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Trackjinn provies web based maps that’s keep an eye on you and help to locate your vehicle and tell how fast it drove and how long it stopped. Want to sell your car? Don’t worry we are helps you and buy your car online.

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GPS for car | GPS tracker

  1. 1. Car owners should use GPS tracking system to protect it from any unauthorized use GPS abbreviation of Global Positioning System, usually found in the higher end mobile phones is a navigation application works on the space-base satellites to locate the position of anything anywhere on the Earth. It is map-based reading system locate the actual position of the device where it has been installed, it works with the help of man-made satellites launched to locate the global positioning on the earth, satellites keep orbiting and transmitting the radio signals regularly on the earth. The GPS works on the GPS devices providing latitude and longitude information to locate the exact location of the gadget.
  2. 2. However, this technology is now widely is use for tracing vehicles across the world, GPS tracking is popular among the tuck owners who have large fleet of trucks operating in the business of transportation, logistic, shipping and supply chain management. Though, due to rising incidents of car theft private car owners also use gps for car to ensure the security of their cars. It can be easily installed inside any kind of car or vehicles, user just need to install another setup near you to trace your car even if you are driving yourself or someone else may be your friend or family members.
  3. 3. GPS Tracker was initially popular in the mobile phones - people use to operate in their GPRS enabled devices, they it use to check the exact location of their standings at point of time with the help of map service providers. The GPS tracking devices are available for every kind of motor vehicles GPS for Truck, GSP for Buses, GPS for car, GPS devices also works for other high performance commercial hauling trucks, container trucks as well as all kind of for passenger vehicles. GPS tracking system with the help of maps locate the movement of these vehicles on the real time basis, for car owners it works as an anti- theft device because they can be easily traced with the navigation system and can be located on the spot where it has been parked by the unauthorized hackers. People may think the cost of installation & use of GPS Tracker is a costly process but let me tell you that the cost of your car is much more than it and if car robbers manage to take it would be very difficult for you to get it back. At this point of time GPS devices would be worth for you to race your favorite sedan back at your doorstep. The GPS based navigation system is also useful to keep an eye on your children, where they use to go and how they use to drive the car. Children at the initial stage of age can be involved in some prohibited activities and they don’t want to share the things they do illegally, so if you install by stealth without their consents you can observe their daily routine of car driving direction & destinations and protect them to get engaged in any such kind of actions.
  4. 4. Server Architecture GPS Server Architecture GPS vehicle tracking systems works on the GPS based navigation system, GPS tracker becoming popular for monitoring fleets of vehicles operated by Govt. & private owners across the world in Buses, Trucks and other commercial vehicles. Below, find more information about practical GPS applications for city fleets. The rise of auto theft globally, makes GPS tracking device highly in demand which works as a car security system to protect it from any possible theft or hacking. Actually, depending on the specific fleet, user may require one of two types of vehicle tracking systems. To make that decision, it helps to understand the technology behind the GPS tracking system, find information regarding the mechanism of GPS vehicle tracking. The technology consist of GPS tracking devices mainly hardware instruments and operated with the help of software programs. To understand the technology first you know the structural design of the GPS server. Practically, there is lot more to this, Fuel theft algorithms, notification emails, rule based SMS, Geo fence calculations, Driver Performance calculations and presentation, Vehicle Maintenance Rules are to name a few of them
  5. 5. HARDWARE DEVICES & SOFTWARE STRUCTURE Architecture of Hardware Devices All Trackjinn Devices are built on top of a common hardware foundation which includes at least the GPS Module, GSM Module, Power block, and Processor. Other elements may be present depending on the device type and application involved. The hardware devices include, Processor, GSM/GPRS Modem, GPS Module, Flash, Power Systems, Keypad, LCD module and Sensors and Relays. Below check how these devices plays the important role to work the GPS vehicle tracking systems:
  6. 6. Software Devices Trackjinn GPS Tracker Software Architecture All Trackjinn Devices have a common set of software blocks as their foundation elements. All the elements have been proven to work for years. GSM/GPRS stack: The software that makes wireless communication possible, runs on the GSM/GPRS module. This comes with the module and developed and rigorously tested by worlds leading multinational data networking and teleco- mmunications equipment companies Siemens/Nokia. GPS stack: The software that runs here collects raw GPS signals and performs complex computations to present a unified GPS fix of the following format: For more details please visit our website:
  7. 7. Contact Us: Ground Floor, Matadin Yadav Building Opp. Police Station, Near HDFC Bank Kapashera, New Delhi-110037. Mob:9873646000 -------------------------------------------------------- Sec-9, Bypas Road Bahadurgarh Mob: 9873646000 -------------------------------------------------------- Old Delhi Road Opp. Airforce Station Near Rangoli Garden Gurgaon, Haryana Mob:9873646000