The 3 D Show


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Using your digital camera and free software to make 3D, anaglyph images.

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The 3 D Show

  1. 1. THE 3D SHOW Tom Pitre, Sequim, WA April, 2005 – Rev., February, 2009 PUT YOUR RED/CYAN 3D GLASSES ON. THANK YOU.
  2. 2. Content What you will see and what you will learn: 1. Examples of 3D Anaglyph images 2. The software used to make 3D images 3. How to make 3D images - from digital photos and from existing stereographic images 4. Sources for supplies and software.
  3. 3. What is an Anaglyph? A stereoscopic picture consisting of two images of the same object, taken from slightly different angles, in two complementary colors. When viewed through colored spectacles, the images merge to produce a stereoscopic sensation.
  4. 4. How the anaglyph glasses work When you look through the red lens, only red light is allowed through. The eye that is covered with the red lens will see the red image. The cyan lens only allows blue light through, so the eye that is covered with the cyan lens will see the green image. Because the red and cyan images are slightly offset, each eye sees a slightly different view of the picture. This disparity simulates the distance between our two eyes, which provides two views of the same scene, therefore providing us with the perception of depth.
  5. 5. Two images as Source
  6. 6. The “converted” 3D image
  7. 7. Another image from 2 digital pictures MAC, Sequim
  8. 8. Image from 2 digital pictures There are a lot of published anaglyphs on line. Use keyword “ anaglyphs” in Google to find them.
  9. 9. Where and when to use 3D Games
  10. 10. Where and when to use 3D Product or catalog
  11. 11. Where and when to use 3D Sale eBay?
  12. 12. Where and when to use 3D Science
  13. 13. Where and when to use 3D Portraits/Fashion
  14. 14. Where and when to use 3D Architecture
  15. 15. Where and when to use 3D Travel
  16. 16. Where and when to use 3D Museums
  17. 17. Where and when to use 3D Travel
  18. 18. Where and when to use 3D Microphotography
  19. 19. Where and when to use 3D Advertising
  20. 20. Where and when to use 3D Experiments; pop-up
  21. 21. 3D Movie
  22. 22. Maybe a 3D movie?
  23. 23. Tools Stereo software: z-anaglyph Stereo Photo Maker : StereoPhoto- Maker English Edition Glasses and Instructions: Making anaglyphs with Photoshop :
  24. 24. Tools, 2 Rail for camera: Making 3D images with a 2D camera: Kit Details of kit :
  25. 25. Tools, 3 Two sliding bar adapters for your camera. Bogen makes the one on the right. It sells for @ $42 -pricey...
  26. 26. Try it, yourself...
  27. 27. Demonstrations Using software to make a 3D image from two, 2D images.