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Impress Your Boss: Social Media Case Studies & Metrics


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Social media case studies, measurements and metrics.

Published in: Marketing
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Impress Your Boss: Social Media Case Studies & Metrics

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA CASE STUDIES & METRICS Tracy Stonard Managing Director Magenta eMedia @magentatracy
  2. 2. CASE STUDIES & METRICS • • • • • 10 fold ROI in 2 months for Adobe 50,000 new leads for Ford 172% ROI for online retailer Metrics Blogging ROI example
  3. 3. 10 FOLD ROI IN 2 MONTHS Adobe Systems Incorporated is a leading global technology marketer who deployed a winning social media strategy, proving ROI for the launch of their new product. • Adobe created measured business value through social media • The Adobe social media team achieved tenfold ROI in first 2 months after launch • Social media referrals drove more than 3 million direct visits to
  4. 4. 10 FOLD ROI IN 2 MONTHS • Adobe accurately attributed returns across channels. Results showed that visitors touched by social accounted for 13% of Creative Cloud product subscriptions and as much as 4% of subscriptions for other established Adobe products • Adobe determined that customers on social, spend twice as much once they land on • The campaign communicated insights with confidence across all levels at Adobe
  5. 5. 50,000 LEADS FOR FORD Ford Fiesta selects 100 social vibrant individuals and provides them with a new Ford Fiesta 18 months before the Fiesta was due to be released for sale. • The individuals were encouraged to blog, and share their experience on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube • Their efforts generated 11,000,000 social media impressions, 11,000 videos uploaded, 13,000 photos posted • 50,000 leads asked for more info, of which 97% did not own a Ford
  6. 6. 172% ROI FROM RETAILER’S BLOG Zagg is an online mobile device accessory provider that focuses on providing useful content to it’s customers through it’s blog. • Zagg publishes 25-35 posts a week, with a team of 3 writers • The results conclude in under 2 years Zagg earned 172% ROI from direct sales • Zagg also utilise their blog posts in their content based e-mails • This has resulted in a 82% higher click-to-open rate than promotional e-mail
  7. 7. MEASUREMENT METRICS TO CONSIDER • Consumption metrics Page views, video views, document views, downloads, social chatter • Sharing metrics Likes, shares, tweets, +1s, pins, forwards • Lead generation metrics Form downloads, e-mail subscriptions, blog subscriptions, blog comments, conversions • Sales metrics Online and offline sales tracked via unique links, CRM systems, manual reports
  8. 8. ROI METRIC FOR BLOGGING In this example let’s measure the ROI of a hypothetical blog: Investment Assume 40 hours/month at £15/hour to produce a corporate blog Multiply the result (a) by 50% for the overhead factor (typical rate) Add other costs £800 design, £100 hosting, £100 other fees (a) (b) (c) TRUE COST FOR BLOGGING (a)+(b)+(c) = £1,900 a month Return 25 leads per month from blog ( determined by lead form, CRM system). 20% lead conversion , generating 5 new customers. Assume £2000 average lifetime customer value and 30% average profit margin. Multiple the leads per month by your lead conversion rate, average lifetime customer value and average profit margin. RETURN ON BLOGGING: = £3000 a month ROI (Return – Investment)/investment = (3000-1900)/1900 = 58% ROI
  9. 9. About Magenta eMedia is a social media consultancy passionate about helping businesses succeed with social media and online marketing. We do this via strategic planning and social strategies, audits, training, individual coaching and consulting. Tracy Stonard Managing Director @magentatracy