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E publishing presentation

  1. 1. Tracey Allen T Allen Consultingwww.traceyallenconsulting.com
  2. 2.  This presentation is based on my experience and some feedback from Professional Writers Association of Canada – PWAC members. I’ve published one book Do it Yourself Press Releases – Helping to Promote Your Organization in both Print on Demand book and also e-book. Two upcoming books – The Sustainable Table – Take back Your Plate www.simplifyandsave.ca and 5 R’s of Saving Money for Your Business
  3. 3.  It takes a long time to write a book. Formatting will matter especially in e- publishing unless you use Apple’s new software i-book. For the typically e-pubs, Kindle etc. ◦ Tables – just don’t do it! ◦ Bullets – not popular ◦ Simple text is best ◦ Graphics – limited please ◦ No need for headers or footers for e-books ◦ Bold and Italics work ◦ Changing fonts often in a book doesn’t format well
  4. 4.  This decision is entirely your choice. If you are an established writer then e- publication can be an extension with your existing publisher. If you are new to publishing then you will want to learn the ins and outs before you delve in. ◦ Costs, process, marketing, etc. ◦ You are basically doing it all!
  5. 5.  Whether you self-publish or go through a publisher you will need an ISBN number. Self-publishing sites will offer to give you an ISBN number or you can obtain your own. Note there is a difference between USA and Canada with this regard. Decide where you want your ISBN listed. Government and Library listings expect the country you reside in to issue the ISBN code. Canadian ISBN http://www.collectionscanada.gc.ca/ciss-ssci/index-e.html It can take up to 10 days to get registered and then more for your number. Numbers are issued separately for e-books and print books. So if you offer the same book in two different formats you need two separate ISBNs Kindle doesn’t require an ISBN, it is optional.
  6. 6.  You write your book. (Assume you have done your homework on target market, etc.) Ensure your book is formatted correctly for the publisher. Send manuscript to publisher or decide on where you would like to publish your e-book. Develop a key word, search engine friendly book description for book. (less than 760 words and follow publisher’s guidelines) Upload book to publisher, descriptions, author bio, cover of book, etc. Start your promotions when it is available live for sale.
  7. 7.  Several items to consider ◦ Their distribution and marketing efforts or ability to sell to our target market. ◦ Royalties or ‘your share’ of the sales. ◦ What are the contract details? ◦ Rights – do you still own your work? By using Apple software there is a question of ownership. By using an e-publishers ISBN rather than you own? ◦ Accessibility and your ability to market the book? ◦ If you are offering both print and e-book can they do both? ◦ E-pub, PDF, Kindle formats offered? ◦ What will be your cost to create? ◦ And others depending on your circumstance.
  8. 8.  Wild Rose Press specializes in Romance e- books http://www.thewildrosepress.com/ (not-self published submit manuscript) Lulu http://www.lulu.com/ Lightening Source http://www1.lightningsource.com/ Booklocker www.booklocker.com Createspace.com Amazon.com and many others….
  9. 9. •i-book – Watch for your Rights to your workhttp://taoofnews.com/2012/01/30/road-serfdom-apple-software/•Design problems can be difficult•Beware of taxation issues for USA/Canada income.•Be leary of big promises and big upfront costs.•Limitationsin your contracts for example - if you listwith Lightening Source you can’t have it in Amazon.
  10. 10.  Who do other writers use? Paul Lima PWAC Member? Several ◦ Lightning Source Inc. for print and PDFs. Amazon for Kindle. Lulu for ePubs (distributed through Lulu to Nook Book (Barnes and Noble) and iBooks (Apple). He is looking into Kobo for greater ePub distribution. Who I use? ◦ Createspace.com for Print on Demand and Amazon for Kindle for the e-book. I’m looking at other options but these two work well and are both owned by Amazon.
  11. 11.  Professional Writers Association of Canada – PWAC have agreed that they sell 4 e-books to every print book. Prices for e-books are starting to go higher. "The Best Laid Plans", a satirical political romp by Canadian author Terry Fallis, was self-published and went on to win the Stephen Leacock Award for Humour. And Amanda Hocking, a writer of paranormal fiction for the teen market, has earned *over two million dollars self- publishing her books*. Digital rights management – isn’t 100% secure…what is? Print on demand: Self-publishing getting started primer: http://paullima.com/blog/?p=563 - POD authors go Kindle, ePub: Heres a bit of a primer: http://paullima.com/blog/?p=1692
  12. 12.  You will market your e-published books similar to your typical book. ◦ Press Releases (see my e-book!) ◦ Book Reviews ◦ Blogs, websites, twitter, facebook, linkedin etc. Online ◦ Book signings if you are in print and book trailers for the e-books…podcasts, blog interviews, youtube videos, etc. ◦ Print – postcards, etc. ◦ Presentations on your topic area…..and the ideas are limitless.
  13. 13.  Think about where your audience buys there books – print or e-book and get listed there. Amazon, Indigo, Ingram, Independents, Speciality websites, bookstores, libraries etc. You can buy and sell your own if you have space to store and the desire to do consignment! Think about ROI – Return on Investment
  14. 14.  Royalties you receive are based on the price you charge. Amazon offers a free program where your book is offered for free and you receive royalties on how many viewed your book. Discounting can be banned by certain publishers and they will remove your book if you go against there wishes. Price for value – what will people pay for your book and what is fair for your time? Based on how many books you expect to sell.
  15. 15.  Contact: Tracey Allen – T Allen Consulting www.traceyallenconsulting.com www.simplifyandsave.ca Tel: 902-892-6430 Email: tracey@traceyallenconsulting.com