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Mendoza's Ask More Ideas Challenge


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ND Club Leaders can learn more about the Mendoza Ask More Ideas Challenge, and how clubs can get involved by hosting an event! For more information, please email

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Mendoza's Ask More Ideas Challenge

  1. 1. Mendoza’s Ideas Challenge
  2. 2. Mendoza Ideas Challenge • One month long challenge • Goal: To leverage the collective brainpower of the alumni base to create a lasting social impact on a societal issue • Provide an opportunity for alumni as individuals or as a group to submit ideas to solve a societal challenge • Hope to run one challenge with different focus, each year
  3. 3. This year’s challenge – Reducing your carbon footprint • Will run from May 15 to June 15 • How can we work to reduce our own carbon footprint in the workplace and help our companies reduce their carbon footprints? • Please share your ideas on technologies, processes, policies and products that can create a more eco-friendly office! Your idea can be something your company already does, or a new, bold idea not yet seen in the marketplace. Big ideas, small ideas and everything in between are welcome.
  4. 4. Individual Participation • Visit: • Review the challenge question and the other brainstorming questions • Login and submit your ideas, and also vote and comment on others
  5. 5. Club Participation • Clubs can participate as a group! – Host an event focused on the Challenge – Use the “inspiration” questions to create a facilitated conversation – Brainstorm with fellow club members, and then submit your ideas online – Use our social media kit to promote the initiative – Report this event on your annual club report as a community service event, and you will receive credit
  6. 6. Ideas Challenge website
  7. 7. Ideas Challenge website
  8. 8. Ideas Challenge website
  9. 9. Group brainstorm • How might you create an event centered on the Mendoza Ideas Challenge? • How many alums do you think would be interested in attending? • What future topics would you like to see tackled by this type of initiative?
  10. 10. Next steps • Email if you are interested in piloting the ND Impact Partners program • Email if you would like to host an event centered on the Mendoza Ideas Challenge