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Imagery in poetry


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Imagery in Poetry:
Students crafted original poems after a study of mentor texts "The Shark" by Pratt, "Abandoned Farmhouse" by Kooser, "Poppies" by Scheele and "When It Is Snowing" by Cedering. Students were invited to pattern their poems after their mentor poems.

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  • Absolutely amazing. As the wave of sunlight is now my favourite poem and was used in an A+ Grade 11 poetic devices assignment
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Imagery in poetry

  1. 1. Imagery in Poetry What do our words make you see? think? feel?
  2. 2. When it is Cloudy By: Jenna When it is cloudy the Murraydog is the only piece of sunshine in my day
  3. 3. The Morning By: Ananya As the wave of sunlight hits the bed Life starts to show Making everything bright The day has begun It is the Morning
  4. 4. The Snail by Thomas The thing was small And faceless, And barf green. It was quite slow, but turned, And moved in the opposite direction. On it, there was a rock-sort-of-thing, And something inside, Something hiding, It was gross. I put it down, And it ran, sort of… To the grass, Slow, But with much effort, It slithered- that creature Small, faceless, barf green, Part slug, part rock, But something that was neither. For it was… you know what it is…
  5. 5. Its Game Time Smooth and Slick Red and Blue Lines Painted across the ice The lig hts hang ing above Shinning down on the Silent new layers of ice The g oals mounted behind The crease the puck laying in The center of the rink its Game time By Jack
  6. 6. The Death Ceature His body was oval like And scaly And orange And as he passed the fake treasure chest He turned And Snapped at the fish food Which was never alive and sinking And I saw the flash of his dangerous orange tail And a row of no teeth And eyes Darker than death itself Soft and circular and smooth Then he jumped out of the water With his two little fins And landed with a soft splash back in water Gracefully, And effortlessly He swam- That stupid fish Oval like, scaly and orange Part shark, part tiger? Part neither- for he was scarier than both of those animals By Pearce
  7. 7. The Weeping Angel By: Madeleine Her body the shape of a sacred angel And cold And cracked, And as you watch her you blink She turns, And touches your hand Then you find yourself stuck in days gone by. And when you see the stone monster, And her sharp stone teeth, And eyes of dull stone years old, Blank and lifeless and stone. When you turn your back she moves, Faster than lightning, Silently racing Hungrily, Hatefully, She flies-The strange statue A sacred angel, cold, cracked, Some of her a statue some of her an animal Some of her neither- for when you look she is stone.
  8. 8. The Vampire By: Meghana His body was pale And cold And lifeless, And as he passed the tunnel He turned, And snapped at a young boy Who was exhausted and starving. And I saw the flash of pearly fangs, And a pair of bloodstained canines, And eyes of blood red, Like a black hole, dark and endless Then away from the tunnel With those feet covered in blood Walking without a noise on the concrete Smoothly, Calmly, He walked – That dark thing Pale, cold, lifeless Part monster, part animal, Part neither – for he has no emotion
  9. 9. Not Only Blocks By Et h an Y ou ca n d o w h a t ev er y ou w an t I t ’ s n o t o n l y a g a m e I t ’ s a g a m e W i t h b lock s t h a t can b e p la ced A n d can b e cr a f t ed A n d m in ed A n d i t can b e p r ogr am m ed To d o an y t h in g y ou w an t Su ch a s m a k e a st a t u e w a lk A n d sa y som et h in g A n d d isa p p ea r A n d t h e b lock s A r e n ot j u st b lock s I n M in ecr a f t
  10. 10. Otis His body was small And skinny And black and white And as he walked down the hall He turned, And jumped in his bed Which was green and furry. And I saw a flash of white belly And eyes of black coal, Big and dark and full. Then out of the bedroom, With his four small paws Blazing out of the door Swiftly , Eagerly, He trotted – that strange dog Small, skinny, black and white By Lily