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lifehacks for mobile translators


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these are summarized slides from a presentation[1] i gave at ijet17[2], in kobe, japan.

check out the full annotated version at:

from the abstract:

"a session devoted to the tips and tricks involved in taking advantage of the geo-flexibility that being a freelance translator can offer. the first half will focus on working around town, covering tips on how to optimize a mobile hardware and software setup for working in cafes and on the road, as well as trade-offs in mobile internet connectivity (such as "fast, flexible, and frugal: pick two"). the second half will broaden the focus to working around the world, exploring strategies for using a freelance career as a platform to see the world, first covering preparations such as how to virtualize phone, fax, and bill payments, and then expanding to strategies for setting up operations abroad, such as finding Internet connectivity and keeping in sync with clients. the speaker will draw from his recent travels in europe and asia, providing detailed materials useful for both japan- and us-based translators."

[1] voted "most beneficial session" of the conference (!)


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  • @kapil

    i agree re: the context. unfortunately, there's no easy mechanism on slideshare (yet?) for annotating slides. if you'd like to see the full annotated version, check out this flickr set:

    otherwise, i'll copy the presentation abstract to the description now. thanks for the feedback!
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  • This looks like a well crafted presentation but some context is needed ; can you please mention something in the description section
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