WITI summit recap 2013


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WITI summit recap 2013

  1. 1. WITI Summit 2013 Recap
  2. 2. WITI SUMMIT RECAP• Santa Clara, June 2-4• Amazing speakers from Ford,McKessen, AT&T, TechZulu,Comcast, ancestry.com, Qualcom,CA Technologies, PayPal,Standord University, EMC, Apple,Intel and IBM• Talks about how to become anexecutive, being a femalemanager/coach, enchantingpeople, innovation, new upcomingtechnology, social media,networking, mobile app workshopand affecting youth for IT careersJen Terry-TharpeAT&T Director ofTalent Recuitment
  3. 3. The fast track to the C Suite• Barbara Trautlein, Ph.D.,Principal, Change Catalysts, LLC• Cynthia Stoddard, CIO, NetApp• Laura Sanders, General Mgr.,Delivery Engineering/Technology;CTO, Global Technology Services,IBM Corporation, and 2013 WITIHall of Fame Honoree• Lisa McVey, CIO, EnterpriseInformation Systems, EnterpriseMedical Imaging, Automation,McKesson Corporation, and 2013WITI Hall of Fame Honoree• Penny Herscher, CEO/President,FirstRain• Anna Baird, CFO, Say Media• "Align your career strategy with company strategy. Getout of your comfort zone & dont be afraid to walk awayfrom anything"• "Staying comfortable doing a good job, wont get youahead. Be willing to take risks"• "When positions open up, dont expect anyone toapproach you about it. Have the courage to ask for whatyou WANT!"• "Obstacles are inevitable, dont wait for it pass.You willmiss great opportunity. Face the fear and move forward."
  4. 4. Social Analytics• IBM APP: EXPERTISE LOCATOR -combinessocial media, big data and analytics• Understand your customers—andemployees—better than the competition.• Take the guesswork out of decision making.• Collaborate to share insights and solve realbusiness problems.• Capture customer sentiment and behavior toconvert leads to effective messaging,campaigns and new sales.• Whitepaper: http://ibm.co/11En5qVSandy CarterIBM VP Software BusinessPartners & Mid-market
  5. 5. Guy Kawasaki• Former Apple, now Google evangelist• Enchanting people is about giving"be the baker not the eater"• If you want to be trusted, trust othersfirst• Perfect your service or products.Enchanting customers with #crapdoesnt work.• Do something DICEE! Deep,Intelligent, Complete, Empoweringand Elegant.• Book http://t.co/QLO6uhUYaPGuy KawasakiGoogle Evangelist &Author of "Enchantment"
  6. 6. Chatty, Charming &Cheerful• Attitude is everything. Be kind.• Ask questions. Push vs. Pull.• The best product wins.• Do a job you love.• Have a passion outside of work.• Be patient. Your career is amarathon.• A soccer mom RUNS the F150product - dont make assumptionsabout anyone or thing.Amy MarenticGroup Marketing ManagerFord Motor Company
  7. 7. Key Take Aways• To avoid male exclusion, develop personal relationships with male co-workers, ask for coachingor advice in areas they excel and find a common ground. • Women usually wait to be asked .... YOU MUST ASK for the raise, promotion or mentoring.• Branding is your reputation and be aware of what you put on social media may been seen.• As a manager, spend more time teaching than doing/correcting. The key is to delegate.• As a manager, constantly practice active listening and meet often to establish communicationand trust. • Your personal alliances matter, take time to cultivate friends and mentors.• Its better to be kind and ask questions- than too direct, be a giver and encourager - than to be adoer/taker. • Get out of your comfort zone, meet new people because we NEED people partners to help usgrow... and our best growth comes from our biggest struggles.
  8. 8. More take aways• Focus on how to align your professional goals to help the company achieve its goals.• Meet with people when you DONt need them so you have a relationship established andyou arent just meeting them when you need something.• Focus on presenting solutions instead of the problems.• Catty is a word from 1950, shouldnt even exist in your vocabulary today or thoughts.Your playing small doesnt serve the world• Women are collaborators, leverage this to help each other grow your careers.• Everyday, bring yourself to serve and be thankful. It will immediately shift your motivation,mood and perspective.• Balance is different for everyone. You know when you are not balanced. When you are...think will this matter to this person in a year to help you prioritize.
  9. 9. We invite you to join us next year to the conference and meet amazing womenwith real insights to help you advance your career.