3. genre research and audience expectations


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3. genre research and audience expectations

  1. 1. Genre Research and AudienceExpectations2 Lessons
  2. 2. How doaudiencesuse genres?
  3. 3. Genre Research You should by now know what song you are goingto make a music video for and therefore you nowknow what genre you should be researching. The following slides have the instructions for thetasks you are to complete for this post. There ismore than one part to this task you must completethem all.NB: All of the research in this task is based on the onegenre of your song you have chosen
  4. 4. Part A: Create a word cloud for your genre.Create a word cloud filled with all of the conventions of your genre.You should comment on colors, setting. Costume, props, bodylanguage, pace, editing and anything else that you would expect tosee in a music video of your genre. It should include at least 30 words A word cloud can be created on a website called Wordle.
  5. 5. Part B: Genre DevelopmentQuestions you need to answer:1. Where did this genre originate? What are its roots? Give me some examplesof early artists from this genre.2. How has the genre evolved over time?3. How are the artists in this genre represented? Are they sex symbols? Arethey talented musicians? Are they role models? Etc4. What are the main ideologies represented in current music videos of thisgenre? Can you suggest reasons for these ideologies linking it to the historyof the genre that you have just researched? E.g Hip hop videos oftenrepresent that if you have money you are successful and will have womenthrowing themselves at you. That drug taking is an acceptable leisureactivity. That you should display your wealth through clothing, excessivejewellery and flash cars. That women are objects and misogynistic attitudestowards them is normal and acceptable.
  6. 6. Part B: Cont…5. Give me some examples of contemporary artists that fit very conventionallywithin that genre.6. Embed a YouTube video of a music video that exemplifies what you have justfound out in your research about the genre. I.e. pick a very conventionalvideo.7. What do you need to consider when making your own music video of thisgenre based on the conventions you have discovered? Which ones inparticular are you going to use?
  7. 7. Part C: Audience Expectations Create a vox pop of people telling you what theyexpect to see in a music video of your genre. Make each persons answer short and snappy. Weonly need to hear you ask them the question oncefollowed by numerous responses by the people youhave asked.
  8. 8. Part D: Reflection What have you learned from your research into thehistory of the genre? Do your audience expect the same things from yourgenre or do they have very different opinions?
  9. 9. Ways of presenting your workMake your work MULTIMEDIA images, text, videos etc.