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Customer Service Excellence, or How to Win an Exemplary Reference Award:
Each month, the Quality Assurance Workgroup presents awards in 3 areas – Brief, Detailed, and Teaching chats - based on outstanding virtual reference customer service in Ask a Librarian. In this workshop, Susan Livingston of South Florida Community College, who has won four Exemplary Reference Awards, provided the tips and tricks she has developed to provide superior customer service. Pat Barbier, co-chair of the Quality Assurance Workgroup, provided valuable tips and insights from the Quality Assurance Workgroup perspective.

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Pat Barbier PPT - Hot Topics June 2011

  1. 1. Exemplary Chat Award!<br />Successful Digital Reference:<br />It’s an Achievement and a Challenge!<br />1<br />Pat Barbier, St. Petersburg College <br /> Joyce Ward Palm Beach County Library<br />Co-Coordinators of Quality Assurance Workgroup<br />Hot Topics::Customer Service Excellence or How to win an Exemplary Reference Award<br />
  2. 2. To provide one form of assessment of the Florida AskALibrarian service (Survey is another assessment tool). (started in 2003)<br />QA members (all of whom staff the service too) read chats assigned by day of the month and nominate exemplary chats in the three categories (Rotation through days of the month to give everyone a “reading.”<br />Lots of self-nominations come in also.<br />QA Members then choose through voting, the Exemplary Chats in the different categories for the month.<br />Purpose of the QA Workgroup<br />
  3. 3. Gives recognition to librarians who give Good Digital Reference Service on statewide basis and (calls it to home library’s attention).<br />Creates a bank of chat transcripts that serve as good examples for everyone.<br />Allows for spot checking for problems (any problems are referred to AAL coordinator—usually need for more experience and training)<br />Benefits of Exemplary Chat Awards<br />
  4. 4. Brief Chat - 15 minutes or under<br />Detailed Chat - 16-30+ minutes<br />Teaching Chat - Uses appropriate technology when possible (page pushing, or URL pasting) to instruct user. User should indicate some learning response through (can be public librarian working with middle school or high schooler; does not have to be academic librarian)<br />Types of Exemplary Chat Awards<br />
  5. 5. Good basic (anywhere) reference techniques (RUSA) Reference and User Service Association--subdivision of ALA<br />Reference Interview <br />Approachable and interested (greeting)<br />Listening (reading responses)/inquiring<br />Searching (use of proprietary or free resources)<br />Follow-up (referral if needed to home institution or elsewhere or email more materials)<br />Specialized training and practice in online communication<br />RUSA guidelines for Reference<br />Digital Reference Requires many skills<br />
  6. 6. “In all forms of reference services, the success of the transaction is measured not only by the information conveyed, but also by the positive or negative impact of the patron/staff interaction”--rapport with the patron is key<br />Guidelines for Behavioral Performance of Reference and Information Service Providers (ALA, June 2004)<br />
  7. 7. Positive helpful interaction!<br />Accurate pertinent information given<br />Quality websites given to patron (can follow links)<br />Able to navigate other libraries’ websites<br />Reference interviewing/interaction skills to “get to the real question”<br />Spot and work with patron’s specific need <br />Work with multiple windows to find information to copy and paste<br />These hallmarks are abundantly clear when reading transcripts!<br />Some Criteria for Exemplary Chats<br />
  8. 8. Chat Transcripts Should Demonstrate the following qualities: <br />Accuracy – Correct Information<br />Authority – Valid credible sources<br />Objectivity – Not biased<br />Currency – If topic that requires it to be up-to-date<br />Coverage –Enough information for the topic<br />Full Criteria are found In Toolbox<br />Guidelines Developed for Florida AskALibrarian<br />
  9. 9. 2 or more of these criteria should be present to nominate a Chat<br />A reference interview with the patron, asking questions to clarify the information need. (Use Knowledge Base if needed for patron’s library info)<br />Answer calls as quickly as possible while staying communicative (dialog) with the user. <br />Use information from library resources whenever possible. (Proprietary databases are better than Google or Yahoo.) (QA committee follows links!)<br />Always use a reference source to locate the answer to a question and always give the caller the name of the source. (Don’t just give answer especially for academic as they are teaching opportunities)<br />If unable to locate an authoritative answer to a question in a timely fashion, then either (do a get back to the patron in a few hours follow-up) or refer the question to local library.<br />Establish and maintain good rapport with patron throughout session<br />Word contact <br />Enthusiasm <br />Empathy <br />From Florida AskALibrarian: Criteria for Exemplary Chats<br />
  10. 10. Helps create a rapport and dialog with the patron<br />Important to get the patron’s input<br />Clarify questions<br />Patrons are more responsive.<br />Mirror what patron asks. <br />Reference Interview<br />
  11. 11. Reference Interview Always a Good Idea for in-library or online reference!<br />“The body of reference service literature has consistently emphasized that the quality of the reference interview is an important factor in reference service effectiveness (Kwon 187).”<br />From Kwon, Nahyun and Vicki L. Gregory.“The Effects of Librarians’ Behavioral Performance on User Satisfaction In Chat Reference Services.” Reference & User Services Quarterly. 47.2 (2008): 139.<br />The Reference Interview will get to the “real question.”<br />
  12. 12. Question:  I’m having trouble accessing an article using the databases.<br />You have been connected to Susan W (FIU).<br />Susan W: HelloSusan W: I’m a librarian in Miami and I’ll try to help you with thisPatron: HiSusan W: Are you in database now?Patron: I need to find an article with the following titlePatron: The Auditory Masking of One Pure Tone by Another and its Probable Relation to the Dynamics of the Inner EarSusan W: This seems to be a medical subjectPatron: yes i was in PubMedSusan W: Did you find the article?Patron: no i couldn’tPatron: the article was published in 1924Patron: so that might be a problemSusan W: yes, that’s a thoughSusan W: thoughtSusan W: Try Google scholarSusan W: google.comPatron: i did try thatPatron: but they make me buy thatPatron: I’m a student at the university of floridaSusan W: So you know what journal it is from, is that correct?Patron: and was trying to see if I could access the article through my UF library accountSusan W: RL Wegel, CE Lane – Physical Review, 1924Patron:<br />Reference Interview example from Exemplary Teaching Chat<br />
  13. 13. Last part of chat: Success!<br />Patron: Yes!Susan W: did you search your library catalog for the journal: physical reviewPatron: yes but it only dates back to 1999Susan W: OK. That means that your library does not have the journalSusan W: You will have to request a copy of the article using the Interlibrary loan servicePatron: okaySusan W: It is in your libraryPatron: i’ll figure out how to get that done!Patron: thanks for your time and your help! : )Susan W: Phys. Rev. 23, 266–285 (1924)Susan W: Search your library catalog with journal title: physical reviewSusan W: It’s in the science library: 2nd ser. vol.23 (Jan-June 1924) QC1 .P4 3-Day Loan if Bound Not Checked OutSusan W: there you go – to the science libraryPatron: oh! physical reviewPatron: i found it!Susan W: GreatPatron: thank you very much Susan!Susan W: OK. Thanks for askingPatron: Have a great day! : )Susan W: byeThank you for using Ask a Librarian. You may now close this window.<br />
  14. 14. The Knowledge Base contains the websites of other libraries and a lot of quick information that can help. <br />Many Patrons are not adept at navigating their own library websites.<br />Librarians are skilled at navigating other libraries’ websites especially using the Knowledgebase<br />Using Knowledgebase and Navigating Patrons’ library websites Makes a Difference<br />
  15. 15. Librarians can read other libraries’ screens well<br />How do I get a replacement library card?<br />Adult, not enrolled in school<br />Orange County Library System<br />Log Started Thu Aug 19 07:44:38 PDT 2010[07:44:51] You have been connected to Melinda J (Broward County).[07:45:24] Melinda J (Broward County): Hello, welcome to Ask a Librarian. I am Melinda and I will be assisting you today. Please wait a moment while I consider your question...[07:47:47] Melinda J (Broward County): According to the Orange County Library's website, you can get a replacement library card for $3.00.[07:48:48] Patron: What is that link? I looked all over the site and couldn't find anything.[07:49:15] Melinda J (Broward County): I am going to push you a web page. If it does not open automatically, go ahead and click on the link to open the page.[07:49:32] The librarian is sending you to[07:49:54] Melinda J (Broward County): If you scroll to the very bottom of the page it mentions replacement cards.[07:50:01] Patron: thanks![07:51:09] Patron: So there is no way to get a card online?[07:52:02] Melinda J (Broward County): Not according to the information on the website. They provide a number to call 407.835.7323 so they can let you know if there are any other options.<br />
  16. 16. If a patron from another library asks a simple question concerning how long a book can be checked out, cost of fines, meeting rooms, hours, etc.<br />First go to the Knowledgebase and explore the patron library website.<br />Exemplary nominations will follow when you can really navigate other libraries’ websites!<br />The QA Workgroup is looking for someone who will do searching for the patron and then if no luck refer back to the home library<br />Always Check the Knowledgebase first!<br />
  17. 17. Helpfulness works wonders!<br />Question: how do i register for comp classes : [08:23:56] You have been connected to Julio G (Miami-Dade Public Library).[08:24:10] Julio G (Miami-Dade Public Library): Hello, welcome to Ask a Librarian. I am Miami Dade Public Library System and I will be assisting you today. Please wait a moment while I consider your question...[08:25:15] Customer: in kissimmee digital camara classes 2/1/11[08:25:55] Julio G (Miami-Dade Public Library): give me a second I am looking for the info in your library's webpage[08:26:18] Customer: okay ty[08:32:45] Julio G (Miami-Dade Public Library): I looked on the library's colander and on 2/1 there is no computer class. There is a basic PC class on 2/2 is this what you are interested in?[08:33:27] Customer: yes i was told i had to register for class in comp.[08:33:58] Julio G (Miami-Dade Public Library): But do you want basic computer class or digital camera class?[08:34:14] Customer: class is on 2/22/11 for digitalcamara class[08:35:01] Customer: have to register but cant find form[08:35:19] Julio G (Miami-Dade Public Library): The registration for the digital class offered 2/22 will not open until 2/1.[08:35:48] Customer: oh i see well tysm for the info [08:35:57] Julio G (Miami-Dade Public Library): If you are on the colander just click on the desired class and a pop-up window will display the info for the class[08:36:31] Julio G (Miami-Dade Public Library): Once registration opens there will be an area to enter your information to register[08:36:43] Julio G (Miami-Dade Public Library): Can I help you with anything else today?[08:36:43] Customer: ty again bye[08:36:55] Julio G (Miami-Dade Public Library): Thank you for using Ask a Librarian, and we hope you come again.[08:37:02] Customer: happy new year[08:37:11] Thank you for using Ask a Librarian. You may now close this window.<br />
  18. 18. [07:21:03] You have been connected to Nicole H (Winter Park Public Library).[07:21:31] Nicole H (Winter Park Public Library): Hello. I will visit your library site and find where the databases are....unless you have been there already?[07:22:14] The librarian is sending you to[07:22:31] Patron: I did but I could not find it<br />07:22:54] Nicole H (Winter Park Public Library): I just sent you a log in screen. Do you see it?[07:23:06] Patron: yes[07:23:47] Nicole H (Winter Park Public Library): OK, try to log in and you'll see the list of databases by subject.[07:24:29] Patron: I see them[07:25:22] Nicole H (Winter Park Public Library): Ok, there should be a subject for either Science of Medicine. You can click on that to narrow the list of databases.[07:25:37] Patron: ok<br />Good Walk Through Teaching from another college’s website<br />
  19. 19. [07:23:06]Patron: yes[07:23:47] Nicole H (Winter Park Public Library): OK, try to log in and you'll see the list of databases by subject.[07:24:29] Patron: I see them[07:25:22] Nicole H (Winter Park Public Library): Ok, there should be a subject for either Science of Medicine. You can click on that to narrow the list of databases.[07:25:37]Patron: ok[07:26:32] Nicole H (Winter Park Public Library): I recommend the ProQuest Health Management. "Find complete, full-text information from leading publications covering all aspects of health administration, including public health and safety, hospitals, finance, personnel management, insurance, population studies, labor relations and law."[07:27:20] Nicole H (Winter Park Public Library): I see it offers articles on hospitals, finance, and personnel management, insurance, etc. That should cover electronic medical records since it's more of an administrative topic.[07:27:31] Patron: Does this include magazine articles[07:27:39] Nicole H (Winter Park Public Library): Yes.[07:28:06] Nicole H (Winter Park Public Library): You can perform a basic search....[07:28:11] Nicole H (Winter Park Public Library): on the basic search screen....[07:28:24] Nicole H (Winter Park Public Library): ...there are two boxes you must put check marks in:[07:28:24]Patron: I will try it thanks Nicole[07:28:40] Nicole H (Winter Park Public Library): "full text documents only" plus "scholarly journals."<br />Continuation<br />
  20. 20. [07:29:04] Nicole H (Winter Park Public Library): That will ensure that your results are complete articles to read right there on your screen as well as an academic pedigree.[07:29:34] Patron: I need 1 peer reviewed and 1 popular[07:29:58] Nicole H (Winter Park Public Library): OK, so for the popular article, you'll need to revise your search by unclicking the "scholarly journals" box.[07:30:18] Patron: ok[07:30:31] Nicole H (Winter Park Public Library): Another database I recommend for a popular article would be "Health and Medical Complete."[07:30:48] Nicole H (Winter Park Public Library): When you find your article(s), you can print, save, and or email them.[07:31:13]Patron: Thanks for all your help[07:31:24] Nicole H (Winter Park Public Library): You're welcome and good luck with your research. :-) <br />Successful Chat<br />
  21. 21. Offer Reassurance, Interest, or Approval<br />Examples:<br />*Librarian: Okay, I found their site and it looks like you were starting in the right place.<br />*Librarian: Thanks for your patience. It took me a minute to locate your school’s library page. Which campus do you attend?<br />Patron: I’m at North Campus<br />Librarian: Thank you. That is helpful.<br />*Librarian: You have given us quite a challenge. I have another librarian helping me look now also.<br />Librarian: It’s O.K. We like a challenge.<br />Maintain Good rapport with patron throughout session<br />
  22. 22. Not worried about punctuation and spelling<br />Priorities:<br />Getting the job done quickly efficiently<br />Patrons get impatient <br />Sometimes disconnected through technical problems<br />Can email results of a search<br />
  23. 23. [07:17:53] You have been connected to Elaine S (Indian River State College).[07:18:33] Elaine S (Indian River State College): Hi John. Welcome to Ask a Librarian. How can I help you today?[07:20:44] Patron Hi Elaine, I see you're from a different college than the one I attend. Would you know if the college online websites contain information regarding company metrics or balance sheets or income statements for various companies?[07:21:18] Elaine S (Indian River State College): Let me see if I can get into your college databases. Just a moment[07:24:34] Elaine S (Indian River State College): I cannot get into your college databases. However, I do see a business subject guide that may help[07:24:40] The librarian is sending you to[07:25:40] Elaine S (Indian River State College): There is also another guide that may be very helpful[07:25:48] The librarian is sending you to[07:26:00] PatronY ea, this seems like it may be the right direction[07:26:22] Elaine S (Indian River State College): For sure, the second link looks like it is what you need![07:26:26] Patron: I'm trying to see if I can get financial statements from various companies i.e. AT&T[07:30:56] The librarian is sending you to[07:30:57] Elaine S (Indian River State College): You can always go directly to the company website. For example AT&T provides an Investor Relations page that includes annual reports[07:31:17] Elaine S (Indian River State College): (see link above)[07:32:15] Elaine S (Indian River State College): In addition, you can always go to EDGAR - government site "All companies, foreign and domestic, are required to file registration statements, periodic reports, and other forms electronically through EDGAR. Anyone can access and download this information for free. Here you'll find links to a complete list of filings available through EDGAR and instructions for searching the EDGAR database."[07:32:16] Patron Yea that's true. Thanks for helping me![07:32:37] The librarian is sending you to[07:32:44] Patron Wow, I'm surprised you know all this[07:33:20] Elaine S (Indian River State College): Especially considering I have an investment phobia gene![07:34:13] Patron Haha I guess you take extra precaution in the places to avoid by knowing them then![07:34:28] Elaine S (Indian River State College): Right![07:34:32] Elaine S (Indian River State College): Can I help you with anything else today?[07:34:52] Patron No you've helped me more than enough, thanks Elaine[07:35:15] Elaine S (Indian River State College): You're welcome! Thank you for using Ask a Librarian, and we hope you come again.<br />Websites given should be useful, accurate, appropriate by age or need—Edgar well known government business source<br />
  24. 24. [20:57:43] Veronica Z (Ask a Librarian Staff): What is my "Pin?"• Your PIN is your four digit birth month and year (MMYY). For instance, if youwere born in April of 1978, your PIN is 0478. • If this does not work, try the last four digits of your Social Security Number.[20:57:59] Veronica Z (Ask a Librarian Staff): Let me know if that info is helpful to you[20:58:49] Patron: I was never given an ID card, so is there any other number I would be able to use? I need to use that database for a project due tomorrow.[20:59:07] Veronica Z (Ask a Librarian Staff): Are you a distance student?[20:59:46] Patron: I am now, but when I first started at PBSC I was dually enrolled in high school.[21:00:36] Veronica Z (Ask a Librarian Staff): Okay, you may need to call the circulation desk if you've never recieved a card. Let me check their hours. In the meantime, here is a free database that may help you...[21:00:44] The librarian is sending you to[21:01:18] Patron: thank you so much![21:03:46] Veronica Z (Ask a Librarian Staff): You're welcome. For some reason, I'm not finding the hours. But here is the phone number to the circulation desk that handles password problems: 561-868-3710[21:04:24] Veronica Z (Ask a Librarian Staff): YOu can also use the databases at the Florida Electronic Library (if you have a florida library card). Here is their website:[21:04:30] The librarian is sending you to[21:04:53] Patron: Thank you very much! [21:05:01] Veronica Z (Ask a Librarian Staff): You're welcome.<br />Overcoming obstacles Using Florida Electronic Library<br />
  25. 25. Chat is a very Challenging form of Reference but very rewarding and fun! Above the call of duty Chat below:<br /> <br />[15:36:04] You have been connected to YossiG.<br />[15:36:20] YossiG: Hello, Connie, welcome to Ask a Librarian. I am Yossi from Everglades University and I will be assisting you today. Please wait a moment while I consider your question...<br />[15:36:43] YossiG: I understand that you have a Nook and that you are interested in downloading books using it. Is this correct? mirroring<br />[15:36:55] Patron:Yes<br />[15:37:11] YossiG: Which library are you using?<br />[15:37:46] PatronHillsborough County - John German Branch downtown<br />[15:38:03] YossiG: Thank you. Is Nook a Barnes and Noble or Amazon product? Interviewing<br />[15:38:16] Patron: Barnes & Noble<br />[15:38:32] YossiG: Thank you. Let me see what I can find. I will return momentarily...<br />[15:40:08] YossiG: I might have to contact one of my colleagues at your library for assistance. I will return momentarily...Do you have a moment or two to wait?<br />[15:41:00] Patron:Yes<br />[15:41:10] YossiG: Thank you!!<br />[15:42:51] YossiG: I just spoke with James, a librarian at the John F. Germany branch. He told me that you should be able to download e-books with your Nook.<br />[15:43:22] YossiG: On the website, click Books, Music and Movies...<br />[15:43:25] Patron:OK - I just need to know how to download them. Are there instructions?<br />[15:43:42] YossiG: No instructions.<br />[15:43:49] YossiG: click ebooks....<br />[15:44:27] YossiG: then, click on the particular e-book database that you would like to use. Overdrive is an excellent choice!!<br />[15:44:56] YossiG: You might find that not all titles are downloadable to Nook.<br />[15:45:06] YossiG: Do you have a particular title in mind?<br />[15:45:12] Patron: Great. Thanks for your help.<br />[15:45:18] YossiG: You are very welcome<br />[15:45:33] Patron:No, I like several types and wanted to see what was available.<br />[15:45:47] YossiG: Okay. If you need further assistance, please visit us again...<br />[15:45:54] YossiG: Can I help you with anything else today? Good closing<br />[15:46:25] Patron: No that's it. Thanks again. Goodbye.<br />