Exhibitly Public Presentation


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Public presentation of the Exhibitly platform concept.

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Exhibitly Public Presentation

  1. 1. Find Us Online Web – www.exhibit.ly Blog – blog.exhibit.lyFacebook – www.facebook.com/Exhibitly Twitter – www.twitter.com/exhibitly
  2. 2. Presenter: Troy Purdue
  3. 3. The Exhibitly Team• Troy Purdue – Founder• Advisory Board – Manon Parry, PhD • Curator, Riggs Ward Design – David Alexander • Communications Director, Royal BC Museum – Gary Wise • Multimedia and Video Production, McNay Art Museum – Kelby Rose, PhD Student • Nautical Archaeology, Texas A&M
  4. 4. Why Exhibitly? Why Now?• Personal Experience• Space in need of better solutions
  5. 5. Most Challenging Issues• Cost of development – Budget concerns, staffing, etc.• Managing content – Type of content, availability, hardware requirements – Content creation for mobile platforms• Technical development – Finding/hiring developers – Creating the workflow of the application – Which platform is best (native vs. web app)
  6. 6. Other Challenges? What other challenges have youfaced in your institution while trying to adopt or manage a mobile solution?
  7. 7. How We Remove the Challenges• No cost to participate – Unlimited exhibits, content, tours, bandwidth, etc.• Easy to use CMS – Upload and manage exhibits and content easily – Wide array of content types supported• No development cost to the facility – Apps, web portals, and CMS are built and maintained by us
  8. 8. Current State of Museum MobileGuests receive a ‘singular’ experience
  9. 9. How Exhibitly Breaks the MoldExhibitly is a multi-facility social platform
  10. 10. Exhibitly for Institutions An amazing tool for institutions• Content delivery – share rich content in multiple formats• CMS – easy to use content management system to easily share exciting content with guests• Institution information – location, hours of operation, event calendar, social links, floor plans, membership/donation, etc.• Guest analytics – your guests are more than an age, race, and gender; discover their true interests and passions• Geo-analytics – what exhibits are most popular, when, and with what demographic group• Popular content – discover what guests really find interesting and engaging and who they are sharing it with• Guest surveys – get real-time feedback from guests in your facility
  11. 11. Our Challenges• Content Formats – No standards across the industry• Application Size – Entire library of content can not be downloaded during installation – Facility Wi-Fi and/or cellular reception issues• Adoption Rates – Widespread participation is key to a great user experience
  12. 12. Other Challenges?What other challenges do youbelieve this model will face?
  13. 13. Exhibitly for Guests An enhanced social platform for guests• Content discovery – access additional content easily using QR codes or image recognition technology• Social connections – connect with other users, share your experiences, add your own content, curate your own virtual collection• Recommendation engine – discover exhibits and content relevant to you at other facilities around the world• Favorite content/exhibits – relive your experience by accessing your favorite exhibits quickly and easily• Tours – audio, multimedia, time based, age based, interest based, etc.• User-generated content – add your own reflections, images or audio, and view and rate content from other users• Game mechanics – check-ins, awards, badges
  14. 14. Future Beta Test Sites• Indiana Historic Bureau• Indiana Historical Society• Indianapolis Art Center• Carnegie Museum of Montgomery County• Royal Ontario Museum• State of Delaware Historical Division• General Tommy Franks Leadership Museum• New York City Fire Museum• Anacostia Trails Heritage Area• Texas Natural Science Center• Schwenkfelder Library and Heritage Center• Science Museum of London (England)• Conner Prairie Interactive History Park• Museum of Contemporary Art (Poland)• Public Arts Commission of St. Petersburg, FL• McNay Art Museum• University of Michigan Museum of Art
  15. 15. Future Plans• Custom social applications – Interactive activities such as games, scavenger hunts, AR, 3D, etc.• Independent Artists – Ability to offer content on their works of art – Gain a following in the community – Allows artists/galleries to be found through the recommendation engine
  16. 16. Get InvolvedWe welcome any and all feedback from thecommunity. Here is your chance to help shapeour product! Enroll your facility in our beta program today! *Limited spots available. Visit blog.exhibit.ly/beta-signup Comments/Suggestions? Email hello@exhibit.ly