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The 3+1 method…how to craft your marketing plan! [step 1]


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The 3+1 method…how to craft your marketing plan! [step 1]

  1. 1. I was floored quite honestly.The 3+1 Method…How To I then stepped out to assist more people with the basics ofCraft Your Marketing Plan! marketing so that they could take their product or service and[Step 1] literally get it into the hands of the people who were looking for it with ease and without spending money frivolously. I used the skills I learned from college, coupled with the education I attained on my own learning how toWhy Should You Pay Attention To Me? market online and in those 4+ years, I have earnedI got started online in March 2008 and knew nothing about well over $600,000 inside my online business (wherehow to market using online methods. However, I had one tool $350k of it was generated in just the last 12 months).under my belt, that has actually helped me along my journey…And that tool was my education in marketing from college.I graduated Magna Cum Laude in December of 1999 with So the bottom line is that I know what I’m doing and can showan MBA concentrated in Marketing from Florida A&M you how to do it correctly, if you choose to follow my protocol.University, and while at first I was focused more on corporatemarketing right out of school, many of those foundational It’s Easier Than You Thinkskills I had learned helped me tremendously as I built a Contrary to popular belief, a marketing plan is not somebusiness online. cumbersome thesis statement size document that takes years to research and compile.I discovered that in the corporate world of marketing,EVERYONE knows there needs to be a plan of action, in other In fact, my marketing plan is all of 1 page!!words a marketing plan. And when I got online I made the And here, I am going to show you how to create your own 3+1-assumption (wrongly) that all these so-called business owners Step BASIC marketing plan quickly!also knew the same. And because there are 3+1-steps to this, I will be breakingHowever, I quickly realized that there was a gap in the down each step for you over the next 4 days, 1 at a time, so youmarketplace. can follow along, and thoroughly complete each step.While people were wanting to own and run a profitable Remember, in business, it is all about implementation ofbusiness online, they had no clue on how to market, who to the knowledge you receive. So take the time and get thismarket to, what to actually market, or even HOW to reach themarket. 1
  2. 2. done..otherwise, your failure will be of no one’s fault but yourown! What are the major problems yourSo let’s go! market is facing? Here, the best way I complete this task is to think of 10Step 1: Identify Your Target Market problems you target market has. For example, if you were targeting people looking to start a franchise, and wanted to sell them a different type of business, you might recognize that 1, in franchising, the initial investment costs are usually pretty steep, well into the 6- figures just to get started! Another problem may be that there needs to be an approval of assets by the company itself..meaning that if the person’s financials aren’t in tip top shape, they could possible be denied. And so on.. But think of your target market and what they always complain about, what they are always asking questions about. That is how to best create your list of 10 problems. What are some possible solutions for them? As you know, as an entrepreneur, we get paid to solve problems in the market place. And now that you have identified 10 problems, your job is to present viable solutions. Now, in comprising a list of solutions, think outside your offering.Ask your self, WHO is your target market? Think in terms of anything and everything that could possibleWho are the people you are trying to reach? Don’t shortcut offer a solution.on this one, because if you are vague in WHO you want to sell For example, using the potential franchise owner market, ato, HOW you reach them will seem virtually impossible. So be problem was the high capital investment. A solution could becrystal clear. that they purchase an existing offline business at a discount by finder a motivated business seller. Another solution could beDemographic type questions. that they simply start an online business for just about $5k.What is their occupation? How old are they? What type of You catch my drift?income do they make yearly? Where do they live? Whateducational level have they attained? And so on. People respond better when they believe you have their best interest in mind…and not just only your product as the onlyAnswer those, clearly and precisely. Be very specific. Everyone thing ever!does not need nor want what you have, even if YOU believethey do. Marketing is about what THEY want and supplying Do not be self-serving in this step. You must train yourself toit to them, NOT about what you think they should have and think as your ideal customer is thinking so that you can bettertrying to convince them they need it. Big difference. People service them down the line.who grasp this succeed while the rest do not. Create a list of 10 solutions.Psycho-graphic questions. What do they want?What are their interests? What hobbies do they enjoy? What Now that you know your market, their problems and somebooks and magazines do they buy and subscribe to? What possible solutions, it’s time to step into their shoes for ahave they previously purchased that is similar to what you are moment.offering them? What is it that this market ultimately wants?The answers to these questions will help you identify whatpeople like and don’t like. The answers will help you see if they In keeping with the example at hand, I would say that ourhas been a pattern in buying solutions like the one you provide market really wants a turn-key business (which is why mostto help them solve the problem they have. These answers can run to franchises in the first place), with low-start-up, witheven assist you in recognizing your target market’s beliefs and greater returns. I would also say that they want to havemorals…even the dreams they have. another stream of income generated without them necessarily having to be present.Keep in mind…no matter what…Trying to sell to everybody isactually selling to nobody! See what I mean?So resist the temptation of simply going with “Everybody” as What people are struggling with, coupled with what they want,your target market. Trust me, if you do, the rest of the steps is where you become the middle man..the marketer..the onewill be a living hell for you, lol! who shows them a better way. 2
  3. 3. Nailing down a list of 10 things your market really wants willgive you the ammunition to give them a solution tailored toHOW thy want it and can best receive your solution.Having a clear vision on who your target market is as wellas the problems and potential solutions for that market isimportant because it helps you to KNOW WHO you are talkingto and WHAT it is they are actually looking to solve. Knowingwhat they want helps you give it to them!! Simple as that.Once you have Step 1 completed, you will be ready to craft outPart 2..which is The Message!And we will be going over The Message in tomorrow’s post!Be sure to come back here then so we can move you on to thenext step with ease!!Yet, before you go, please take a moment and leave a commentbelow with your thoughts about how going through thisprocess and even how just this step can be of help to you!See you tomorrow!To your success,~Tracey Walker 3