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Zen desk to service cloud migration deck


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Zen desk to service cloud migration deck

  1. 1. Zendesk to Service Cloud Migration Traction on Demand
  2. 2. • Limited platform functionality and limits the integration with legacy applications, either through an agent console or API’s • Doesn’t do well in B2B service centers where escalations, complex knowledge, multiple or product-level SLA’s and/or a large number of agents are the requirements • Offers an open platform in which customers can access their underlying data through an API, although many report challenges in doing this on a large scale. • Doesn’t do well in complex global environment. Environments with complex escalation, collaboration across department/groups or broad global foot prints are not areas of strength. Why make the move from Zendesk?
  3. 3. • Experience: 9th year focused on  First 500 certified on  500+ customers, 1800+ projects & 400+ custom apps developed • 170 Employees, 230+ Certifications  SMEs in all Clouds (Sales, Service, Marketing, Analytics, Force)  HQ in Vancouver, BC, Offices in Toronto & Montreal  People on the ground in CA, OR, AB, TX & OH  No outsourcing, no offshoring, no contractors  B Corp Certified  Ranked top ten best place to work in Canada (2014 & 2015) Traction on Demand
  4. 4. • 35% of Traction’s annual revenue generated from Service Cloud • SC practice driven by concepts of the CEB’s Effortless Experience • Focused on creating innovative & repeatable IP • Service Cloud practice run by delivery experts and business users (SMEs) • Data = the lynchpin of any successful SC deployment • SC projects often result in follow up Communities (Data Direct Networks & PICS) • How did our background help us come up with this migration IP Who is Traction….
  5. 5. Dave Galloway EVP Service Cloud Adoption Data Migration Methodology Service Industry Acumen Keith Metcalfe VP Data Intelligence Business Intelligence 20 years of Executive leadership for international Support Teams 15 years of leading Data/Business Intelligence Teams Salesforce Knowledge David Rees Data Intelligence Architect 10 years of architecting data and API solutions in the support and service industry (including Zendesk and Salesforce)
  6. 6. • Improve the Customer Experience • Effortless Experience builds LOYALTY • No Customer (info) left behind • Customers are always informed • Listen: all channels all the time. • Allow Agents to Focus on Customers • Give them information they need: 360 in 45. • Minimize data entry / admin work • Guide them through support processes • Improve inter department processes Service Cloud Guiding Principles
  7. 7. Migration Challenges Manual Copy and Paste Admin End User Adoption and Training Missing Content and Articles Formatting Issues Retention of Historical Questions & Answers Linking End Users to Knowledge Profiles Broken Content Links Inaccurate Field Mappings
  8. 8. Keys to a successful Zendesk to SFDC Service Cloud migration Salesforce & Service Cloud Knowledge Service Industry Acumen Data Migration Methodology
  9. 9. Zendesk to Service Cloud Data IP Traction Extraction Utility Traction Conversion Utility Salesforce Import Process Training/ AdoptionFunctionality QA/ Improvement Link & asset reference reconstruction Normaliz e Data Object Matching
  10. 10. • Object Matching • All historical objects (tickets, articles, users, etc.) matched to Service Cloud equivalents • Referential relationships between objects retained • Data Normalization • Scrub article content to meet formatting standards • Link and Asset reference reconstruction • Point links to Service Cloud hosted content (images, downloads, etc.) Let’s get under the hood…. Link & asset reference reconstruction Normalize Data Object Matching
  11. 11. Kevin Murray Manager, Alliances Traction on Demand (604) 620.6040 ext 3055 To Learn More