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Academy Conference 2010 - Skills for Scientists poster


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Details of the 'Skills for Scientists' project. Part of the Academy/JISC OER Programme.

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Academy Conference 2010 - Skills for Scientists poster

  1. 1. Physics Skills Chemistry Astronomy for Forensic Science Scientists Aim: What are OER? Promote awareness and active involvement in OER in the physical Open educational resources (OER) are teaching and learning sciences community materials typified by having an open licence (one that means no fee or royalty will be due for use of the material.) Resources are Project Lead: already being shared between academics. The advantage to UK Physical Sciences Centre offering your resources for reuse as OER is that you can stipulate Project Partners: how they should be reused (e.g. if changes are permissible). The University of Edinburgh advantages to reusing OER is that you can avoid ‘reinventing the 1 University of Hull wheel’ but still be sure that you are not infringing copyright when University of Leeds you reuse someone else’s work. University of Leicester University of Liverpool What is the Skills for Scientists project? Loughborough University University of Manchester This project has been supporting academics at a range of HEIs to Newcastle University develop the necessary knowledge to release their physical Open University sciences educational resources as OER. University of Plymouth University of Reading Sheffield Hallam University What did Project Members do to produce OER? 2 University of Southampton Each Project Member, usually the author of the resource, had to Staffordshire University Universidade de A Coruña go through four key steps: The Institute of Physics The Royal Society of Chemistry check the resource for accessibility (content and format) ensure the copyright holder(s) agree to the release OER Released: add metadata (data about the resource e.g. author) to the To date, material equivalent to over 600 resource credits has been released through this share the resources using open repositories and/or Web 2.0 project. Links to these OER can be found tools on our website What are the results of the Skills for Scientists project? home/projects/skillsforscientists 3 Further Information: This project has meant that, to date, the equivalent of 600+ credits of teaching and learning material across the physical Full details of this project can be found on our website sciences has been released as OER. Not only this, involvement in the project has meant that the issue of open release has been home/projects/skillsforscientists raised and discussed in many institutions and staff are now able to produce and release OER in the future and support their Funding: colleagues in doing the same. Skills for Scientists was funded by HEFCE through the Academy/JISC OER Programme OER released by the Skills for Scientists project The 70+ OER released through the project cover a range of skills in 4 the physical sciences. Some examples are pictured on the right: 1. Mathematics for Chemistry Workbook (University of Manchester) 2. Interactive Screen Experiments - How to Use a Vernier Scale (Open University) 3. Interdisciplinary Science - Habitable Worlds (University of Leicester) UK Physical Sciences Centre 4. ChemTube3D (University of Liverpool) Department of Chemistry 5. Law-Forensic Science Crime Scenario (Staffordshire University of Hull University) Hull HU6 7RX The OER can be found on JorumOpen ( 5 Tel: 01482 465418 Fax: 01482 465418 – type sfsoer into the Search box for a complete list. Email: