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Flattening Classrooms From Japan to Latin America


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A presentation created for the Tri-Association professional development workshop in Mexico City, October 2014, based on my experiences going through the Flat Classroom Teacher course and my personal journey towards flattening teaching and learning at my school.

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Flattening Classrooms From Japan to Latin America

  1. 1. Flattening Classrooms from Japan to Latin America Tracey Bryan 2013 Tri-Association Annual Educators Conference, Mexico City
  2. 2. “Between 22%-29% of all U.S. jobs are or will be potentially offshore within a decade or two.” –Alan S. Binder professor of Economics at Princeton
  3. 3. Manufacturing Jobs Hourly Wages $1.90 – Philippines $57.53 - Norway (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2011)
  4. 4. Our children’s world is global, not local. In a globalized world the potential customers could be seven billion people.
  5. 5. 20% Time Genius Hour
  6. 6. Daniel Pink + Thomas Friedman
  7. 7. Julie Lindsay + Vicki A. Davis
  8. 8. Transforming Education through Global Collaboration Wiki-centric Global Collaboration using Web 2.0 Tools Authentic Problem Solving using Real-World Topics ‘Flat’ learning – teacher to student, student to student
  9. 9. 5 Levels of Global Connection 1.Intra-connection (own class) 2.Inter-connection (within district) 3.Managed global connection 4.Student to student with teacher management 5.Student to student with student management -Flattening Classrooms Engaging Minds
  10. 10. Do you consume, comment, curate, or create?
  11. 11. I used to just be a consumer…
  12. 12. Curating...
  13. 13. Where can you share what you know?
  14. 14. Crowd Funding
  15. 15. Proyecto Comunidad Inteligente iPod touch
  17. 17. How does my digital footprint define me in the eyes of others? • Photos • Social Networking sites • Chats • Videos • Digital portfolios • Badges • Account Profiles • Producing online content • Site/product reviews
  18. 18. Leveraging Connections
  19. 19. Bringing the world into your classroom…
  20. 20. Carol Strohecker Director of the Center for Design Innovation, Winston-Salem, NC
  21. 21. Professional Learning Network On your device or a piece of paper write down the things about education that you are passionate about, the things that keep you up at night.
  22. 22. ASOMEX on iTunes Send submissions to:
  23. 23. 2 Tweets That Changed Everything
  24. 24. Twitter for Staying Connected #mexedchat
  25. 25. How far reaching are your words/ideas?
  26. 26. Fill out the form on this link and we can begin to build regional collaborative projects.
  27. 27. Keep in Touch With Me @tipsbytracey http://insatiablelearner.wordpress.c om/