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Atlantis overview for orange is


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Atlantis overview for orange is

  1. 1. Orange Information Systems Group Technology Updates July 5th, 2012
  2. 2. Agenda Introduction Company Background, Focus and Customer Success StoriesTechnical Overview Deep Dive into technology and benefits Demo Overview of testing completed and results
  3. 3. Atlantis Computing§  Software Company focused on I/O optimization for virtualized environments §  HQ in Silicon Valley – Mountain View, CA §  Offices in North America, Europe – London, Amsterdam §  Partnerships with over 70 resellers globally§  Venture Capital funded§  Strategic Relationships with Key Industry vendors§  Industry experts on Large Scale Desktop Virtualization Deployments
  4. 4. Atlantis Addresses VDI Costs and User Acceptance§  Software only! - Complements Citrix, Microsoft and VMware§  Cuts VDI CAPEX & OPEX – below PC cost! §  Use less storage – Over 90% less storage needed §  Use any storage – Shared SAN/NAS, local disks, or SSDs §  Deploy with NO storage – Any server with ILIO Diskless VDI§  Delivers fastest VDI – better than PC, even with iPads§  Mitigate Operational Risks §  Use same infrastructure to move from persistent to stateless desktops §  Address Win7 IOPs and A/V issues
  5. 5. Atlantis Addresses VDI Costs and User Acceptance§  Software only! Virtual Machine (VM) §  VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer, and Microsoft Hyper-V §  No agents or changes to desktop images§  Cuts VDI CAPEX & OPEX – below PC cost! §  Use less storage – Over 90% less storage needed §  Use any storage – Shared SAN/NAS, local disks, or SSDs §  Deploy with NO storage – Any server with ILIO Diskless VDI§  For Stateless and Persistent deployments§  Supports Windows XP and Windows 7, Server 2003/2008§  Accelerates Application Virtualization – ThinApp, App-V, etc.
  6. 6. Existing Relevant CustomersOverview Established Customer, 65,000 users in production Cost effective, high performance solution without Shared StorageOverview Initial 10,000 users for internal use and Desktop-as-a-Service Completely diskless architecture for lowest cost and best performanceOverview Hit performance issues with SAN – needed better than a PC ILIO provides huge performance improvements – no further storageOverview Strategic Engagement for Desktop Transformation Global VDI initiative for 40,000 users
  7. 7. Technical Overview
  8. 8. Atlantis ILIO: How Identify and map Intelligent NTFS block to file Processing semantics Shared Storage Local Storage Or Memory Intelligent IO Scatter/Gather Characterization Characterization I/O De-duplication Processing Coalescing Atlantis ilio Eliminate duplicate Sequentialize Write Requests on reduced I/O streams wire & on disk for efficient writingVDI Session Servers
  9. 9. Atlantis ILIO: Why Virtualization-Aware Virtualized Borderless Network Collaborative Workspace Cisco Virtualization Cisco® Experience Clients MS Office Identity AnyConnect Services Engine Cisco VXC 6215 Thin Client PC Hypervisor Cisco VXC 4000 PC Client AnyConnect WAASThin Client Tablet§  Storage IOPS traffic reduction in Compute – up to 90% reduce Windows NTFS IO traffic processed locally to greatly reduce storage traffic§  Inline Deduplication for VDI Workloads – 90-99% Reduction Deduplicates Windows Image components “on-the-wire” before reaching storage
  10. 10. Atlantis ILIO Diskless Citrix VDI XenDesktop Or VMware ViewServer / Blade And WITH JUST SOFTWARE VMware ESX§  Scale with servers and software only! à No SAN, No SSD and No drive§  NO storage to run desktops à CAPEX below $200/user and low OPEX§  High performance end-user experience @360 IOPS / user§  Simple to set up and scalable on demand
  11. 11. Simplest Way to Deploy VDI§  Simpler design Desktop Density §  Eliminates risks in storage sizing and networking Cisco B230 M2 Blade – 160 virtual desktops per blade §  No PCI-e cards or SSD’s to install or support Chassis (6U) – 1,280 virtual desktops per chassis§  Simpler deployment Rack (30U) – 6,400 virtual desktops per rack §  ILIO Fast Clone feature provisions a new desktop – Full Clone every 5 seconds §  Go from 0 to 100’s of desktops in just minutes§  Simpler at scale §  No storage to provision, monitor, or maintain Read whitepaper at §  VMware vCenter and Atlantis ILIO Center to manage large scale deployments
  12. 12. Atlantis ILIO for XenApp Atlantis ILIO for XenApp PerformanceBringing benefits of Atlantis ILIO to virtualised XenApp (12 XenApp Instances)server workloads 45 40§  97% faster provisioning and 4x faster boot time 35 30§  Provides faster user access to XenApp Time (Minutes) 25 20§  Increases user density – 16% more 15 10§  Saves on storage – 10x storage user density 5 0 Provisioning Time Boot Time Before Atlantis ILIO After Atlantis ILIO Boot time Source: Independent Testing by Shawn Bass, CTP Provisioning Source: Internal Atlantis Computing Testing 12
  13. 13. Demo
  14. 14. Q and A SessionContacts:Chris