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overview and new career training program

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Tamwood careers presentation

  1. 1. DO MORE. LEARN MORE. BE MORE! Tamsin Plaxton. Co-Founder and President
  2. 2. Get into a Great University Get a Great Job Have an Amazing Life Experience Your Clients’ Motivations
  3. 3. Happiness Main Motivation
  4. 4. Tamwood’s Effect is Transforming
  5. 5. Tamwood’s Four Divisions English training for adults in Vancouver, Whistler and Toronto Career College in Vancouver offering vocational programs in business, tourism and Hospitality Provider of Work Programs in Canada Language, Sports and Adventure Camps for juniors in Canada and the USA
  6. 6. University Admission Volunteering English Training at a camp or school University Preparation
  7. 7. Better Career Work Experience English Training Vocational Training
  8. 8. Amazing Life Experience Work Experience English / Vocational Training Volunteering
  9. 9. Innovation of the Year 2010 Work Experience Provider 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 AWARDS AND ACCREDITATIONS
  10. 10. Tamwood College Downtown Vancouver School Great Location in the best area of Vancouver! Vancouver School
  11. 11. Adult Programs in Vancouver
  12. 12. Tamwood College Whistler School Great Location in the Whistler Village Square! Whistler School
  13. 13. •Whistler is a short 2 hour drive North of Vancouver. •Surrounded by mountains, lakes rivers and forests •great shopping, restaurants, festivals and all the amenities of a world class resort. •The Outdoor and Adventure Sports capital of Canada Where is Whistler?
  14. 14. Adult Programs in Whistler
  15. 15. Adult Programs in Whistler
  16. 16. Tamwood Toronto School Located at the corner of Yonge and Eglinton Streets Toronto School
  17. 17. Toronto, Canada’s biggest and most cosmopolitan city Adult Programs in Toronto
  18. 18. NEW !!! Vocational Training with Work Opportunities
  19. 19.  Making students “Work Ready”  Coop Programs with work practicum component  Students can Work 20 hours/week from their first day of classes! So students can work full duration of program Vocational Training with Work Opportunities
  20. 20. “Communication for the International Work Place”  Duration: 48 weeks  600 hours of in-class instruction + 600 hours of cooperative work experience  Intensity: 25 hours/week during study term  Location: Tamwood Careers Campus, Vancouver  For IELTS 4-4.5, TOEFL ibT 62-54, Cambridge PET (Merit)
  21. 21. “Communication for the International Work Place” First 24 weeks Second 24 weeks Study in class – 25 hours/week Work Practicum related to course content - 25 hours/week Part time work – max 20 hours/week Plus Part time work – max 20 hours/week
  22. 22. Program Courses
  23. 23. How to Apply  Complete and send to Tamwood application form  English test online or send scanned proof of current level  If applying for Premium Service work placement services, complete an interview with the GO International Work Placement Cooridinator  Receive LOA from Tamwood Careers  Apply for Study Permit and Work Permit  Arrive, start studying, attend work programs orientation with GI and start looking for part time work.
  24. 24. Paid Work • Working Holiday • Camp Canada • Tamwood Careers Internship • Internship • Tamwood Careers Volunteering • Animals • Environment • People
  25. 25. Do your Clients Need a Work Permit to Intern / Work / Volunteer in Canada? BASIC RULE: Anyone who wants to “Work” in Canada must first obtain a “Work Permit” “Work” is an activity for which wages are earned or that competes directly with activities of Canadians in the Canadian labour market.
  26. 26. Test: Will they get paid or will they be doing something that a Canadian should really have an opportunity to do?  Examples of “Work” include : “Unpaid employment done for the purpose of obtaining work experience such as an internship or practicum normally done by a student”  Examples of “non-work activity:  unpaid volunteer work that is part-time and “incidental to the main reason the person is in Canada” – eg. Being a Big Brother, sitting on the board of a charity institution, volunteering at a fund raising event…  Volunteering for the National Parks – not taking away an opportunity from a Canadian
  27. 27. Canada’s Work Permit Options
  28. 28. Four Work Rights Options 1. IEC Initiative – people ages 18-30/35 can get a permit to work in Canada on a work and travel program, as an intern or trainee or as a volunteer (certain countries only). 2. Coop Education Programs - exemption code C30 – allows anyone, any age to get a work permit to work as part of their course of study in Canada. 3. Volunteer Work for a Registered Charity – exemption code C50 4. Permission to Work given in Study Permit– student must be studying in an academic, vocational or professional training program for more than 6 months at a designated institution
  29. 29. Option 1: International Experience Canada “IEC” Initiative The following countries have an IEC Agreement with Canada: Australia Austria* Belgium Costa Rica Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland* France Germany Greece Hong Kong Italy Japan Korea Latvia Lithuania Mexico New Zealand Netherlands Norway Poland Switzerland* Slovak Republic Slovenia Spain Sweden Taiwan Ukraine UK Ireland *Agreement allows for work permits for Internships only. Applicant must have a internship offer in writing before applying for their work permit.
  30. 30. Option 2: Coop Education Programs (exemption code C30) 1. Student must apply for BOTH a Study Permit and a Work Permit 2. The work term must be a necessary part of a course at a designated academic, professional or vocational school in Canada 3. The work term cannot make up more than 50% of total program duration 4. Work practicum may be paid or unpaid. 5. Program must be offered by a School and teaching must be done in the school (homework and distance education assignments do NOT count towards study requirements). 6. Open to any person of any age from any country . No Quota!!!
  31. 31. Option 3: Charity Work (exemption code C50)  Work Permit application must include letter of volunteer job offer from Canadian registered Charity.  A non-profit is not necessarily a “charitable organization”. Charitable organization has a mandate to relieve poverty, or benefit the community, educational, or religious institutions.
  32. 32. Option 4 – Right to work part time while studying  Must study 6 months or more  May work 20 hours a week while studying and full time on scheduled breaks  Cannot work if studying English or French  Permission granted on the Study Permit = NO Work Permit required!
  33. 33. “Tamwood Careers” paid service jobs while studying and paid coop terms “Canadian Working Holiday Program” or “CWHP” – work and travel on working holiday visa “Camp Canada Work Program “- paid work in summer camps Paid Work Opportunities
  34. 34. Paid Work Programs: Working Holiday Program ~ Camp Work Program ~ Tamwood Careers Work Opportunities: hotels ~ ski operations ~ tourist attractions ~ retail ~ restaurants ~ cafes… JOB PLACEMENT OPTIONS: Premium Service: We arrange their job! Summer or Winter Placements Standard Service: Participants arrange his/her own job with help from us including:  HOT JOBS LIST  Resume writing workshop  Interview skills workshop  Dedicated adviser
  35. 35. Paid Work Opportunities
  36. 36. Internship Program - Available Fields: Internships are offered in a variety of professional fields, such as business, finance, marketing, finance, engineering, design, etc. Internship Program (Professional Unpaid Work)
  37. 37. Canadian Volunteer Program Parks in: Banff, Lake Louise, Rocky Mountain House and Whistler. NEW: Winter Project in Lake Louise for Dec. to April
  38. 38. Canadian Volunteer Program ALL 2014 VOLUNTEER PROJECTS:  Animal Rescue Centres in BC and Ontario (C50)  National and Provincial Park Conservation (Tourist)  Community Service Projects and charitable summer camps (C50)
  39. 39. Did you know? In 2012, 60,000 new international students started post secondary studies in Canada in 2012
  40. 40. Did you know? It is expected that a significant number of the international students who started their university studies in Canada 2012 will not finish because they will either drop out or fail.
  41. 41. Reasons for this high drop out/ failure rate among international students…
  42. 42. Culture Shock and Homesickness
  43. 43. Can’t Handle the Freedom of being away from home
  44. 44. There was a program students could take before staring university that would prepare them for these kinds of challenges, such that the only challenge they faced at university was the subject matter itself Imagine If…
  45. 45. It already exists You Don’t have to Imagine It…
  46. 46. Tamwood’s Academic Pathway Program Prepares students to not only be accepted to a university or college but to also be successful once there.
  47. 47. Study Skills
  48. 48. Group Work
  49. 49. Research Skills
  50. 50. Essay Writing Skills
  51. 51. Note Taking Skills
  52. 52. Managing Exam Stress
  53. 53. Time Management Skills
  54. 54. Campus Life and Culture Shock
  55. 55. The Critical Skills for Success
  56. 56. Academic Pathway Program EAP 1 12 weeks EAP 2 12 weeks University / College
  57. 57. Great Nationality Mix
  58. 58. Experienced and Highly Skilled Instructors Angela Belcham, PhD Linguistics, APP Manager
  59. 59. Great Pathway Partners
  60. 60. Tamwood offers 6 summer camps and one winter camp Tamwood Vancouver at Simon Fraser University Tamwood at San Jose State University Tamwood Whistler at Tamwood Residence Tamwood Los Angeles at UCLA Tamwood Boston at Curry College Tamwood Toronto at U of T TAMWOOD CAMPS LOCATIONS for 2014
  61. 61. Get into a Great University Get a Great Job Have an Amazing Life Experience Something for Everyone at Tamwood
  62. 62. Our Mission – the “WHY” “We believe that our by teaching, coaching and encouraging our clients we create transformative life changing experiences that offer people the opportunity to develop their talents, achieve their goals and realize their potential
  63. 63. Our Vision Statement “To be the industry leader in excellence and service” AND “To constantly refine existing programs and create new programs that reflect the globalization of the international education community”
  64. 64. Our Values  CARING about our clients, communities, and environment  Fanatical about Excellence  Making it Fun  Infused with a Fire  Integrity