Civil war


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5th grade social studies

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Civil war

  1. 1. Civil War5th Grade Social Studies
  2. 2. The Life of Factory Workers
  3. 3. Comprehension Questions• What was working in a factory like?• Did everyone enjoy their working conditions in the north?• How did this author describe the city streets?
  4. 4. The Life of Slaves
  5. 5. Comprehension Questions• Was Frederick Douglas allowed to read?• Why did Douglas’ master forbid him from reading?• How did Douglas reflect about whether or not his master was right in a prediction about the effect of reading on a slave?
  6. 6. Now your turn!• 1.) Write a paragraph comparing and contrasting the life of factory workers and the life of slaves.• 2.) Write a short response about why reading is important to the rights that we have.