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Web graphic formats


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Published in: Design, Technology, Art & Photos
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Web graphic formats

  1. 1. Web Graphic Formats By Tracy Mattocks
  2. 2. Formats GIF JPG PNG TIFF
  3. 3. Gif – GraphicInterchange Format  Created by CompuServe in 1987  Pronounced “jiff” emphasis on “J”  Adopted by the World Wide Web in early 1990
  4. 4. GIF  Standard format no need for plug-in  Best for solid color images  Supports 256 (8 bit) color palette  Support interlacing  Support transparency  Supports animation
  5. 5. Summary  All web browsers support the GIF format without the need for additional plug-ins.  Images of solid color look best and are smallest when saved in the GIF format.  GIF file types support interlacing, transparency and animation.
  6. 6. JPG - Joint PhotographicExperts Group  JPG – Pronounced as “jay – peg”  Named after the committee that created it  First jpeg standard approved in Sept 1992
  7. 7. JPG  Also standard format without the need for plug-in  Supports millions of colors (24bit)  Best for photographs  Provides compression
  8. 8. Summary  All web browsers support the jpg format without the need for plug-ins.  Photographs and continuous tone graphic look best, and are smaller when you save them in the jpg format.  Huge lossy compression is possible up to a hundred time smaller  JPG support millions of colors (24 bit)
  9. 9. PNG, PortableNetwork Graphics  Pronounced “ping”  It’s one of the most flexible formats on the web.  Support multiple color types
  10. 10. PNG  Uses compression to support smaller file sizes.  Allows you to store 256 levels of partial transparency.  Supports interlacing.  Capacity for gamma correction
  11. 11. Summary  PNG supports a number of different color depths.  Uses compression to support smaller files  Support variable transparency and interlacing  Has the capacity to correct differences in how monitors display images.
  12. 12. Disadvantage Not all graphic programs have the ability to create and edit PNG file types. Depending on your browser you may need to download plug-ins.
  13. 13. Thank You!
  14. 14. References Multimedia for the web revealed -By Calleen Coorough and Jim Shuman. The GIF Pronunciation Page - Opening music by -Daniel_Innala_Ahlmark_-_Fantasi_E-dur Closing music by -Daniel_Innala_Ahlmark_-_Fantasi_E-dur Narrated by Tracy Mattocks, HACC design student.