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Understanding the sphere of integrated marketing


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I gave this presentation at Clickz training in Shanghai, 2011

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Understanding the sphere of integrated marketing

  1. 1. UnderstandingThe Sphere Of Integrated Marketing
  2. 2. Who Are We?
  3. 3. MOTMoment Of Truth 关键时刻
  4. 4. 激发源 FMOT SMOT 首次关 二次关 键时刻 键时刻 At shelf Experience In-store Fulfillment Satisfaction
  5. 5. 激发源 FMOT SMOT 零次行 首次关 二次关 动时刻 键时刻 键时刻 Pre- At shelf Experience shopping In-store Fulfillment In-store Satisfaction At-home
  6. 6. Number of information sources used by the shoppers for shopping occasion
  7. 7. When consumers were considering purchase,what sources of information did they seek out to help their decision? ZMOT FMOT
  8. 8. Stimulus 激发源 Intelligence
  9. 9. Attribution 属性 The practice of using business intelligence to allocate proportional effort to anymarketing communication, acrossall channels, that ultimately leads to the desired customer action.
  10. 10. The Degree Of EngagementDegrees Low Medium High Highest Collaborativ Content Adoption Social e Filtering Creation Circulating, Uploading Fanning, Online Bookmarkin Rating, (UCG), FormingOutcome g, Tagging Voting Blogging, Interest Tweeting Group, Advocating Participating Clipping, Word Of Offline Commentin Event, Photo Mouth,Outcome g Taking Shooting Endorsing
  11. 11. Marketing Intelligencethe repository that integrates data from all sources and enables analysis on a variety of business and marketing decisions. In Short, Analytics.
  12. 12. Bonus: How To Write Engaging Copy?Awareness Emotional BenefitInterest Consumer NeedDesire Functional BenefitAction Product Attributes
  13. 13. Learning1. Visualize the attributions.2. Strategize the engagement models.3. Identify & organize the metrics.4. Measure the outcome.5. There is no conversion, yet. Don’t mix it up.
  14. 14. Inbound MarketingPull-Based零次行动时刻
  15. 15. You don’t capture your audience with just one message, just onepretty picture, or just one perfectly advertisement. It’s a complex process of planting the seed, nurturing it, and finally harvesting the fruits of your marketing efforts.
  16. 16. So what Is everyone doing?
  17. 17. Lead and sales generation activities dominate asthe most important objectives for digital marketing campaigns
  18. 18. Website traffic is the common denominator ofsuccess across both B2B and B2C digital media campaigns
  19. 19. Over 75% of digital marketing impact is derived from SEO and PPC activities
  20. 20. B2B marketers invest 1/3 of their digital budgets on SEO activities, while B2C marketers invest most heavily in PPC
  21. 21. Marketers are planning on increasing theirbudgets across the board moving into 2012, with social media expected to see the biggest increase in investment
  22. 22. As marketers continue to see the effectiveness of digital media, they are curious to learn how alldigital channels can be leveraged to produce an integrated, cross-channel strategy
  23. 23. A Linear Customer Journey Stimulus SMOT FMOT
  24. 24. Nobody looks online fortoothpaste or paper clips
  25. 25. In the first year after 3Mstarted taking comments from its website, they got almost3,000 comments about Scotch Tape.
  26. 26. It doesn’t apply to my industry
  27. 27. Category No. of sources usedAutomotive 18.2Consumer Electronics 14.8Travel 10.2Over-the-counter-health 9.8Grocery 7.3Health care & beauty 7Restaurant 5.8Banking 10.8Insurance 11.7 Source: Shopper Science, 2011
  28. 28. If you’re notContents visible online when people are doing their homework, they will find others who are.
  29. 29. MarketingAttributions
  30. 30. Different Attribution ModelsLast InteractionAttributes 100% to the last First Interaction Attributes 100% to the first Linear Attributes equal credit to alltouch point before conversion touch point that creates touch points awarenessPosition Based Time Decay CustomizedAttributes the significance of Attributes the significance of Attributes the significance ofcontribution to conversion for contribution to conversion for contribution based on type andeach touch point each touch point based on time traffic sources
  31. 31. Typical Purchase FunnelAwarenes Views, Clicks, OpenssInterestDesire Sales,Action Registration s, Leads
  32. 32. First click Last click
  33. 33. Stimulus ZMOT FMOT SMOT Pre- Post- Awareness Awareness Consideratio Purchase Purchase n Display Advertising Video AdsB2C Social Social SEO SEM
  34. 34. Stimulus ZMOT FMOT SMOT Pre- Post- Awareness Awareness Consideratio Lead Purchase n Email Marketing/Vertical Ads SEOB2B SEM Social/CRM Email Marketing
  35. 35. Typical Purchase FunnelAwarenes Views, Cli cks, Open ssInterestDesire Sales,Action Registration s, Leads
  36. 36. Active Evaluation Awarenes Widen the brand s choices Active EvaluationAwarenes Desire >s Loyalty Loop Action Recall the preferenti al brand Awarenes Interest s
  37. 37. ShowroomingShowrooming is when ashopper visits a store tocheck out a product andthen purchases it onlinefrom home.• 45.9% US online shoppers who have researched a product in a retail store before purchasing the product online - Feb 2012
  38. 38. What ContributesZMOT?• More often, it happens online.• It happens in real time.• The consumer is in charge.• It is spontaneous & emotional.
  39. 39. Why ZMOT IsImportant?• ZMOT becomes more and more important when money is tight!• Customers feel like a hero during the ZMOT.
  40. 40. Pre- Post-Awareness Awareness Consideratio Purchase Purchase nFirst Interaction Last Interaction Referrer 1 Referrer 2 Referrer 3 Referrer 3 Assist Conversion ✔ Interactions
  41. 41. Types Of Conversion Funnel The Impossible The Common The Perfect The Midway The Serious Barrier
  42. 42. How GA Works?
  43. 43.
  44. 44. Question: What About Offline?
  45. 45. The Complexity Of MCF or1 MCA23
  46. 46. Develop Contents ForZMOTRemember, they sawthe ad• Second opinion• Conversational, Authentic• Precise & conciseBehavioral Triggers
  47. 47. How To Develop Content?
  48. 48. Inbound MarketingPull-Based零次行动时刻
  49. 49. Content Marketing Usage By Tactic Content already accounts for more than 33% of marketing budget, often double that in smaller organizations.
  50. 50. 36% say producing engaging content21% say producing enough content20% say getting sufficient budget to produce content - MarketingProfs, 2011
  51. 51. Viral Content = Valuable Content
  52. 52. 80% of those who begin a corporate blog never post morethan five entries. Then they stop, they give up. - IBM Research
  53. 53. Suggestion For Content Audit
  54. 54. Benchmarkingcontent inventory.Find out thepublishing frequency& the degree ofrelevancy.Collect insights andattributions via varioussources, especially viasearch engines for
  55. 55. Monitor and take notes onthe competitors’copywriting.Collect insight from webanalytics, setup socialsegment, monitor the lifecycle of Weibo.Combine all the above andvisualize them for a journeyof ZMOT.
  56. 56. BlackberrNokia yHTC Motorola
  57. 57.
  58. 58. Idea Content Interaction Outcome
  59. 59. 14 Steps to start thinking like a content producer1 Know your audience2 Define key themes and messages3 Establish a frequency framework4 Create a detailed editorial calendar5 Develop regular features6 Interview7 Go multimedia
  60. 60. 14 Steps to start thinking like a content producer 8 Enlist expert contributors 9 Create user-generate content10 Editorialize11 Turn on comment and feedback12 Listen13 Recycle14 Capture
  61. 61. Bonus: Advanced Practice
  62. 62. Advanced _trackPagevie Tracking Of w Google Social media referral traffic Analytics_trackEven t Off-site Clicks _trackSocial Social sharing _SetCustomV ar Social user login status
  63. 63. 激发源 FMOT SMOT 零次行 首次关 二次关 动时刻 键时刻 键时刻 Pre- At shelf Experience shopping In-store Fulfillment In-store Satisfaction At-home
  64. 64. Keep thinking… Connect Me oi