Social studies test lm


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Social studies test lm

  1. 1. Social Studies Test Grade 5Landforms and Bodies of Water Name: __________________Choose the best answer for the following questions. (Points 15)1. This river and it’s tributaries makes up the largest drainage basin in the UnitedStates. (1 point)a. the Ohiob. the Mojave Desertc. the Mississippid. Canada2. The Appalachian Mountains are found in the ____________________. (1 point)a. eastern part of the United Statesb. Mexicoc. Europed. the Central Plains3. The Continental Divide is _______________________. (1 Point)a. a huge lakeb. b. in Floridac. part of the Hawaiian Islandsd. an imaginary line that divides the eastern river system from the westernriver system.4. If I wanted to raise cattle or buffalo, I would want to have a farm _____________.
  2. 2. (1 point)a. in the Rocky Mountainsb. in the Great Plainsc. in the Gulf of Mexicod. in the Mojave Desert5. The letters HOME remind us of what land feature? (1 point)a. the Great Lakesb. the price of tea in Chinac. the mountain ranges in the western United Statesd. the names of Great Uncle Herbert’s brothers6. Indiana is situated in the _________________________. (1 Point)a. the Rocky Mountainsb. the Costal Plainsc. the Central Plainsd. The Appalachian Mountains7. The five (5) Great Lakes are: (5 points)a. _______________________b. ________________________c. ________________________d. ________________________e. ________________________8. The Gulf of Mexico is considered: (1 Point)
  3. 3. a. a mountainb. an inletc. a desertd. a continent9. The Piedmonts are: (1 Point)a. the foothills near the Appalachian Mountainsb. a family that lives in Tennesseec. near the Mojave Desertd. in the Gulf of Mexico10. The word prairie describes: (1 Point)a. a flat area where tall grasses and streams run.b. an area where there is a very deep ocean.c. on top of a mountaind. under the Grand Canyon