesses• Automatic validation of business documents you receive• Create your own business rules to check for payment terms or other custom fields• Automate invoices, orders together with quote acceptances and rejections• Create validations for local taxes and regulations• Advanced anti-spam and fraud protection
    21. 21. ArchivingArchiving andcompliance• Remote back-up of all your business transactions for 10 years• Audit logs, transactions and signature keys are stored together• Complete data isolation and encryption• Decide in which jurisdiction you want to store your data• Fully searchable
    22. 22. Purchase OrdersImprove your procurementprocess and data quality• Send purchase orders to all your suppliers• Allow suppliers to flip purchase orders to invoices• Assign custom validation rules to purchase orders to allow either hard or soft matching• Reduce invoice approval time
    23. 23. Supplier EngagementConnect and engage withall your suppliers• Send campaigns to suppliers you want to connect with on Tradeshift• Segment suppliers according to maturity and geography• Guide them to the different integration options• Monitor progress and deliver targeted follow-up campaigns
    24. 24. Custom Enterprise AppsCustomize Tradeshift toyour specific needs• Build your own apps that run on Tradeshift’s business cloud• Distribute them to all your suppliers to extend your processes or capture more data• Integrate to other systems or processes like logistics• Examples of apps being built are loyalty programs, new payment options, custom data fields and new document types
    25. 25. Instant PaymentOffer your suppliers earlypayments• Supply Chain Payment, Instant Payment and Dynamic Discounting enables you to reduce working capital investments and increase return on excess cash• Improve supplier relationship• Support your suppliers’ working capital needs• Increase e-invoicing adoption by offering suppliers instant access to cash• Offer financial products to more suppliers by having an automatic and standardized approach to onboarding• Fully integrated in the e-invoicing solution enabling a simple and convenient solution (one interface only)
    26. 26. TradeshiftTechnology
    27. 27. Secure• Today we can offer greater security in the cloud than most first or second generation e-invoicing networks• Unlike most existing vendors we don’t just use a firewall to keep your data safe, we encrypt transactions• Using the same multi-tenant technology as Google and, we keep your data separate and secure at all times• We keep signed and audited logs of all transactions going through our network meaning full accountability on all transactions
    28. 28. Scalable • With active users in 190 countries we take global scalability very seriously • We use a combination of multiple data centers and dynamic scaling of servers to ensure fast and reliable access to information across time zones • Dynamic scaling of servers also allow us to meet transaction volumes regardless if it’s a steady flow or a sudden peak
    29. 29. Open• The founders of Tradeshift are pioneers when it comes to open e-business standards• Together the founders developed PEPPOL which is an open EU infrastructure for e-business• They participated in the development of UBL an open standard for e-business used in more than a 100 countries• Mikkel Hippe Brun (co-founder) is currently the chairman of the OASIS group on e-business network interoperability• Tradeshift provides a completely open API for anyone who wants to integrate including full documentation and developer support
    30. 30. Compliant • Tradeshift is built on UBL an open invoicing standard used in more than 100 countries • PWC has certified Tradeshift’s platform as VAT compliant in more than 30 countries • We are constantly working with our enterprise customers to add VAT certifications in the markets that are relevant to them • Tradeshift supports digital signatures in countries where it’s a requirement • We always try to balance business needs and legal prerequisites to make sure unnecessary requirements don’t become barriers to supplier adoption
    31. 31. Customer story
    32. 32. The Kuehne+Nagel project• Size: 165,000 suppliers• Reach: 100 countries• One of the worlds largest e-invoicing projects. Won against direct competition from Ariba, OB10 and Basware Invoicing Purchase Branch Business Supply Archiving Supply Chain Orders Management Firewall Chain Finance Relations
    33. 33. Reason for choosing Tradeshift “Our aim is to get as close to 100% electronic invoicing as possible, with minimal cost and impact to our suppliers. It was important to us that we did not force costs on our suppliers, and we are confident that they will recognize the benefits and sign up to Tradeshift.” Jon Abrahamson, Senior Vice President, IT & Finance
    34. 34. Thank you