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Before you Blog: Everything your WordPress Business Website is Missing - Travis Pflanz


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PRESENTED AT: WordCamp Kansas City 2018 on Saturday, April 14, 2018

Every time I meet with a potential client they have the biggest dreams in the world about what they want to do with their website, how they expect their websites to function, and all the money they’re going to make – this month! They think they’re SO close… All they need is “a little SEO” to get them over the top.

They’re wrong. 9 times out of 10, even the biggest and most long-standing business website is missing many of the very basic business requirements – both on the website and throughout the business’s online profiles, listings and other assets.

Before you blog for your business, make sure to take care of all the fundamentals so your blog can provide the biggest benefit for potential customers and to your your business.

This session covers all the things that are commonly (and some uncommon things) missing from most business websites.


Session video to come.

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Before you Blog: Everything your WordPress Business Website is Missing - Travis Pflanz

  1. 1. • @travispflanz HELLO! My name is Travis Pflanz • @travispflanz Sophie Before You Blog: Everything Your WordPress Business Website is Missing
  2. 2. • @travispflanz Who am I? » SEO and content strategist » Owner of WebWorks of KC » Co-organizer of WordPress KC since 2013 & WordCamp KC since 2014 » I love dogs » Nobody, really Portia
  3. 3. • @travispflanz Not in this session » Social media » Video » Podcasting » Photography » I’m not going to tell you that you can stop writing text content for your website Bowie
  4. 4. • @travispflanz ONE THINGTake away one thing and put it to use right away
  5. 5. • @travispflanz Before you even think about “blogging”
  6. 6. • @travispflanz What is missing from your site? » Business location data » Purpose » In-depth “About” page » Direction & Calls to action » Website visitor tracking » In-depth product & service details Mia
  7. 7. • @travispflanz DO YOU BLOG?Why do you blog? What do you blog about? Do you love blogging? Do you hate blogging?
  8. 8. • @travispflanz I hate the term “blog” » Confusing » Negative connotation » Don’t know what to blog about » Nobody wants to read a diary » Not entertaining » Everything has already been said Sophie
  9. 9. • @travispflanz SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Everything I write for a website revolves around search and inbound marketing
  10. 10. • @travispflanz WHY DO YOU USE THE INTERNET? To be entertained. To solve a problem.
  11. 11. • @travispflanz Answer a question » Cost » Problems » Comparisons » Best of » Reviews
  12. 12. • @travispflanz Create better content » Questions from potential customers » Relevant to your business » In-depth ⋄ Skyscraper Technique ⋄ Topic Clusters » Answer the Public » FAQ Fox » Google Search ⋄ Auto complete ⋄ Searches related to Portia
  13. 13. • @travispflanz THANKS! Any questions? You can find me at » Community Support Lounge at 2pm » » @travispflanz Adopt a puppy!