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Ace presentation2015


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Are you looking to develop a more engaging and interactive way to speak to your audiences? Explore how Adobe DPS (Digital Publishing System) can enhance your current communications efforts and assist you in taking those efforts to an entirely new level.

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Ace presentation2015

  1. 1. An Introduction to Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) Tracy Bryant | Creative Services Director, UF/IFAS
  2. 2. Play Pause Resume
  3. 3. WHY WE MOVED TO DPS UF/IFAS Impact Magazine discontinued 3 years prior Budget costs/restrictions Desire to reach younger audience The University invested in a DPS Enterprise license
  4. 4. STAFF RESOURCES Writers/Editors Photographers Videographers Graphic designers experienced with InDesign Leadership
  5. 5. WHAT IT TAKES A new way of working and thinking Showcase content interactively to engage the reader It’s all about the user Users interact with mobile devices differently than how content on a website or in print
  6. 6. THINGS TO CONSIDER Will your app be vertical, horizontal or both? If both, you will have to layout each article twice What devices do you want to design for? The more devices you want, the more layouts you will have to tweak because of multiple screen sizes
  7. 7. THE DPS WORKFLOW Create a Folio using the Folio Builder Panel in InDesign Add Articles (InDesign files)
  8. 8. THE DPS WORKFLOW Create interactivity using Folio Overlays slideshows, scrollable frame, videos, html content, animation, etc. Preview to test how it views and how the interactivity works using the Adobe Content Viewer app
  9. 9. THE DPS WORKFLOW Editors and approvers must have Adobe Content Viewer app and an Adobe ID to view content Track changes and editorial marks is an obstacle since pdf viewing will not show hidden content
  10. 10. THE DPS WORKFLOW Once all the layout is done for each article, upload folio to the DPS App Builder in Folio Producer
  11. 11. THE DPS WORKFLOW Add properties in Folio Producer like a name and description
  12. 12. THE DPS WORKFLOW Final step is publishing the folio through the Apple Store and/or Google Play Store Approval time Apple Store - 7 days Google Play - 24 hours
  13. 13. THINGS I’VE LEARNED Font sizes needed are larger for mobile devices 20pt body copy seems to work well Give yourself plenty of time to learn interactivity Have access to tutorials like or Adobe contacts you can consult with The publishing process will take awhile, especially if you or your IT staff are new to the process
  14. 14. MORE THINGS I’VE LEARNED File organization is very important Each article should have it’s own file folder Keep links in a folder named “links” each article folder Name files with _h for horizontal or _v for vertical Test interactivity as you go Create a service email account so if someone leaves you have access to the account
  15. 15. UF/IFAS REACH We launched in February of 2015 – YEAH! Using tradition marketing tactics will help us create awareness of the app and engage readers Did it work? The DPS website provides analytics # of download, devices being used, which articles are being read the most, and how long readers are spending
  16. 16. LESSONS LEARNED It took longer than we anticipated, not so much because of the software but because It was something new, it was something different Learning curve for interactivity We had a whole lot of other things going on And once we thought we were finished… We had to work thorough UFIT
  17. 17. UF/IFAS Reach