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Skills For Scientists Poster


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Poster presentation for the OER Programme Meeting on October 20, 2009.

'Skills for Scientists' is the title of the OER project managed by the Higher Education Academy Physics Sciences Centre

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Skills For Scientists Poster

  1. 1. <br />Skills<br />for<br />Physics<br />Chemistry<br />Forensic Science<br />Scientists<br />Subject Strand<br />
  2. 2. Aim<br />Promote awareness and active involvement in OER in the physical sciences community<br />Objectives<br /><ul><li> promote culture change
  3. 3. develop a supported approach for people</li></ul> wanting to develop OER <br /><ul><li> provide a range of OER for the physical </li></ul> sciences community <br />Discipline specific skills<br />Experimentation skills<br />Maths skills<br />Professional skills<br />Public engagement skills<br />Skills<br />for<br />See a connection?<br />Tracey Madden<br /><br /> home/projects/skillsforscientists<br />Scientists<br />