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4. record labels and permission


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4. record labels and permission

  1. 1. Record Labels1 lesson
  2. 2.  A record label is a brand associated with the marketing ofmusic recordings and music videos. A record label is the company that coordinates the production, manufacture and distribution ofmusic Markets and promotes the artist/song Enforces copyright protection of songs and music videos Conducts talent scouting and development of new artists Maintains contracts with recording artists and their managers.
  3. 3.  There are two main types of record labels major labelsand independent labels. Within the music industry; most recording artists havebecome increasingly reliant upon record labels tobroaden their consumer base, market their albums, andbe both promoted and heard on mp3, radio, etc. and ofcourse television also, with publicists that assistperformers in positive media reports to market theirmerchandise, and make it available via stores and othermedia outlets. The Internet has increasingly been a waythat some artists avoid costs and gain new audiences, aswell as the use of videos in some cases, to sell theirproducts.
  4. 4. YourTask1. Research what record labels are and what they do and give me a short explanation.2. Decide whether your artist would be signed to a major or independent record label and tell me why.3. What existing record label would your artist be most suited to?4. Tell me a brief history of the record label you think your artist is best suited to. What are their origins?What other artists do they have signed? Do they specialise in certain type of music or do they have avery broad genre base?5. What is copyright and how are the record labels responsible for this?6. What do you need to consider as you are using copyrighted music? What are you not allowed to dowith your music video? What can you do?7. How are you going to use what you have learned about record labels and copyright in yourproductions? e.g. adding the logo to the digipack and advert. Copyright logos etc.8. You can present this in any way you wish. Remember it needs to look engaging. Do not do a page withonly text. Use the CREATIVE IDEAS tab to give you some ideas.
  5. 5. Your Record Label What is your record label called? Design a logo for this label Tell me a history of the label. What are its origins? What other artists would they like to sign? Are they independent or a major label?
  6. 6. Permission To show that you understand the copyrightimplications for the industry. Write a letter/email tothe record label that owns the song that you areusing asking them for permission to use it for yourmedia production and that you are not using it forpromotion or to earn money.