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Mldp information tp september 2012


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Mldp information tp september 2012

  1. 1. Middle Leader Development Programme Leadership Challenge
  2. 2. Stage of the Date Time Audience Focus areas programmeStage 1 Preparing to Wednesday Twilight Participants Session 1 start the 7th November 2012 4-6pm and Coaches - Overview of MLDP programme - Introductions - Coaching techniques - What you may expect from your coach - Familiarisation with the online facilities - Completing the diagnostic Wednesday Twilight Participants Session 2 21th Nov. 2012 4-6pm - The journey - Examining your diagnostic - Introduction to Stage 2 Stage 2 Learning Wednesday Twilight Participants Session 3 about the 5th December 2012 4-6pm Module 1: Leading and managing the organisation leadership of teaching and learning Wednesday Twilight Participants Session 4 9th January 4-6pm Module 2: Leading in a diverse system 2013 Wednesday Twilight Participants Session 5 30th January 4-6pm Module 3: Leading teaching and learning 2013 Wednesday Twilight Participants Session 6 27th February 2013 4-6pm Module 4: Leading people and effective teams Wednesday Twilight Participants Session 7 20th March 4-6pm Module 5: Leading change and continuous improvement 2013 Wednesday Twilight Participants Session 8 17th April 2013 4-6pm Module 6: Developing your own leadership potential
  3. 3. Stage 3 Wednesday 8th May Twilight Participants Sessions 9The leadership 2013 4-6 Planning Your Leadership Challenge Presentation challenge Wednesday 22nd Twilight Participants and Session 10 May 2013 4-6pm Coaches ‘Coaches Cafe’ – advice and support from facilitators and coaches regarding your leadership challenge and learning journal Wednesday 19th Twilight Participants Session 11 June 4-6pm ‘Mock’ presentations’Stage 4 Week commencing TBA Participants, Coaches Session 12Impact and next steps 8th July 2013 and Various Deliver presentations to VIPs SLT The venues for the sessions will be S.T.M and Bedford Free School.
  4. 4. What’s Involved in MLDP?Participants will: •Attend “face to face” sessions within the cluster – 12 twilight sessions – over a 10 month period •Work closely with a trained “Learning Coach” to support their development •Complete a focused project within school and present this Leadership challenge to their school and at a Dissemination event (July 2013) •Participate in a range of personal learning and reflection activities - possibly including online activities, discussion, visits to other schools etc.
  5. 5. Improvement Planning Process Partnership & CollaborationSelf Review and Evaluation CPD Pathways
  6. 6. Middle Leader Development Programme
  7. 7. Stage 4 Evaluation of ImpactRaised Standards (Narrower gap!) Learning Community
  8. 8. Role of the Facilitator
  9. 9. Role of the Learning Coach/Colleague
  10. 10. Role of the Participant
  11. 11. MLDP Steps to Success
  12. 12. Stage 4