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Phillips travis visual resume


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Published in: Education
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Phillips travis visual resume

  1. 1. Travis PhillipsI Am
  2. 2. Im from M ULLINS,SC
  3. 3. I’ve worked for family businesses since I was 15... ...So, I know the meaning of hard work
  4. 4. I’ve been recording and mixing since 2006
  5. 5. I’ve been recording and mixing since 2006I work with and manage some local Artist
  6. 6. I Am Serious
  7. 7. I Am Reliable
  8. 8. I Am Ambitious
  9. 9. I Have Skills With Microsoft Word Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Pro Tools Logic Final Cut X Pro
  10. 10. I started Full Sail University in 2009 to pursue a degree in Music Production
  11. 11. I’ve learned how to properly produce music, and how to record and mix the correct way
  12. 12. Is The Key
  13. 13. To Accomplish Your Goals
  14. 14. Contacts: travisphillips@bellsouth.netTwitter: @TravPhillSC
  15. 15. mage Credits: