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Presentation on Google, Content Marketing, Social Media ROI, and Groupon

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Paiitakingsocialmediatothenextlevel 110111120414 Phpapp02

  1. 1. Recent Google Changes and the Importanceof Social Media and Content Marketing onCustomer AcquisitionMike MerrillDirector of Marketing@MikeDMerrill#PAIIJanuary 11th, 2011
  2. 2. Agenda•  Google 2011: 10 Things you Need to Know•  The Value of Content Marketing•  Social Media and ROI•  10 Basic Ways to Improve SEO of Blogging•  What You Need to Know about Group Deals
  3. 3. Google 2011: 10 Things You NeedTo Know
  4. 4. In Google We Trust
  5. 5. Google is Facing Competition for Advertising•  In 2011, local online advertising is forecast to grow nearly 18 percent to $16.1 billion•  Facebook Surpasses Google In “Time Spent” On Site Domestically•  Facebook Accounts for 25% of All U.S. Pageviews•  Groupon rejects Googles $6 Billion offer•  Yelp has grown to over 29 million unique users per month
  6. 6. In 2011, local online advertising isforecast to grow nearly 18 percentto $16.1 billion#PAII via @MikeDMerrill
  7. 7. 1. New Google Place Search Local  results   from  Google   Mostly  local   results  from  Web  •  Local  Results  Now  Fill  the  page   •  7  Pack  Gone  •  Relevant  Review  Sites  Included   •  Scrolling  Map  on  the  Right  •  Bumps  results  off  page  1   •  Right  Column  Adwords  pushed  down  
  8. 8. 2. New Emphasis on Organic Ranking•  All  results  for  individual  businesses  now  determined  by   organic  search  rank  •  Makes  it  much  more  criHcal  for  businesses  to  increase   efforts  to  rank  higher  organically  
  9. 9. 3. Third Party Directories & Publishers Impacted Only  the  Top  Directories  will  Remain  on  Page  1  
  10. 10. 4. Fully Built Out Place Page Critical
  11. 11. 5. All Customer Reviews in One Snapshot
  12. 12. 6. Google Tags – Make Your Listing Stand Out •  Yellow  markers  allow   promoHon  of  specific   aspect  of  business   •  Promote  a  specific  offer   •  Makes  lisHng  standout   •  Adds  more  info  to  lisHng   •  Do  not  affect  rank  of   lisHng   •  Valid  only  on  PIN  verified   Google  Places  lisHngs   •  Flat  $25  /  month  
  13. 13. 7. Google Boost – Premium Place Listing
  14. 14. 8. HotPot •  Personalized  recommendaHon   engine   •  Allows  Google  to  acquire  more   reviews  on  places   •  UI  aimed  at  average  users  
  15. 15. 9. Marissa Mayer Now Heads Location •  Leading  Exec  lead  Search   for  11  Years   •  Move  Signals  Importance   of  Local  and  Mobile   Search  
  16. 16. 10. Google Attempts to Purchase Groupon •  Google  recognizes  threat  of  Groupon  to  local   business  ads   •  Building  sales  force  in  Tempe,  AZ  recognizing  self-­‐ service  model  for  SMBs  not  working   •  Could  leverage  Place  Pages  for  deals  
  17. 17. The Value of Content Marketing
  18. 18. You Need a Dynamic Web Presence to be Found You Have: a static website & one way to be found You Need: a fresh Web Presence & many ways to be foundYour  Sites   Local  Directories   Social  Media   Content  Sites   More Quality Content Published in More Places = More Customers
  19. 19. Quality Content Powers Your Web Presence 5 1 Business listens Business creates and engages quality content Housebreaking Thanks for your Your Dog comments. What’s worked for you? PUBLISH Great advice!4 2 Consumers Content published I’m going comment, like, to try this! & indexed across review & share the web Me too! Housebreaking Your Dog 3 Consumers discover while searching, surfing & socializing
  20. 20. More Content in More Places GetsYou More Customers!#PAII via @MikeDMerrill
  21. 21. Web Presence Benefits More Content. More Places. More Customers. Business   Business   Listens  &   Creates   Engages   Content   Consumers   Content   Comment  &   Published  &   Share   Indexed   Social Search Discovery Consumers   Discovery Discover   Reputation Increase your online word- Improve your reputation by owning Increase your of-mouth through quality the shelf space on search engines discoverability on search content that is shared and review sites when consumers engines with fresh content across the social web. search for your name. on more sites.
  22. 22. What Is Quality Content? Content created by you Sites & Blogs Directory listings Real-time updates Photos Videos $ Thanks Offers Products Comments Thanks Replies Content created by others SHARE WoM Links Reviews Referrals Shares & Likes Comments
  23. 23. Where to start with contentMake a goal to:•  Post on your blog once a week•  Tweet once a day•  Post something on Facebook page once a day•  Have a complete Google Places Page with images and a video•  Monitor your business name with Google Alerts Don’t  Give  Up  
  24. 24. What Do I Write AboutPlan Your Posts in Advance•  Local Events such as festivals•  Harvest times of local fruits and vegetables and related recipes•  Hobbies•  Customer Guest posts with their images•  New Packages offered•  Any Inn Renovations or Upgrades – images/video•  Positive reviews by guests•  Favorite local restaurants, breweries, activities
  25. 25. Social Media Measurement & ROI
  26. 26. I Know I Saw My ROIAround Here Somewhere
  27. 27. The Equation (Gain from Investment – Cost of Investment) ROI= Cost of Investment Profit Investment •  Cause  or  Correlation    
  28. 28. What is your Financial Goal?Increase Revenue•  Increase in new customers•  Increase in average revenue per sale•  Increase in revenue from existing customersReduce Costs•  Lower Cost of Customer Acquisition•  Lower Cost of Customer Service
  29. 29. Evolution of Measurement Non Financial Non Financial Non Financial Offsite Website Conversions §  Clickthroughs §  Unique Visitors §  Contact form §  Facebook Fans §  Page Views §  Inbound Calls §  Facebook §  Time on Site §  Downloads Comments §  PageRank §  Event §  Twitter Followers Registrations §  Retweets §  Opt-in to email §  YouTube Views §  Subscribe to §  YouTube Blog Comments §  Register for §  Sentiment Online §  Mentions Community Ø  Social §  Employment Ø  Press Apps §  In-Store Visits §  Support Calls §  Returns
  30. 30. Map Activity Timeline Adapted  from  Olivier  Blanchard  at     hp://   Overlay non-financial and financial to activity # of transactions, in store visits, coupon redemptions, Revenue
  31. 31. Define Your Success Metrics Adapted  from  Olivier  Blanchard  at     hp://  
  32. 32. Case Study - Large 4 YR University in OK Increase in Web Visits Increase in Twitter followers Increase in Revenue
  33. 33. Look for correlation by overlayingsocial media metrics with financialmetrics over the same time period#PAII via @MikeDMerrill
  34. 34. Lifetime Customer Value What  is  the  value  of  a  new  customer?   Total •  Initial  sale   Revenue •  Repeat  business   •  Up-­‐sell     •  Referrals   Knowing  this  value  helps  you…   •  Determine  how  much  to  spend  to  get  a  new   customer   •  Focus  your  marketing  budget  on  the  most     cost-­‐effective  tactics   •  Develop  plans  to  increase  repeat  business   Years •  Create  programs  to  reward  customer  loyalty   •  Offer  incentives  to  drive  referrals  
  35. 35. Lifetime Customer Value - Example Avg. sale per customer $100   Avg. repeat sales/year 6  x  $100  =  $600   Avg. years as customer 3  x  $600  =  $1,800   Special one-time purchases $100   Lifetime customer sales $1,900   Avg. value of referrals 2  x  $1,900  =  $3,800   Total lifetime customer sales $5,700   Gross profit margin 30%   Lifetime customer value $1,710   Program cost $2,500   Customers to break even 2  
  36. 36. In  order  to  measure  ROI  of  marketing  investments,  you  need  to  know  Lifetime  Customer  Value  #PAII via @MikeDMerrill
  37. 37. Basic Online Metrics Adapted  from  Paul  Gillen  at     hp://­‐ markeHng-­‐roi-­‐yes-­‐you-­‐can   Lifetime Customer (Revenue x Longevity) x Margin Value New Customers Conversion Rate Visits / Leads Value of a Visitor x Conversion Rate x LCV Visit / Lead
  38. 38. Applying ROI to Value of a Visitor Adapted  from  Paul  Gillen  at     hp://­‐ markeHng-­‐roi-­‐yes-­‐you-­‐can   Monthly  Visitors   10,000   Conversion  Rate   5%   LifeHme  Customer  Value   $5,000   CalculaHon   10,000  *  .05  *  $5,000   Value  of  each  visitor   $25  
  39. 39. Value  of a Blog Adapted  from  Paul  Gillen  at     hp://­‐ markeHng-­‐roi-­‐yes-­‐you-­‐can   Monthly  Search  Traffic   5,000   EsHmated  Traffic  w/Blog   6,000   Value  of  a  visitor   $25   Monthly  value  of  a  Blog  (25x1000)   $25,000   Monthly  Blog  Expense   $6,000   ($25,000 – $6,000) ROI= 316% $6,000
  40. 40. 10 Basic Ways To Improve SEO of Blogging"
  41. 41. 1. Define 3-5 Keywords to Target •  Start  out  by  focusing  on  3-­‐5  Keywords  to  drive  impact   over  Hme     •  Next  idenHfy  the  target  keyword  for  each  blog  post       •  Recognize  opportuniHes  for  dominaHng  a  local  keyword  in   your  market  
  42. 42. 2. Ensure Target Keyword is In Headline Earlier in the Headline the Better!
  43. 43. 3. Include Keyword 2-3 Times in 1st Paragraph
  44. 44. 4. Include Keyword 2-3 times in Remaining Text Target Keyword Density is less than 5.5% of all Words!
  45. 45. 5. Add a Hyperlink in Every Post to an Existing Post Also include a Hyperlink in first Paragraph!
  46. 46. 6. Rename Image Details to Target Keyword File name is keyword as well!
  47. 47. 7. Ideal Length is 300+ Words per Post •  Makes  it  easier  to  idenHfy  keywords   •  Need  enough  copy  for  Google  to  assess  context  
  48. 48. 8. Use Alt-Text Keywords in Every Hyperlink Take the Time to Include Alt-Text with Keyword!
  49. 49. 9. Include 1 Outbound Link With Keyword in Alt-Text Tips  Courtesy  of  Scribe  for  SEO  at  hp://     •  Include  one  hyperlink  for  every  120  words  of  body   content  spread  out  evenly  down  the  page.       •  For  example,  500  words  of  content  should  include  5   hyperlinks  with  approximately  each  paragraph  containing   one  hyperlink.       •  Be  sure  not  to  “spam”  or  “keyword  stuff”  your  content   with  a  paragraph  of  keywords  linked  to  the  same  web   page  over  and  over  again.  
  50. 50. 10. Use Keyword and Relevant Tags Tags should include target keywords and related terms in body!
  51. 51. Summary of Tips1.  Define  3-­‐5  Target  Keywords  2.  Ensure  Target  Keyword  is  In  Headline  3.  Include  Keyword  2-­‐3  Times  in  1st  Paragraph  4.  Include  Keyword  Once  In  Each  Remaining  Paragraphs  5.  Add  a  Hyperlink  in  Every  Post  to  ExisHng  Post  6.  Rename  Image  Files  to  Target  Keyword  7.  Ideally  300+  Words  per  Post  8.  Use  Alt-­‐Text  Keywords  in  Every  Hyperlink  9.  Include  a  Minimum  of  1  Outbound  Link  With  Keywords  in   Alt-­‐Text  10. Use  Keyword  and  Relevant  Tags  
  52. 52. What you Need to Know aboutGroup Deals
  53. 53. The Group Deals Model•  Unbelievable deal emailed to millions•  Shared socially to hit minimum (Tipped)•  Receive 50% of cash collected•  Paid over 90 days typically in 3 payments•  Deal company chooses deals best for them Don’t miss Thursday’s Session with By the Side of the Road B&B in Harrisonburg, VA
  54. 54. Typical Deal Emailed to CustomizableHighly millions offer detailscompellingoffer Shared with friendsDrivessignificantnew salesActivatesat minimumquantity
  55. 55. How it Works with Groupon•  Your offer is a voucher worth $500•  The voucher is sold for $239•  100 vouchers at $239 sold in 72 hours −  $239 x 100 vouchers = $23,900 −  You earn $11,950 −  $3,984 is paid to you within 15 days −  $7,966 is paid to you (less fees) within 90 days in two payments Each customer may also spend •  Package Upgrade •  Room Upgrade •  Food Upgrade •  Products – Tshirts, mugs, etc
  56. 56. Upside and Downside of Group Deals •  Immediate  cash  injecHon   •  Brands  your  name  in  front  of  potenHally   Upside millions  of  customers   •  No  upfront  adverHsing  costs   •  Brings  in  lots  of  customers  fast  –  most  new   •  Brings  in  unprofitable  business   •  Aracts  a  large  number  of  customers   Downside (customer  service  issues)   •  Customers  are  transacHonal/cost  sensiHve   •  Could  hurt  brand  if  normally  don’t  discount  
  57. 57. 3 Tips When Considering a Group Deal1.  Plan  ahead  and  be  prepared   •  Limit  quanHty   •  Off  season  2.  Get  Repeat  Business  &  Upsell   •  Secure  email  address  at  check-­‐in   •  Make  sure  their  stay  is  flawless   •  Master  the  art  of  the  upsell  at  booking  and  check-­‐in  3.  Understand  the  Financials     •  Make  sure  to  cover  variable  costs   •  Know  the  LifeHme  Value  of  a  Customer  
  58. 58. Ways to Increase Average Revenue Per Customer•  Bundled Packages –  Snow Skiing –  Mancations –  Romantic/Valentines –  Girls Weekend•  Food Baskets Waynesville,  NC   –  Wine and Cheese –  Snack Basket –  Picnic bundles –  Sweets•  Fresh local flowers in room•  Bundle Personal Training or Spa Services
  59. 59. Let s  Connect  and  Follow  Each  Other   @MikeDMerrill    @ReachCast