How We Do Business (Entrepreneurs/Start-Ups)


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How entrepreneurs and start-up owners succeed, fall down, get back up, & improve.

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How We Do Business (Entrepreneurs/Start-Ups)

  1. 1. How Entrepreneurs& Start-UpsDo Business:<br />A Story in 4 Slides<br />[How We Succeed, How We Fall Down, How We Get Back Up, & How We (Continuously) Improve]<br />
  2. 2. How We Succeed<br />We meet a need or solve a problem better than existing products or services<br /> By filling a gap in the competitive solution(s) <br /> By operating more efficiently or appropriately<br />We create demand with prospective buyers<br />We effectively communicate the value we provide<br />We sustain a loyal customer base that will advocate our products/services<br />
  3. 3. HowWe Fall Down<br />We invest in “marketing” (e.g., social media, ads, etc.) first & not product/service validation or strategy<br />We ignore signs that a market isn’t profitable<br />We don’t have budget to create need & brand<br />We don’t execute per the market’s expectations or don’t supersede the competition<br />We are unwilling or unable to detach/see the market<br />
  4. 4. How We Get Back Up<br /> Re-focus on understanding the prospective buyers<br />Scrutinize our products/solutions <br /> Conduct deeper dives into competitor solutions<br /> Compare brands & invest in branding or re-branding<br /> Get smarter about spending &/or be willing to invest in Marketing (vs. just marketing communications)<br />Gain perspective on the business & plan for success<br />
  5. 5. How We (Continuously) Improve<br /> Pay attention to the details that matter<br /> Create differentiators & competitive advantages<br />Operate consistently with the brand & develop sustainable processes<br />Be open to alternative solutions <br />Monitor & adapt to the changing market<br />Engage the right people to help <br />To succeed, get back up, or improve:<br />Call 602-739-8028Visit *Email<br />