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TrackIT - Baggage Tracking for Customs


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Excise duty is a major source of revenue for Governments across the world that the custom authorities cannot afford to miss. The baggage screening system is employed at airports not only to prevent entry of banned and illegal items into the country, but also to prevent loss of revenue. Most goods imported from across the border are taxable. An efficient baggage tracking system that ensures that dutiable goods do not slip through custom check point is essential. Entrackbag makes baggage tracking for customs infallible.

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TrackIT - Baggage Tracking for Customs

  1. 1. Howvisibility in airports enables security,revenue and passenger experience Global air trafficpassengerdemandisprojectedtogrow at 7%. On a global scale,passengerairtravel is expectedtomaintainpositivegrowthratesupto 2030, despite number of challengesfacedbythe industry. Most airportstoday relyonMetal DetectorsusingPulse Inductiontechnology,X-Raymachines,CT Scanners,SnifferdogsandAir-marshalsorairportsecuritypersonnelassecuritymeasures.Every countryhas a listof itemsthatare outright restrictedordutiable,rangingfromweapons,banneddrugs to harmlessmedicinesthatimpactsafety&security,image andrevenuelosstothe airportand country. Althoughairportsare equippedtoscreencheck-Inbagsinthe arrival terminal andyetthe smarterones have slippedbyasairportsecuritysequence islargelypredictable.The presentscreeningsystemis inadequate invisibilityof the suspectbagmovementanddataIntelligence atsecuritycheckpoints. Human screeningisnoterror-free,alsorandomscreeningandinterruptedmovementflowimpacts passengerexperience. EnTrackBag adoptionin Airports The use of RFID & IoT technologyforvisibilityisquicklygainingmomentumwiththe adoptionof EnTrackBag in manymodernairports.Overthe years,majorairportshave reliedonEnTrackBag to process250 millionbagsatarrival terminal toseamlesslytrackover10 Million+suspectedbagswith increasedcustomsrevenueandsuperiorpassengerexperience withoutqueuebuilding. Comparedtothe traditional methodsof scanningEnTrackBag,the baggage trackingfor customs isa more robustsolution,unobtrusive andunsuspectingatthe same time.The systemuniquelyidentifies the bags suspectedduringin-flightscreeningwithunobtrusivemarking,know the movementof the bag inthe arrival hall,notificationof suspectedbagapproachingthe checkpoint,know whatisinthe bag evenbefore openingwithdirectX-Rayimage retrieval andcontrabandlinkedgradedalertsatcustoms checkpoint.Evenaswe enhance security,all thisare done unobtrusively.Do-awaywithrandom screeninginconveniencesandinterruptiontomovementtoenhance passengerexperience. About TrackIT We bringinsmart systemsandtechnologythatboostsvisibilityinairports,airline andMRO. TrackIT has beenone of the firstto provide real-time monitoring,specialtytracking,andvisibility solutionsinthe Aviation.Since itsinceptionin2004, TrackIT has successfullyexecutedover200+ enterprise trackingandvisibilityprojectsinthe Middle East,Africa,IndiaandUSA on diverse platforms. TrackIT’s ‘EnTrack Suite’of solutionsisone-of-a-kindtrackingsolutioninthe Aviationindustry;which promisestobe the game changerfor itscustomersinthe nextfive years.
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