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Glossary of Air Freight Terms


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In this post we have compiled a list of wide variety of different terms and terminologies that are widely used whenever there is trade being conducted through Air Transport.

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Glossary of Air Freight Terms

  1. 1. • ULD: This is the abbreviation for the Unit Load Device, which is a container that has an integral pallet, an aircraft pallet or aircraft container. • Ultimate Consignee: This refers to the individual who is located in a foreign country who intends to receive the export for the end use. • Transshipment: It is the method of route taken to send an export good through an intermediate country before it is routed to the intended country of the final destination. • NVD: An abbreviation that means No Value Declared. • HAWB: This is a term that refers to the House Airway Bill, which is issued by the agent of the carrying airlines.
  2. 2. • Direct Ship: Direct Shipping is shipping which is done without any consolidation. • DDU: It is the abbreviation for Delivery Duty Unpaid. • LD3: This refers to the Lower Deck Type 3 Container (see Lower Deck below). This is considered to be the most widely used container for passenger aircraft. • ATA: It is an abbreviation for the word "Actual Time of Arrival" as well as "Air Transport of America" and "Airport to Airport" depending upon the context. • Lower Deck: Synonymous with lower lobe and lower hold, this compartment which is situated below the main deck (see below)
  3. 3. Visit this link for complete list: Glossary of Air Freight Terms