day 7


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organizing and outlining

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day 7

  1. 1. organizing and outlining organizing the speech types of organizational arrangements outlining the speech tomorrow
  2. 2. organizing the speechuse main points to express key ideas let the thesis and purpose guide you restrict # of main points each main point = single idea
  3. 3. organizing the speechuse supporting points to substantiate claimspay attention to coordination and subordination
  4. 4. organizing the speech strive for unified, coherent, balanced outline unity coherence balance use transitions to give direction to speech
  5. 5. organizing the speechuse transitions to guide speech between main points between supporting points previews and summaries
  6. 6. organizational arrangementschronological problem-spatial solutioncausal topical narrative circular
  7. 7. outlining the speechpreparation (working) outline uses full sentences delivery (speaking) outline uses phrases, key words
  8. 8. outlining the speechpreparation (working) outline separate introduction and conclusion from body list sources create title
  9. 9. outlining the speechdelivery (speaking) outline indicate delivery cues practice
  10. 10. tomorrowchapter 21, 22, 23test #1