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Banking on a better customer experience DocuSign for Financial Services


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Join Traction on Demand & DocuSign for a webinar that focuses on how applications such as Salesforce and DocuSign can be leveraged to build a better customer experience in the financial services industry. We’ll share industry trends and demonstrate how a Canadian lending institution has leveraged both DocuSign and Salesforce to scale their business and revenue with an online self-service community.

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Banking on a better customer experience DocuSign for Financial Services

  1. 1. Banking on a Better Customer Experience DocuSign & Salesforce for Financial Services August 19th, 2015
  2. 2. Today’s Presenters Andrew Geisse Director of Product Marketing, Financial Services & Insurance Kevin Murray Manager, Alliances
  3. 3. • Introduction to Traction on Demand • DocuSign for Financial Services • Enhancing the Power of DocuSign with Salesforce (& Vice Versa) • Customer Success: Thinking Capital Today’s Agenda
  4. 4. Traction on Demand  9 years experience implementing/developing the Salesforce platform  Largest dedicated Salesforce implementation partner in Canada  First 500 certified on  450+ customers, 1800+ projects & 300+ custom apps developed  One of seven members of the SFMC Global Partner Advisory Council  Largest group of certified consultants globally
  5. 5. Our Difference  Experts in bending cloud technologies  White label service provider for  One of DocuSign’s top three finalists for Partner of the Year 2015  Salesforce Marketing Cloud award for fastest ramped partner (2014)  Traction for Good and referral fee program  Fixed fees whenever possible  Certified B Corporation  Only B Corp Certified Salesforce Cloud Alliance Partner in Canada  Top ten Best Place to Work in Canada in 2014 & 2015
  6. 6. Traction’s Customer Community
  7. 7. Banking on a Better Customer Experience
  8. 8. 10+ Years of Continuous Innovation 188 Countries “DocuSigned” 50M+ Users 100K+ Customers 50K+ Per Day
  9. 9. Account Openings Lease Offer Letters Tax Returns Non Disclosure Agreements RFPs Insurance Claims Sales Agreements Contracts Patient Records
  10. 10. Partners Suppliers Employees Customers Consumers LOB SCM HRM CRM ERP The Challenge
  11. 11. Partners Suppliers Employees Customers Consumers LOB SCM HRM CRM ERP The Opportunity Go Fully Digital
  12. 12. How DocuSign Can Help Financial Institutions DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL • Purchase orders • Statements of work • Master service agreements (MSAs) • RFP sign off • Invoice processing • New advisor on-boarding • Managed accounts • Event registration • Mass mailing / email approvals • Advertising contracts • Media plan sign-offs • Press release sign-offs • Account change / maintenance • Asset transfer • Stop payment requests • Contracts • Policy management • Compliance processes • Asset tracking • Change requests • Requirements sign off • Access management • Incident reporting • Production change authorization • Maintenance authorization Lending Account Servicing ProcurementMarketing IT • Commercial loan applications • Consumer loan applications • Disclosures • Credit reports • Loan repackaging and securitization • New hire paperwork • Candidate NDA • On/off-boarding checklist • Employee policy distribution and signature • Contractor agreements • PTO management Human Resources • New deposit accounts • Financial statements • Overdraft notifications • Compliance processes Customer Services • Contracts • Non disclosures • Internal compliance • Outside counsel agreements • Internal and external audits • Privacy, AML, Fair Lending and other regulatory compliance Legal and Compliance
  13. 13. Financial Service Customers Are Helping Build Global Trust DOCUSIGN CONFIDENTIAL
  14. 14. Value from DocuSign for Salesforce Deliver extraordinary ROI by making it easy, fast, and secure to collect and process contracts – all without ever leaving Salesforce. Close more deals faster with improved contract turnaround time (ex: 14 days to <1 day) Cut operating costs (ex: $19.53 savings/ document) Be mobile close deals anywhere, anytime Increase accuracy with automated data flow Maximize CRM investment (ex: 300% increase in CRM usage organization-wide)
  15. 15. Implementing Through the Platforms Onboarding & Hiring Employee Management Field Sales Quote & Contract Creation Waiver Generation Office Security
  16. 16. Thinking Capital Demo (Formerly Advanceit) Developed & Presented by Traction on Demand
  17. 17. Merchant advances for Canada’s small/medium sized businesses Term loans for larger businesses with less complexity and simpler terms Leverages technology to provide businesses with in-depth industry expertise & support
  18. 18. Canadian businesses financed since 2006 inception. No start-ups. Real Mom-and-Pops coast-to-coast Lent to Canadian businesses since 2006 inception Merchants that will be financed this month (July 2015) 10,000 ~300 $400M
  19. 19. • High turn over in sales center (10-15% per week in 100 person call center) • Required to manually collect too much data, slowing the sales cycle • Not enough qualifying data early on (qualified out late in sales cycle wasting time and resources) • Targets and opportunities missed = high turnover Challenges
  20. 20. • Self-service customer-facing community for applying and managing loan applications • Full custom website and Salesforce community • Built on the platform • Leveraging several third party applications to extend the capabilities and services provided Solution
  21. 21. Let’s See it in Action
  22. 22. Sales Rep Experience
  23. 23. • Loan application management • Enhanced customer support • Increase engagement with exclusive offers, aggregated business reviews, referral program and more • Increase repeat merchant funding Account Management
  24. 24. Reduction in merchant approval period from days to 20-30 minutes Results Growing the business through technology 80% of loans are pre-approved without manual intervention An enhanced customer experience = more loans
  25. 25. Thank You! Any Questions? Andrew Geisse – Kevin Murray – Attending DF15? Meet the experts and schedule a meeting at and