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Social Media Workshop - April 21, 2010


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Information about an upcoming social media workshop in Victoria, BC on April 21, 2010.

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Social Media Workshop - April 21, 2010

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIA FOR BUSINESS SUCCESS In Victoria, businesses and their clients use social media every day. Their strategic use of internet tools such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook brings a landslide of leads, great client relations, and a distinct competitive advantage. How about you? Get in the game by registering for the Social Media for Business Success course, presented by Sector Learning Solutions and IdeaZone. In completing this ½ day seminar, you will be exposed to the basics of using Social Media to build your business, actively connecting with clients and the local business community using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more. Doubles in Size Every 90 Days (soon to be 50,000,000 people) 40 Million Experienced Professionals 75,000,000 video views (more than ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX combined!) 355,000,000 users and adding 350,000 a day 18-34 year olds spend 40% of their free time in social media Average person reads 6 blogs per day
  2. 2. Social Media for Business Success - Seminar Outline 1. Twitter: This social networking site has the world’s media buzzing, and businesses, organizations and even governments jumping on the social media bandwagon. It’s great for research, marketing, networking both locally and internationally and even just socializing… and it’s the perfect starting point for learning the etiquette of social media. Starting with your fellow course participants, you’ll build a Twitter community and learn tips that will transfer to other social networking sites, and benefit your business practice in general. 2. LinkedIn: A combination of on-line resumes, company research, knowledge base, discussion forums, networking, and introduction service, LinkedIn is a powerful tool for businesses and non-profits alike. What’s more, it is increasingly being used by employers to find the right people for their teams, and by businesses and organizations looking for suppliers, joint venture partners, industry colleagues and more. Are you linked in to LinkedIn? 3. Facebook: The world’s most popular social networking site passed 250 million profiles in 2009 – if it were a country, it would be the 4th most populous in the world. Why is it growing, and why should you be there? Is it best reserved for your social life, or is there more going on as people write on walls and invite each other to applications? Speaking of applications, why are so many of them such timewasters? This session will show you how to take charge of Facebook so it doesn’t take charge of you. For registration and information call Sector Learning Solutions at 250-727-2266 or register online at