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Email Open Rates (40%-90%) Building A Responsive List


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Email Open Rates (40%-90%) Building A Responsive List

  1. 1. 90 .480/O open rate 1 click rate 0 goals Are you ready to get email open rates that range from 4096-9096? Email marketing is a very effective way to connect with your target market, building wonderful relationships, but it must be cultivated! You must have a level of trust with your subscribers, to the point that when they see an email come in their inbox for you, that want to open it! This can very easily happen. If you're just beginning with email marketing, this is perfect for you! I'm going to share with you how I was able to build a 40%-90% email open rate with one of my lists on a small level.
  2. 2. Start With a Small Email List E: Test It Outl If you can cultivate a great response from your email marketing list on a small level, you can scale it BIG with the same approach you're using! So if I have a 47% email open rate (10 opens) with a 9.5% click through rate (2 clicked) and scale that to a list of 300 subscribers, 47% email open rate (140 opens) with a 9.5% click through rate (28 clicks) and so on. .. So, I recommend you test small and then scale it big, but ONLY if it converts for you! You are building a responsive list based on your strategy approaching them. If we build a list too fast, without a solid strategy, eventually it will become unresponsive and you will have to start all over again, possibly losing more money in the process. It's not so much a matter of how big your email marketing list is, it's a matter of how responsive your list is for scaling. When I first started building lists, I was able to build lists with hundreds of people in them, but it was unresponsive, my email open rate was no higher than 5%. I went in blindly and had no strategy. I did not understand copy write and the psychology behind my market. I was unsure how to approach these people. What am I giving them? What do I say? Personally, I hate to pitch anything to anyone. The last thing I wanted to do was bombard these real people with spam content.
  3. 3. Email Open Rates Scaled Low 8: How I Achieved It. .. Once you're able to create email open rates starting even lower at 30% and up, then increase your marketing budget and grow your list as FAST and BIG as you can. Please note that 90% email open rates are not typical results in the industry. I was able to create this type of response because of the marketing strategies that I've learned and implemented. I was able to create this type of response because I absorbed knowledge from those who have seen successful before me, listening to them, understanding the process, then implementing it right away into my business and YOU can do the same! Get "Total Domination Engineering" training 100% FREE Below are 3 steps that really made the difference In my email marketing response. ..
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  5. 5. 1. I knew I needed to study people, understanding the psychology behind why we act and react certain ways. The easiest way for me to truly understand this, was to take a look at myself first. After all if we are studying people, let's use our own selves as a first example. I started to question why did I do things a certain way. What personality type am I? Why do I act a certain way? Talk a certain way? See a different way? Feel a different way? What drives me to take certain actions? How are my thoughts, words and actions directly related to the results I am seeing In my business? How can I correct my habits? How can I become more aware? How can I be a positive and productive influence on my business? These are all major questions we need to be asking ourselves and can have massive impact on our results. When we understand our own selves better, it will be easier to understand others. Responsive Marketing Training — Coming Soon
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  7. 7. 2. Then I chose to take a look around me, discovering the different personality types in my life. Are they feelers, visual beings or sensitive to sound? Do they have a red, blue, green or yellow personality? Are they more adventurous, more comforting, more analytical or total visionaries? Bottom line is, we're ALL human and we ALL act based on emotions. If you want to connect with your target market creating high email open rates, you must study your target market understanding them completely on an emotional basis. Research them, Ieam about them and their problems. Discover how you and your service or product can solve their problems. Email marketing can be very impersonal and challenging to cultivate, if we don't understand our audience on this level. Responsive Marketing Training - Coming Soon
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  9. 9. 3. I created an opportunity to BE understood. An opportunity to have my target market interested in what I have to say. when we have a deep understanding of how our market thinks, speaks, acts, reacts, and takes action emotionally, it makes it very easy to be understood, enabling YOU to communicate on a higher level with your list, growing your email open rates to 4096-90%. The message your communicating to your target market must be congruent all the way through from the beginning to the point of sale. High email open rates. depend on how well you understand your market and the consistency in your message. Whether the first point of contact is an advertisement, or social media post, a video or big post. It MUST make sense all the wa throu ur funnell Test out different subject lines to understand which ones your market responds to. Give them enough value that when they see your email in their inbox they are truly interested in opening it. Be captivating in your email copy that they cannot resist clicking on your links. The ONLY way we can be successful in this, is to really understand your market better than they know their own selves, in turn WE become clearly understood in our marketing efforts.