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Tracey Ellis: Philosophy of a Marketing Executrix


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Tracey Ellis: Philosophy of a Marketing Executrix

  1. 1. Tracey EllisThe Philosophy of a Marketing Executrix
  2. 2. Topics About Marketology The Formula Get Started The Process Results Whats Next Tracey Ellis  Strategic Marketing Executrix
  3. 3. About Tracey Ellis+10 Years in Marketing and SalesSpecialize in Strategy, Planning and ExecutionMBARecent Awards: Crains BtoB Top 10 Websites  Frost and Sullivan ProductStrategy of the Year Award  Intermec Innovator of the YearFor more details you can download my resume Click Here
  4. 4. Marketology Its part science, its part art, its part seat-of-your-pants genius… and its not easy.People are inundated with information everyday – and in order to cut throughthe noise you need to know how to get noticed. Getting the right content, infront of the right person at the right time. A general understanding ofmarketing concepts does not a successful marketer make. Rather, you needto have that basis, balanced with a budget commitment, the ability to integratenew cutting edge ideas to drive results and PASSION.A job in marketing requires three key things: wide open eyes, an open mindand raw honesty. At a high-level it is a science. At a mid level it is art. And ata detailed level it is genius. Tracey Ellis  Strategic Marketing Executrix
  5. 5. The FormulaYou start with an overall company objective. For this example we willassume the goal is to increase revenue for the year by $1,000,000.A few assumptions: Average Deal Size $50,000 Historical Win Conversion Ratio 1 in 4 or 25% Historical Lead to Oppty Conversion Ratio 1 in 25 Quality Lead Ratio 1 in 10Equation This ExampleRevenue Goal/Average Deal Size $1,000,000/$50,000 = 20 DealsDeals * Win Conversation 20 X 4 = 80 Deals In PipelineDeals in Pipleine * Oppty Conversion 80 X 25 = 2,000 Qualified LeadsQualified Leads * Quality Ratio 2,000 X 10 = 20,000 Raw Leads Marketing needs to generate 20,000 raw leads to get to 20 closed deals. What are YOU going to do? Tracey Ellis  Strategic Marketing Executrix
  6. 6. Get StartedTake the technicality out of it and ask these four simplequestions: 1. Where do you want to be? 2. Where are you now? 3. What obstacles are in your way of getting there? 4. What things are on your side?Dont forget to ask: Your Team Your Customers Your Competition Analysts Thought Leaders Tracey Ellis  Strategic Marketing Executrix
  7. 7. The ProcessStrategyObjectiveResearchMessagingPricingSales StrategySupport StrategyCampaign StrategyBudgetPerformance ResultsEvaluate & Repeat Tracey Ellis  Strategic Marketing Executrix
  8. 8. ResultsThe best advice I have is measure what you do and behonest about your results. That means: Only quality matters. No padding. Good results are positive indicators, they let you know what you are doing that is working. Bad results are okay too, they put a magnifying glass on what you need to change and its overcoming the bad that makes success possible. Review constantly and share weekly. If you dont do this you will be compromising your success! Tracey Ellis  Strategic Marketing Executrix
  9. 9. Whats NextHave questions? It would be a pleasure to discuss anydetails of this presentation in more detail, discuss marketingchallenges you have, share ideas, or help with a strategysession. Just reach out!Contact me: Call me (775)553.8573 Email me tracey@traceyellis.comStay updated: @traceylrellis Tracey Ellis  Strategic Marketing Executrix