Social media for customer services


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Presentation given at a New Zealand Local Government Customer Service Conference.

Case study on how Northland Regional Council are using social media plus some thoughts o trends in the UK that culd be coming our way.

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  • What is social media Look at what we have been doing with social media What comes next Where to start
  • In New Zealand: There are 1.65 million people or 72% of social network users on Facebook . That means the total number of social network users in New Zealand is about 2.3 million people . The total Internet population of New Zealand was 3.5 million as of 2009.  Assuming a nominal growth rate of 5%, the 2010 figure is around 3.675 million people. Therefore,  62% of the internet population are social network users . Bebo  is in steady decline as its audience migrates to Facebook. However, for now, Bebo is still more popular than Myspace. 
  • BT – 10 in their twitter team AT & T – 14 twitter accounts & 15 Reps
  • Twelpforce is a new service from Best Buy for people to ask tech questions to Best Buy employees via micro blogging site Twitter. After 1 year: As of 8/11/10, they have provided over 32,000 answers to customers. Program sentiment is averaging about 5/1 positive, which means it seems people like the value and contribution we’re making. Average response time is around 15 minutes…excellent measure of engagement They’re approaching 2,700 sign ups, and new members are joining every day. One of their first learnings was that they needed to be OK with the fact that there’s simply no way to organize an effort like this behind closed doors. They compared it to getting dressed in a glass house.  Everyone sees everything !
  • The basic idea is to tap into the collective intelligence of the public at large to complete business-related tasks that a company would normally either perform itself or outsource to a third-party provider.
  • Web based customer support software that helps you keep track of the conversations you have with customers online.
  • Goals: Use twitter as an early warning system to identify issues Help customers where we can Engage a different part of the community Provide a more convenient service Add value: Share your thoughts, observations and trends Use your own voice rather than corporate speak Offer to help Be realistic: You can’t control the interaction In NZ you may not have the large numbers yet that overseas councils have But every follower is one more engaged customer
  • I have a twitter list called “SM for customer service” if you want to hear more tweets from around the world about the impact of social media on customer service
  • Social media for customer services

    1. 1. Delivering customer service through Social Media .
    2. 2. What is Social Media ?
    3. 3. Victorian era tea, Napier, NZ (1888) Source: National Library of NZ photostream on Flickr: What are you doing later? Might go hunting moa. I love your hat! Where did you get it? My neighbour recommended the place to me. I think your hat is ridiculous!
    4. 4. Our journey so far ...
    5. 5. It’s all about experimenting Photo source: Tactica Interactive Communications
    6. 6. Tweet dreams
    7. 7. The average age of a Twitter user is 39 years old .  Brian Solis - digital analyst, sociologist and futurist Connect Now 2010
    8. 8. Use for: Live coverage, news, events, alerts, giveaways, feedback
    9. 9. <ul><li> </li></ul>
    10. 11. Civil Defence alerts
    11. 12. Publish tips and facts
    12. 13. Live stream events
    13. 14. Ask for help or ideas
    14. 15. Thank those that help
    15. 16. Link to photos
    16. 17. Respond to queries
    17. 18. Go behind-the-scenes
    18. 19. On the face of it
    19. 20. The average age of a Facebook user is 38 years old .  Brian Solis - digital analyst, sociologist and futurist Connect Now 2010
    20. 21. Percentage of NZ population active on Facebook: 75 %  Matt Hehman, Director of Facebook Australia & New Zealand Jericho Brainy Breakfast, 13 July 2010
    21. 22. Use for: Events, brands, campaigns, interactions, contests, issues
    22. 26. Councils can’t ignore Social Media .
    23. 30. Facebook structure Profile Pages Page admins
    24. 31. We are also LinkedIn
    25. 32. Use for: Professional networking, groups, recruitment
    26. 33. How do we manage it all ?
    27. 34. My daily 10mins <ul><li>take one platform at a time </li></ul><ul><li>alternate between platforms daily </li></ul><ul><li>respond to your fans & followers first </li></ul><ul><li>quiet day? reach out! </li></ul><ul><li>focus on one or two actions per day </li></ul>
    28. 35. New team structure  Community Relations Web Events Customer Services Online & Customer Services
    29. 36. Power to our people  Social media 101 presentation  Policy and guidelines  Empower and enable - Set up as page admins - Set up tweetdeck
    30. 38. Trends coming our way ?
    31. 39. Carphone Warehouse (UK) I have a complaint or query to make Email Letter Company web site Twitter Facebook ComplaintCommunity Plebble GetSatisfaction Call MyBlog resolution vs identification Store @guyatcarphone Other people YouTube/cpwhelp Carphone Warehouse help blog
    32. 40. Carphone Warehouse (UK) @CPWCares 8 Fanatical Support agents + 1 insurance agent (@cpwcares) responding to issues on Twitter, Facebook, ComplaintCommunity, Plebble, blogs etc. Dedicated social media email address: Customer service issues handled via Twitter Orders, repairs, chequeback, billing, PUK codes, disconnection, data support for O2-CPW (MMS, web settings, BB can’t send emails), insurance-related issues, complaints (general), tariff (can I use free minutes to call overseas)
    33. 42. Twelpforce
    34. 43. “ Crowdsourcing”
    35. 44. ComplaintCommunity
    36. 45. FixMyStreet
    37. 46. Managing it all Get a twicket for your tweet Zendesk
    38. 47.
    39. 48. What can you do ?
    40. 49. Are you listening ?
    41. 50. alerts
    42. 51. youropenbook .org
    43. 53. Then what ? <ul><li>Set some goals </li></ul><ul><li>Start to participate </li></ul><ul><li>Create internal partnerships & empower staff </li></ul><ul><li>Add value to your followers </li></ul><ul><li>Be realistic </li></ul>
    44. 54. “ Social media customer service… … the revolution is in the mindset not the  tools . ”  Guy Stephens, Foviance
    45. 55. Resources   My thanks to – Guy Stephens
    46. 56. Thanks. Tracey Morris Online and Customer Services Senior Programme Manager 0800 002 004 @sportsgirlnz @nrcexpress